South End Zone seats.

We are looking to start getting season tickets again and I talked to the ticket office today. They got my interest with South End Zone club seats. Does anyone have experience with these seats and club?

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Believe HokieJeep guy had terrace seats (access to club included if I'm not mistaken) at one point.

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Yep, we had the ones right in front of the second level. The shared club is wonderful for food and just taking a rest on a comfy couch. I would buy there again if we got tickets in the future.

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I sat in the south end zone club for the 2019 Pitt game. While it was cold and rainy outside, it was warm and dry inside. Easy access to beer and its own restrooms are a major plus!

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I've had Terrace seats since the SEZ opened. It's awesome to see plays develop from that angle, but it's harder to gauge plays towards the NEZ and you have to rely on the jumbotron a little more. The club definitely comes in handy for games later in the season to head down and warm up. While they do have their own restrooms, there is usually a line since they only have one stall and one urinal.

Overall I'd say it's definitely worth it, particularly Terrace seats because there are only 2 rows. We are in Row B and can stand all game (and lean against the wall when balance becomes an issue).

So the Terrance seats are all sold from last year so won't be able to get them unless someone gives theirs up in March.

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So they are talking about the Zone Club that's right in front of the club? I would talk to folks in the club who have those seats and they really like them. Pros: Fewer steps to climb to get to your seats, and you are more "involved" since you have more fans around you - not to mention the corps is right there as well which can be entertaining. Con: A touch more expensive, but understandable since they are closer to the field.

Granted I'm biased from having seats in the SEZ for almost 20 years, but I love it.

I have I think the zone club seats. No access to indoors. But I love em. Super easy in and out. Concessions and bathrooms right there. Shade on hot days. Great view of video board. Great crowd around you. Love em.

What do you mean no access to indoors? That's what they are saying the 200 club seats do have access to indoor club.

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Seat selection is tomorrow morning. There are some open seats in sections 202,203 and 204. Anyone have issues with goalposts blocking their view from there?

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