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I would have been happy with just the scene of him being in and escaping the sarlacc. Everything else is gravy.

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How did Patton Oswalt not get at LEAST a consultant credit for that?

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One of my favorite episodes. I had no idea it was done completely off script.

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love the flashback/dream sequences that fill in the gaps between ROTJ and Mando, hope we get more. really excited to see where it goes "in the present" too

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I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. Making the Gamorrean guards less bumbling and actually decent fighters was a nice touch, too.

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Fun first episode. That sand monster had to have been a tribute to some of those old Ray Harryhausen stop animation movies from back in the day (stuff like Jason and The Argonauts)

Didn't understand a lot of it, but enjoyed it. The Gamoreans were cool. I wish the escape from the Sarlac was a longer story, and I would have liked subtitles to understand the Sand People's response to him.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I think that's kind of the fun of the no subtitles, Boba (and the audience) have no idea if they're gonna save him, sacrifice him, leave him to rot... It keeps the enigmatic atmosphere of the Sand People intact which I really like.

.... this is the most perfectly written thing I've ever seen on this site

Dances with wolves

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

If a Tuscan Raider asks if you want a guide, SAY NO

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I was on the fence after the first episode but now, now I can not wait for next Wednesday. A little mafia intrigue and the best train chase since Indiana Jones, I'm hooked.

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What was the significance of the symbol the speeder biker gang spray painted on the outside of the moisture farmers house? Did that on guy give Fett a Wookie belt as tribute? I liked seeing all the different Star Wars "races" again, from a giant Wookie mercenary to the twin Hutts.

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I think the symbol is just a teaser as to whoever the "big bad" is going to end up being this first season. We saw it on the house in the first episode and then on the speeder bikes for the Nikto aliens. In canon, the Hutts are known to enslave that species as muscle, but it could be a number of intriguing options as to who the primary rival is going to end up being.

I think the big bad of the season is going to be Crimson Dawn, aka Maul

A this point, Maul is dead, but it could be whoever replaced him - possibly Qi'ra

Right... too many timelines to keep track of

but yes, Qi'ra is out there

That would make sense with the leaks that she's getting her own show.

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While it would be cool to see Q'ira, Crimson Dawn already has a symbol (see it multiple times in Solo), and it is definitely not the one we've seen in BofBF

I love that we are getting shows of this quality in the SW universe.

I understand the difference between a 2.5 hour movie and a 10-12 hour season of a TV show, but the plotting and character development in this show (and the Mandalorian) is SOOOO much better.

Heck, the head Tusken warrior in the black, I actually care about what happens to that guy (gal?)

As for Boba himself, talk about taking a guy that famously did zippo in the original trilogy but had this badass reputation with the fans...and making him even more of a badass than that when we finally get to learn about him.

Words can't express how pissed I was when they made Boba Fett a clone of Jango in the prequels with an off-handed line of dialogue. They couldn't even give him an absent/deceased mother? Ugh.

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i feel like this show has started off kind of "meh", but i felt like the Mandalorian did as well and it got much better during its run, so I am hopeful this will do the same.

The Tusken culture has been a nice bit of worldbuilding though. Makes the world feel bigger and more real.

My biggest gripe is that everything looks too clean and new on tatooine. The casino-place i get, that makes sense. But everything else is too clean, the corners are too sharp, Boba Fett's shoes (which went through the sarlacc with him) still look new and not worn. None of the colors are sun-faded.

I'm still not sold on this one. The dialog feels... small? Out of context? I don't know how to put it. I like the addition of the rancor (and the witches of Dathomir shoutout), but the hutts are really not impressive in CG and haven't been since 1997 - the should have stuck with practical effects in that context.

The gang is a nice addition since the whole "I'm a crime boss, I run this place" seemed a little implausible with only 3 employees and a droid, but the cuts and pacing of the chase scene felt more like it was being done with hoverround motorized wheel chairs than with fast vehicles. Also, no one got injured in the fight scene unless you count the gamorrean who needed a bacta tank despite no visible injury. I don't need gore or anything, but if a 7 ft tall carnivore bites your hand, there is going to be some broken skin at the least.

Was that Toche's Station? With Cammie and Fixer?

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That wasn't Tosche Station that the bar fight was in, but it was Camie and Fixer.

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My 5 yr old who hasn't sat through ROTJ, was captivated by The Twins scene.

omg, what is that! Dad! What is that!

Love getting my kids into SW

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There's no other way around it; the most recent episode sucked.

Some laughably bad CG on that biker chase (that biker gang looks like something out of a movie for 6 year olds). And I'm not really liking the the direction they're going with Boba Fett. He seems to be getting pretty lame.

Black Krrsantan is dope though

Yeah, the Power Ranger biker gang thing was a really odd choice. This episode had a big "we need to set up a bunch of stuff for later but nothing's happening yet so we'll throw you a bone with some action stuff" feel. I think part of the disappoinment is the contrasting struggles from Mando to Fett. We're going from a hard-scrabble life of bounty hunting where Mando is just barely winning out against all odds to the opening half of The Godfather with Boba setting up his criminal empire. The thing is, no one has had the skills or resources to challenge Boba yet (outside of flashbacks and Krrsantan) so there's no suspense.

I'm hoping the arrival of the Pykes will require him to utilize his fighting skills and weaponry more than intimidating street scum does. They should provide a challenge for him.

.... this is the most perfectly written thing I've ever seen on this site

Also, the *ahem* "chase" scene felt like watching 4 kids on Scooty Puff Jr's chasing the Griswold family station wagon.

.... this is the most perfectly written thing I've ever seen on this site

Seriously this was a real step back. Now I'm hoping the whole show is a fever dream while he is still being digested in the Sarlaac.

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While I am enjoying the series overall, I agree the chase scene was hot garbage. The only thing missing was ewoks chasing Jar Jar.

The flashback dream has one of the most powerful scenes in SW visual media, surprised nobody mentioned it. And to go from that right to Black Krrsantan yeeting him out of the bacta tank was really well done. The fight scene there needed more consequences (and how does a 7' tall wookie just sort of ~get in to the fortress like that???)

But the rancor scene with Danny Trejo (!!!!! Perfectly cast) and the re-appearance of the Pykes in current timeline (with the flashback set ups showing some of Boba's dealings with them in the past) has me excited about trajectory of this series even if the chase scene was hella cheesy af

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Agreed. For all the missteps this episode made, it still actually finished with quite a few things I am looking forward to.

No need to discuss the chase scene any further, I was waiting for "Yakety Sax" to start playing as it kept going on.

I like the future possibilities for a character like Black Krrsantan.
I believe the animosity he has with the Pykes and where that will take the series. The first 2 episodes set that up very well.
And if you can sit there and say you don't want to watch Danny Trejo train Boba Fett how to ride a rancor, then you should just give up on television as a visual medium and Star Wars as a whole because it's just not for you.

I dont see why they didnt give the little kids a power ranger theme song while they ran around and then during the chase switched to some good ol benny hill chasing theme song to cap it all off a really weird bit to me. If they follow lore and or stuff on the Pykes accurately the show is about to get very very interesting. A revenge plot on the pykes or the biker gang is where this heads I'd imagine.

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Once I accepted that Star Wars is still primarily for kids, it made it much easier to just sit back and enjoy it.

I'm excited about the Pykes as well, and my theory is that they will somehow connect to Crimson Dawn and Q'ira.

Love me some Qira

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Seems like they ripped off Back to the Future on the ending to that chase scene.

People unhappy with the chase scene and bikes in an otherwise excellent episode?

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We finally got some exposition and explanation. I feel like it was a little late in the process, but I'm glad it showed up. The additional use of the mods sat better than it did with the scooter gang.

The action sequence again felt kind of slow and awkward in this episode, especially the cooking droids. I am glad they used practical effects, but the show feels like it can't decide if it wants to take itself seriously or not. Compared with the attack on the speeder bikes, it felt very different mood-wise, and not just because they were trying to be quiet in the palace. I feel like there are two Boba Fett characters in the show, and we can never really tell which one we are getting. One is determined and competent, the other is kind of floundering around.

Side note: Why would you park a starship that barely fits inside like that? Even under the best circumstances, you aren't getting it outside without property damage. Are there no other ships that belong to Fortuna that he needs to hanger nearby? I feel like he parked an SUV in his living room.

I'm still not super impressed with the dialog. It all feels... unpolished. Like it could have used another pass through the editing room.

All in all, better than last week, but still not great.