Hokies move to #20 in 1/11 AP Poll

VT was #19 last week going 1-1 with a loss to then unranked Louisville.

AP Poll

1. Gonzaga

2. Baylor

3. Villanova

4. Texas

5. Iowa

6. Kansas

7. Michigan

8. Creighton

9. Wisconsin

10. Tennessee

11. Houston

12. Clemson

13. West Virginia

14. Illinois

15. Texas Tech

16. Louisville

17. Missouri

18. Virginia

19. Duke

20. Virginia Tech

21. Ohio State

22. Oregon

23. Minnesota

24. Saint Louis

25. Connecticut

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12. Clemson

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Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

Was just about to post that I can't wait to see them come crashing back to Earth.

Glad to see, though, that losing to UL didn't hurt us much. We are in good company with UL, Duke & Virginia!

EDIT: thought that I should clarify that I mean typically-highly-ranked "good company"...not that those schools are good company to be with in general ::shudder::

My thoughts exactly. Same reaction applies to Duke whose best win is....Wake Forest?

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

And aren't the ACC teams that UVA has played a combined 0-12?

They are the 3 worse ACC teams, BC picked up a win though, so 1-12 in acc play.

The only win UVA has over a team with winning record is an OT win against 5-4 Kent State.

yeah we'll see what happens to them on Saturday. I know UVA isn't their usual self of late but they should be a prove-it hurdle for Clemson.

Clemson is the number 1 defensive team in KenPom, they also have a good SoS. I dont think I'd put them that high, but they are a quality team .... that VT beat.

Great to see uncheat not in the poll.

apparently beating us has some serious street cred. Louisville goes from unranked to #16 by just beating us, by 2, at home?

8-1 and undefeated in ACC play passes the eye test when you don't look at who those 8 teams are (outside of VT, BC might be their best win)

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These polls are hard to make sense of.

I'll take a number next to our name through mid January though. The longer our name stays on this list and in the consciousness of the selection committee the better our chances for Dancing are.

Cant hurt with recruiting, either!

Or that. Although something tells me CMY has a knack for identifying and convincing the guys he wants to come to the good guys. He is like the anti Fuente in terms of how much confidence I have in him getting the right pieces.

Just trying to remember the last time we were favored over Duke (currently -1.5)...

There was a last time?

Dunno if I get people complaining about where we are when it's been pretty obvious we have some major issues and are not the complete article yet. I'm not mad we are ranked but all I'd say is let's pump the brakes this team has some flaws that it needs to work on in a serious way before being a legit top 20 team.

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Maybe I'm reading the room incorrectly, but it's not our positions, it's everyone relative to us, we beat Clemson yet they are 8 spots higher, UVA hasn't beaten anyone, yet higher.

I think major issues might be over stating our issues, but we have issues that some teams are going to take advantage of. While we probably are a top 20 team, I dont see a lot of difference from rank 20 to 35. Thats a 5th seed vs 9th seed which well 5th seeds are often overrated come tourney time.

So right now we are just some one the media likes, so we should enjoy it. But we should temper our expectations.

I agree, but I also hope we continue to have everyone fooled a bit longer

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Braxton Burmeister, Ryan Willis, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

Hopefully next time Duke will think twice before jumping us and taking our spot in the poll...

Didn't know where else to put this so it's going here.

I think I've landed on the reason why I no longer care about Tech football like I used to, and why I've continued to increase my appreciation for and attention to Tech basketball consistently since the early 2000s.

In basketball, we can have a good to great year, make the dance, make a run, and it's fun to watch as a fan. I have no expectations about winning the big dance, ever. But I don't need that to feel like we did well and had a great year.

In football, we've been to the mountain top and there's an expectation to get back there. Every first loss of the season ruins the remainder of that season if the expectation is perfection and a title. Well, the mountain we climbed in 1999 isn't even in the same range as the mountain to be climbed today. It's like comparing Mt. Rogers to Mt. Everest. And it's NEVER going to happen. Sorry to say but unless the CFP is expanded, or Tech somehow dramatically reverts its DNA to put football first, we're always going to be on the outside looking in. Hell even in Beamers best years besides 1999 we were outside. We were on the front porch but still outside. Now, we're like on the back 40, after dark, and it's so foggy we can't even see the damn house much less see inside.

I say all that to say, we're a basketball school now. Enjoy it. Go Hokies!!