Is Joe Bamisilie Leaving Virginia Tech?

As par for the course with some transfers/decommits, Bamilsilie took out all Virginia Tech references from his Twitter and pinned a cryptic tweet:

Feels like he's a great upside player who's struggling with a steep learning curve. Hopefully, this isn't an indication of more roster attrition.

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Worth noting that tweet is from Friday, so we've seen him on the bench since then. Also do we know if he removed VT stuff from his profile, or did he never have it on there?

He doesnt tweet very often and there are still videos of him in VT gear in his media posts, can't say I have looked at his Twitter very often so not sure what was there.

He does continue to support his teammates though

Should have specified, I meant stuff about VT in his bio/header/profile pic. I saw the tweets about his teammates and he still has a tweet up from the Villanova game, so I wasn't sure if the talk of him removing VT stuff was referring to something else.

It was definitely odd that he went from being the most-used freshman off the bench to start the season to getting zero minutes while guys like NGuessan and Maddox are out there. His best performance came in his most recent game so it's not like he was getting worse with playing time, and AFAIK I don't remember anything about an injury either. It's coming up on a month since he last appeared in a game which doesn't bode well.

Got into a little trouble for posting this in his commitment thread. I was too lazy to start a new thread so I went searching for the old one LOL. My bad Joe.

There is a quick blurb about this in a story that I posted in the other thread.

(Side Note: Keep an eye on the status of fellow freshman Joe Bamisile, who may have left or will be leaving the program. He's recently changed this Twitter profile to remove any mention of playing for the Hokies, despite continuing to support his teammates.)

Hopefully CMY can talk the kid into staying around.

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I read Joe's comment more as encouragement to start a new thread because it was news worthy and not something that should be overlooked buried 100s of comments deep in an old thread.

thanks for the info... again

Oh I totally agree, I didn't catch any feelings at all. It was a little tongue-in-cheek when I said "I got in trouble." My laziness persisted, and someone else had to start a thread 😂. Not TKP'ing hard enough these days.

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It certainly seems like their reasoning for him possibly leaving is the same as why this thread was started. Going forward, I would hope we start to expect more evidence than 'cleared out his twitter profile' as reasoning why we think its happening.

I'm not saying this against you or anyone else here, but I would hope going forward we wait for something more concrete before jumping to these kinds of conclusions.

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This is a complete overreaction and a non-story. Joe is also a musician and his twitter has for a long time leaned into that aesthetic, rather than basketball.

Put in Donlon

Free on TSL. Will called a team rep for the basketball team and said he's still with the team and was at practice yesterday. You can't take value on a kid changing his twitter stuff

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Ouch, that wound is still fresh!

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Serious question: What is/was his battery percentage?

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