Other ACC team losses: Going Pro or Transfer Portal

Dazz Newsome going to the NFL from UNCheat

Jordan Williams enters Transfer Portal as a Grad Transfer

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Wow, I guess I didn't realize Dazz was a Senior this year. I won't miss seeing him out there.

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I was in the same boat, which kind of sparked the thread. I had to do a double take on him being a Senior.

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His immaturity on the field led me to believe he was an underclassman.

NC State

QB Bailey Hockman
LB Calvin Hart
S Issac Duffy
G Joe Sculthorpe - NFL
TE Cary Angeline - NFL
DT Alim McNeill - NFL
DT Val Martin (to Minnesota)
S Taiyon Palmer
DE Nick Booker Brown
CB Malik Dunlop (to Texas Tech)

There seems to be a lot of talk about them being real good next year but I just don't see it. Leary is good, but nothing else about them really stands out to me.

They've got to fix their running game and their defense for them to remain in the top 5 of the ACC next year.

Seems to always be one team out of the Atlantic division that they have to hype up every year because they won 8 or 9 games the year before. Louisville last year, Syracuse before that. One thing in common is they typically fall flat. Media has to name the Clemson challenger preseason so that there can be at least one hyped up game.

You have to also consider their 2020 schedule where they magically avoided both Clemson and Notre Dame (don't believe any other team missed both).

Then they lost in a bowl game to an extremely average UK team (seriously...who does that????).

If not for the Annual Fuente Portal Exodus, I think we would have had a more talented team in '21 than NCSU. Even now, I don't see them as more than a borderline .500 team.

McNeill already?? Geeze lol time flies. Really wish he could've been a Hokie.

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This is a great format, it would be cool to have one of these for each ACC team and update it accordingly in this thread. It's really hard to keep up with everyone's roster right now.

Pretty sure Xach Gill is in the portal. He was a Hokies target, but if he couldn't beat out the two starters at UNC, it doesn't say much for him. They may have been the worst non-Duke DTs VT played this year.

I would love to get Williams. However, I know DT is considered this "must get" area. They have four guys on scholarship who are only in their second year in the program with starting experience (I consider Fuga a co-starter because he played as many reps as Kendrick and close to as many as Pollard), plus Philpott. If they can't get an absolutely Day-1 All-ACC caliber talent, they need to reserve those spots for freshmen who can be developed. Always be redshirting.

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How do you feel about Nyles Pinckney? Rumors about a possible package deal with Williams.

I think you take one DT. Two is sketchy from a roster management perspective. He is a solid player, probably an upgrade. But, is he an immediate difference maker? I am not sure. I was not impressed with Clemson's front vs VT. I thought at best they were jamming up the OL so the LBs and the rover were free to make plays.

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So would have been a good fit with Foster/Wiles...

Quick question, did you watch the Orange Bowl? The UNC front looked a ton better to my untrained eye than against us, was that Texas A&M being worse upfront than us or did UNC cycle some dudes out?

Vohasek played in the OB but not against us. Dude was disruptive in the middle even though he didn't have a ton of tackles.

Our DT's are replaceable- all of them. Not only do they play on roller skates, we just went 5-6- if there was a future stud there, they would have played as Pitt was going uncontested down the field. If we can't recruit HS talent, then let's go K state and use JUCO and the portal. There is not an irreplaceable DT on VT's roster. Games aren't played on paper, and they get worked every game. Eventually Fuente's secret plan needs to result in some wins.

I dont know, I think I agree with French. If we are going to take one or two tackles, they need to be definitively better than what we have. Fuga is a guy that still has considerable room for improvement. Crawford was hurt all year. I think one tackle would be the lucky number and he needs to be day one starter worthy.

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I think Crawford is the only proven ACC level DT we have. Fuga is not nearly as good as Hewitt- who got mauled in the ACC- gamer, but got manhandled regularly. The others? meh. Like I said, they either were on roller skates or didn't play in a free eligibility year. No Warren Sapps there. Take anyone that can play in the ACC.

I don't understand this point. You're saying don't go get Williams because we have 4 inferior players using up scholarship space? Williams has to be 1st team all ACC to make it worth it?

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Is there ANY chance Pollard could work at DE?

I think a rotation like this feels pretty good
DE: Belmar, Pollard/Garbutt
DT: JWilliams, Kendrick
DT: Crawford, Fuga
DE: Barno, Wooten

But that assumes Pollard can be repositioned. If he's still starting at DT, it doesn't feel like the full Teerlinck vision isn't being close to realized.

He played DE in high school. I've also been interested to see if he could play as a SDE against more physical teams that rock 12 or 22 personnel.

I have no insight on if that would work but I've been right there with you on having that thought.

Williams was a big VT target and I believe made his final 3, coming out of Cox. He likely played (and maybe still trains with) Tayvion in HS. Seems like he'd be a big pick up and Day 1 starter.

Maybe he has a sense that with the first pick, JAX will select Trevor and Dabo in a few months. Hmmm

Were leaving too many points on the line as well.

Wrong thread, doh.

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To no one's surprise, Trevor Lawrence declared today.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Guess he is tired of Dabo and figures playing for Urban might be nice

I dunno if playing for the jags would be all that fun but the paycheck would be nice

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

He'll probably take a pay cut for his first few years on his rookie deal.

Clemson senior WR Amari Rodgers and Clemson junior LT Jackson Carman have also declared for the draft. I would expect several more obvious ones who are seniors (Etienne, Cornell Powell), and then junior Derion Kendrick seems likely to declare.

They have a lot of "wait and see" guys as well. Justyn Ross has a decision to make to cash in or try to up his stock with another year. MLB Skalski would normally be done, but could now return with the blanket year of eligibility. Junior Xavier Thomas former top 5 recruit has been a controversial figure of sorts throughout his time at Clemson, he seems like a wildcard who could declare, transfer, or stick around at Clemson at this point.

Like other teams they will likely have a few other seniors choose to stick around that we aren't thinking of off the top of our heads.

Edit: Skalski returning for 2021

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Interested to see how this will impact the play of Tate Martell. /s

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Surprised we haven't seen word of a second transfer from him actually....he went radio silent after being suspended and opting out. He does continue to tweet alot of Da U retweets.

I didn't realize that Tathan was suspended. Guessing we won't really ever hear of him again to be honest. He hasn't been able to crack the 2 deep at 2 different schools and the position change didn't work for him either at Miami. Just another casualty of the QB1 curse

It was only supposed to be a one game suspension but then he chose to opt out so not sure the whole story there

Every now and then I think about him. Gets a hearty chuckle every time.

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Not terribly surprised with the one and done transfer coming back for another year to improve draft stock.

Boston College
Transferring out
Sam Johnson 6-4 / 195

Justin Bellido 5-10 / 193

Offensive Line
Nathaniel Emer 6-4.5 / 232

Defensive Line
Bryce Morais 6-5 / 250 SDE
Kyiev Bennermon 6-4 / 280 DT going to NC A&T
Mike Ciaffoni 6-3 / 265 DT

Korey Smith 6-1 / 235 ILB

Special Teams
Aidan Livingston 5-11 / 225 LS

Transferring in
Transferring in from Temple
Khris Banks 6-4 / 290 DT
Isaiah Graham-Mobley 6-2 / 225 ILB

Transferring in from UMass
Jake Byczko 6-3 / 255 WDE

Transfer in from Florida State
Jaiden Lars-Woodbey 6-2 / 204 S

Transferring Out

Running Back

Demarkcus Bowman 5-10 / 190 RB to Florida

Defensive Line

Jordan Williams 6-4 / 310 DT
Nyles Pinckney 6-1 / 295 DT

Transferring Out

Chase Brice 6-3 / 230 to Appalachian State
Chris Katrenick 6-2 / 205


Dennis Smith 6-2 / 185 WR
Damond Philyaw-Johnson 6-1 / 180 WR

Defensive Line

Drew Jordan 6-2 / 255 WDE to Michigan State
Derrick Tangelo 6-2 / 290 DT to Penn State


Brandon Hill 6-3 / 217 OLB

Defensive Back

Marquis Waters 6-0 / 190 S to Texas Tech

Special Teams

Jack Driggers 5-11 / 170 K

Transferring in
Offensive Line

Brian Foley 6-4 / 314 OG from Holy Cross
Kade Parmelly 6-3 / 308 OG

Defensive Line
Ja'Mion Franklin 6-1 / 295 DT from Notre Dame

Florida State
Transferring Out

Running Back

La'Damian Webb 5-8 / 190 RB to Troy


D.J. Matthews 5-11 / 160 WR to Indiana
Warren Thompson 6-3 / 200 WR
Isaiah Bolden 6-2 / 175 WR to Jackson State

Offensive Line

Jay Williams 6-6 / 290 OT to Florida A&M
Andrew Boselli 6-4 / 303 OC

Defensive Line

Cory Durden 6-5 / 312 DT to NC State
Jamarcus Chatman 6-2 / 273 DT to Troy

Defensive Back

Jaiden Lars-Woodbey 6-2 / 204 S to Boston College
Cyrus Fagan 6-2 / 182 S to NC State
Raymond Woodie III 6-1 / 192 S

Transferring In

McKenzie Milton 5-11 / 185 DUAL Threat from UCF

Running Back

D.J. Williams 5-11 / 210 RB from Auburn


Andrew Parchment 6-3 / 185 WR from Kansas

Defensive Line

Keir Thomas 6-2 / 276 DT from South Carolina


Jermaine Johnson 6-5 / 250 OLB from Georgia
Leonard Warner 6-4 / 226 ILB decided to stay at Florida State

Defensive Back
Jarques McClellion 6-0 / 188 CB from Arkansas

FSU has done well.

They are crushing it on incoming transfers. I am very interested to see how much improvement this brings, if any at all. I think it will likely be pretty successful, but I'm mostly just curious.