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Hi Key Players and Fellow Hokies,

I'm trying to plan a trip up to see a football game this season and haven't been to a home game in over a decade. Anyone have any opinions on best seats for a good game-day experience? Varied opinions much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Wanna have a rowdy time? East. Pay some and not be around students: middle-lower sections. Pay a little less but contend with students: north east sections. Pay a little less and contend with more of the away team fans: southeast sections. Rowdyish but normally nicer/chiller crowd: upper sections of the east but not too far north in the stadium.

Watch the game but not have to stand the whole time? West or SEZ. West middle sections you'll be sitting a lot, and sometimes chastised for standing. The further towards the endzones you go in the West you'll be ok if you're gonna be able to stand and holler more. SEZ is chill as shit, but still very engaged in the game. I sat in the 500s the first two years I had season tickets, just moved back (205) from 3yrs on the East for easier concession access and fewer students to contend with seat pirating.

If you have deep pockets: outdoor clubs are very cool.

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I sat at the very top of the East stands one time and some people were straight up smoking cigars and cracked open beers, and no one cared. Chill as can be up there.

I know I've told this story on here before, but in 2019 some dudes a row below me snuck in some beer and had already cracked a few during the first quarter. 2nd/3rd rolls around and the security guy for our section (who was a champ, loved that dude...cracked down on wandering seat takers and unruly folks) came up there with some backup and motioned to those guys to follow him. "What?! What'd we do???" *Security dude looks at their beers, dudes look down at beers* "ohhh...yeah, that's fair." Everyone went about their business in an orderly fashion. It was beautiful.

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The 'standing vs. sitting' breakpoint/line on the East side is usually the start of the triple letter seating rows. So the folks in from VV to about BBB will stand for third downs and critical moments of the game but sit for timeouts and some early offensive downs (that hopefully aren't offensive to the eye) from about FFF on up there are core pockets that stand for the whole game (no matter how many times that cranky lady who shoulda got seats lower down yells at them to sit down). The higher you go the more full time standing and general mingling that happens.

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As I have gotten older, I definitely appreciate sitting more. I can be loud without standing.

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Tend to agree-our seats are in early 4 letters ( around upper portal level) about 35-40 yd line (towards SE corner)and we stand quite a bit and are generally constantly loud. Great view and great atmosphere!

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Early season noon and 3:30 games can be HOT in the east stands. Plan accordingly.

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3:30 games by halftime the lower part of the East stands are in the shade, so you at least get some respite eventually lol

Alternatively, those late October/November games are pretty chilly in the west stands even for day games since it's in the shade

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Easier to add layers in the West than avoid broiling in the east.

I am praying to god the ND is AT LEAST a 3:30 game... my pale skin can't handle the noon games on east side lol... Ideally 6 pm or later, which means more tailgating of course

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I spent a penny got the club section seats, upper 50 yard-line of the west stands. I would make this same choice if I went back.

I'm old enough that I don't need to be awash among the students, rather have access to the climate controlled club area, private cash bar and concessions, and all that stuff.

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West stands near the tunnel. Great view of the team entrance and being near the endzone for touchdowns is nice as well. You still have a good view of the rest of the field.

Really the whole stadium are great seats with the possible exception of upper northeast seats-only because the video screen is hard to see from there.

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"