OT: Summer 2021 Soccer Transfer Window Thread

Not a whole lot of notable transfers yet (aside from Aguero to Barca) but the coaching carousel is in full swing. Should be a fun summer.

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Real Madrid announced the signing of David Alaba on a free, which is a good signing given his talent, experience, and versatility as a defender at the highest level, but "on a free" is one of the most misleading terms in football these days. We are paying him a substantial salary, and had to pay a few large signing fee sums.

Looks like you're luring Carlo back to the Bernabeau as well, good day for you guys so far.

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I definitely wasn't expecting Carlo back, though I had heard a few less reliable rumors before the higher tier journos started reporting it. Despite being extremely thankful for Carlo's contribution in the mid 2010's (La Decima in particular), I am not particularly excited about the hire. However, it's not because I don't think Carlo is past it or anything, he might be, but I was probably not going to be overly inspired by any of the available options at this point. I'm still sad about Zidane leaving again, even if I wasn't surprised by it. It's unlikely I will ever love a manager as much as I love Zidane.

Looking like Ancelotti is headed back to Real Madrid. Thought he might stick around at Everton. Now both Everton and Spurs are on the lookout for new management. It'll be interesting to see where Conte and Zidane both end up.

Everton should and I think would be very wise to move for Potter. Hes got a great intellect on the game and would help them to be more enterprising and attractive as well.

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Potter seems like a good coach and a good guy. Whatever you think about xG and such, he was pretty unlucky with Brighton's forward situation. If they have a better striker then they're probably a few spots higher in the league this past season. Pep's even said that Potter is the best English manager right now, make of that what you will. High praise nonetheless.

If ever the name Graham Potter matched the face-it would be that guy...he's the essence of Potterness

Konate to liverpool is done.
Wijnaldum is probably Barca bound.
Aguero is at Barca now.

Donnaruma is going to walk as a free from AC milan to try and get a Juve move but I dont see where Juve get the cash for him Raiola is a piece of shit and will want stupid money and Juve are hurting for cash so I dont think that one is so easy to happen.

Interesting to see where or who takes on Conte and if so if he will try and bring Lukaku with him. Cant imagine Conte doesnt get some big job but maybe teams will be wary of his antics and not want that kind of character around.

PSG is an interesting watch as Poch needs to resign or that would raise some serious concerns all though PSG have squad issues as well as needing to resign Mbappe or risk losing out on a payday when he leaves. Resigning Neymar was a weird and over priced deal to say the least.

Ancelotti to Madrid is interesting to say the least but after watching Everton struggle alot I dont know how excited I would be in Madrid. They have alot of issues and need some rebuild style work to the squad which has a lot of dead weight to go with a gareth bale sized issue again.

Kane watch is going to get old all summer long but its either Chelsea or City even if United have interest I dont see Kane going there. Euros will make alot of transfers drag on a bit I'd imagine unless Iceland put england out early again(please cause Murica ya know)

United need some key players, Kounde from Sevilla or Torres from Villareal seem like realistic targets for what they want to spend even if Varane or the likes would be preferred the money would be too much. They desperately need a RW of quality so I expect Sancho will be the target again with a lower price I could see it happen. A midfielder to replace either fred or pogba would be ideal but those are few and far between but a Declan Rice would be ideal dunno if they could make the money work though.

Arsenal need far too much to mention but Arteta has a hell of a job to do making them top 4 level again in my opinion. Squad is aging in some key areas and they dont have much to replace key guys like Auba and Laca with. Saka and Rowe will need to be super fit next season for them to stand a chance. No ceballos and probably no Odegaard and they will need to replace those players badly as well.

Tottenham are in a weird spot Levy needs to hire a manager really really badly to get things moving but either they're holding out for a Roberto Martinez or someone currently employed I dont know. Until they sort out the manager I have no idea who they will be after other than at best a good Harry Kane replacement but who would realistically go there to replace Kane? Ihenacho is well of at Leicester and maybe they could go for Ings but they may need to look outside England for a cheaper less known goalscorer. Maybe a Gerard Moreno surprise?

Chelsea have only one need and thats an out and out number 9. Lukaku or Kane would be ideal and Inter badly need money so Lukaku could be the better fit and for less money and not having to deal with Levy. Outside of the number 9 I'll be watching Pulisic to see how or what he does, if Havertz can find his feet and Werner ever learns how to play onside he could get phased out and lost in the depths of the chelsea bench which would be a worry.

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I think City losing the UCL final puts them in a better position to try and go for Kane. It'll be interesting to see if there's any sort of player swap in a Kane deal proposed this summer. I think that's probably the only way a deal realistically gets done given the financial issues teams are dealing with thanks to COVID. I think the big question is how in the world do Spurs try to replace Kane's contribution if he goes? That'll be a big ask for the team and whoever they bring in as manager. As far as it goes on that front it seems like Erik Ten Hag from Ajax has been viewed as the frontrunner from everything I've seen. There's been some talk about Poch recently but who knows what happens there. Hopefully the manager decision gets done by the end of the week so that transfer shortlists and whatever else can start to get figured out.

I think the Poch stuff is non sense or coming from Poch's agent to get a new deal from PSG no way he pulls a 180 that quickly. Ten Hag would make sense but he just signed within the last month a new deal so itll be pricey.

Swapping for Kane would work but the players going the other way have to agree and that part will be hard to find to me. Seeing reports about sterling the other way plus cash but no way sterling would do that to me. The saying always goes you dont want to be the guy replacing the legend and that remains true for Kane. You cant replace him with one player as lewangoalski isnt going to london so realistically youll need 2-3 players to pick up the slack. Ings, maybe a richarlison, and throw in maybe trying to get Bale back for another loan may be realistic. A swap for Abraham and some cash could work but I'm not sure Abraham is making the step down willingly.

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Reputable sources make it seem like there's some traction with the Poch rumors. I'd be surprised if it ends up with him back at Spurs but I wouldn't really count it out. Seems like he's top priority now. I'd be fine with either Ten Hag or Potter.

Man City Tranfers

Transfer out:
Aguero to Barca
Eric Garcia to Barca

Benjamin Mendy
Gabriel Jesus
Raheem Sterling
Aymeric Laporte (likely)
Riyad Mahrez
Bernando Silva
Jack Harrison
Lukas Nmecha
Pedro Porro
Yangel Herrera

Transfer in:
Leke Drake from Stevenage U13

Harry Kane
Jack Grealish (apparently not for sale)
Romelu Lukaku
Sergio Ramos (conflicting rumors)
Nuno Mendes

Aston Villa have signed Buendia from Norwich. Villa have made some great signings over the past couple of seasons and this might prove to be another one.

Might be a precursor to Grealish leaving...

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I dont know who stumps the cash for grealish this summer if city really go for Kane they wont have near enough for two over priced brits in one summer. Less tottenham or arsenal pull a stone cold stunner I dont see anyone in england other than city stumping up the fee to get villa to part ways.

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If anyone wants Grealish they're gonna have to pony up big time. I can't see Villa budging for anything less than 70-80 mil and there aren't a whole lot of clubs who would be willing to do that this summer. You'd figure City will try to go for Kane first (if at all) and there's probably no way they go after both. If they do somehow, I've got some FFP questions.

If they do somehow, I've got some FFP questions.

The court of arbitration for sport has more than proven itself incapable of handling the power of Abu Dhabi's legal army.

Dont know the level arsenal were at but he was heavily linked with a move to arsenal which makes this even more interesting.

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Yeah I'm blown away that he chose Villa over Arsenal. Not throwing shade, but it definitely displays the perception on the club at the moment (Goons).

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from a few places i was reading, it seems that the offers were comparable in overall compensation but Villa's bid was slightly more attractive to Norwich due to the structure of payout and inclusion of +10% sell-on fee. I think Buendia was happy to move to either place, not a "snub" of Arsenal, just that Villa went beyond what Arsenal first bid and Arsenal didn't make a second one for whatever reason. I don't think I recall Arsenal buying anyone with a sell-on clause

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Arsenal have probably moved on from signing an undersized midfielder (Torreira) and don't want to repeat the mistake (I know they have totally different skillsets)-just spitballing. The Premier League is tough for a smallish player.

Makes sense, like I said it wasn't a slight GGC, I truly wondered if it was more the deal, or the club. Thanks for the clarification.

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my understanding is that Arsenal's midfield priorities are Odegaard and a Xhaka replacement (as he's likely leaving and recent reports have Roma being in for him), currently mooted to be Ruben Neves

Buendia would have been nice, but I'm not sure he's what the squad needs now -- where does he play in a midfield 3 if Odegaard is brought in permanently? and if he plays on a wing, who does he displace?

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I think from what I've seen that Villa just gave a better offer. Same sort of situation as with Villa and Ollie Watkins last summer maybe. Several teams interested but Villa just willing to pony up more than the other guys.

Not a fan of any of the clubs mentioned, but interesting to follow as a football fan nonetheless.

VB born, class of '14

Barca are very very very hamstrung by their finances and this deal sums it up. The word is aguero took a very small deal really to get the move as they dont have alot to play with.

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I'm not surprised by the move, I was reading that Gigi considered Tottenham before joining the Reds, simply because of Poch.

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Will always love Gini-he's an absolute Liverpool legend. His performance at Anfield in the second leg of the semi against Barcelona in 2019 will live in the memory. Best of wishes to him, hope he always gets a standing ovation if he ever plays at Anfield again.

Totally agree, I bought a Gini kit from this past season, just so I could get something with Gini's name on the back along with the EPL Champion patch.

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Spurs managerial chase has been super annoying overall, but it at least looks as though Levy has appointed a new director of football in Fabio Paratici. He was let go of at Juve at the end of this season. I'm hoping he can be helpful with transfers to keep Levy's hands out of those sort of decisions at least a bit. I'll believe it when I see it though.

I hope Spurs manage to land Scott Parker

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Why not Al Groh if were talking dream appointments?

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heck i'll even be alright with Mike London

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Pls no

Seems like Donnarumma is a PSG player as well now. Decent window from them so far. Saw that they may be in on Hakimi and there have been some rumors of Aurier going back to Paris from Spurs, which I would be fine with as a Spurs supporter. Also seeing the Sancho to Man U rumors as expected.

Personally I dont see the Donnarumma to PSG making any sense with it only being mere weeks since they renewed Navas's contract and upped his salary nicely for another 3 years. I think Raiola bluffed and AC milan called it and nobody aside from PSG has any interest or the money. Why PSG would overspend on him right not when there is no real market for him makes no sense but then again FFP is a joke and PSG dont care about that anyway. Kind of like Madrid overbidding by roughly 12 million a year for Alaba over what munich had offered. Its funny watching these big clubs whine about the money but they keep offering these stupidly large contracts and keep throwing money away when theres little reason to do it.

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