VT Swimmer Blake Manoff swimming in Trials Semis 6/18

Blake Manoff, a rising senior from Haymarket, just qualified for semifinals in the 100m butterfly at Olympic Trials. He swam at Battlefield High School and NCAP (the same team as Katie Ledecky). He's currently seeded 9th, tied with 2016 Olympian and Rockville, MD native Jack Conger.

The semifinals will be aired tonight 9 ET on NBC, the top 8 in the semis will advance to the finals on Saturday night. Only the top 2 finishers make the Olympic team, but Trials is considered one of the most competitive meets in the world and just making finals is a HUGE accomplishment for 99.99% of swimmers.

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Can't wait! Thanks for posting. I think tonight it is at 7:00 and T&F starts at 8:00 ET

Edit: I can't read

Actually I'm seeing live at 9 ET on NBC

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay