OT: Coach K is out

Coach K is retiring at the end of the season, he does not want any of the smoke that Mike Young is bringing! All kidding aside this should be an interesting power void in a basketball conference, be interesting to see who takes over?


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Omg, are they really gonna have Jon Scheyer be the next HC? Yes please.Mike Young bout to own the ACC.

I mean, if he has K's blessing, that's game.

I mean.... I'm sure Scheyer could turn out to be a good coach, and maybe he'll still land top recruits because of the "Duke" name, but I feel like they could have done WAYYYYY much better, coach-in-waiting or not.

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Good news for VT as there won't be rumors about Mike Young being contacted for the job! My blood pressure can't handle another fiasco like Fuente and Baylor.

. . . unless it was exactly that . . . a Fuente to Baylor fiasco. Just saying. /s

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Coack K wasn't leaving without a farewell tour.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

He still has some lessons to teach to a kid from a mid major that pulled a once in a lifetime upset.

As much as I love that loluva is the only 1 to lose to a 16, Bennett handled it with grace. Coach K would've yelled at the players celebrating, complained about them taking shots when up double digits, complained about his ref buddies not giving him the calls.

I've had the chance to play golf with a few retired ACC basketball refs. Their stories about K are epic. (So are the ones about Gary Williams!)

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Bennett being a class act makes me hate UVA even more.

TBH is anyone has earned it it's him

Not really a basketball fan. Only look at things on TKP if they are posted. But the VT fan in me is just thinking: 'Watch them hire Mike Young' regardless of any coach-in-waiting thing they may claim now.

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I figured he would coach until he died in Cameron.... Then coach from the Great Beyond..

Hopefully this will be very beneficial to Hokie Hoops.

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Jesus, I'm trying to keep up with the news today, good gawd.

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Replacing one whiny b with another one. Seems about right.

I don't hate Coach K. I don't love, but I don't have the vitriol for him that others do. He had a long, successful career, made positive impacts in his player's lives, coached some incredible Team USA teams. Now, he's on the way out the door.

Am I sad to see him exit coaching? Absolutely not.
Do I hope Duke starts suffering? Of course.

But the man had a career that would be the envy of almost any college BBall coaches (and probably some NBA ones). I have no issues letting him have his swan song and hopefully never hearing about him again (until he inevitably joins a broadcasting crew for March Madness).

I used to be this way too. I had no passionate hate for Duke or Coach K but instead a begrudging respect.

Then Duke came into Cassell for a game I went to. Seeing Coach K, Jason Tatum, and everyone else in full Duke fashion was really infuriating to watch in person. It made the VT win that day was that much more enjoyable. And that's how the hate for Duke Basketball found me.

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Same for me and then the Grayson Allen thing happened. At that point I lost all respect.

But he learned his lesson (he didn't) and they lost a game (to us)!!

For me it was when he pulled Zabian Dowdell aside and scolded him for his celebration after we beat Duke in Cameron in 2007. Like, who the hell does that? Who goes out of their way to tell another player on another team how to act. Its like another parent coming and trying to discipline my kids in front of me. It takes a special blend of narcissism, elitism, and just generally being an asshole to even try to do something like that, and Coach K did it again in 2016 after Oregon beat them in the Tournament.

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Oh man the resale market for K's last home game against Carolina is going to be bonkers.

I have an idea for those in the job market.

Buy as many tickets as you can, as soon as they go on sale. When you get an interview, bribe the interviewer with the tickets.

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Duke will now shoot all the free throws each game for his swan song. No fouls will ever be called on a duke player, and coach K can decide who fouls out for the opposing team. Awesome coach, just never liked his bitching. Fester- Greenberg once stated at the half of a game at Cameron indoor that" you get off the bus with 5 fouls when playing duke". Was my all time best interview from Fester.

Never offered the Curry brothers, poor uncle fester could have been a legend for things other than his appearance...

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