H20kie makes the Hong Kong Olympic Team

Hokies making their way to Tokyo.

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I guess I can be team Hong Kong. I probably should go read the Wikipedia article on Hong Kong.

Edit: I meant that I, an American, can cheer for Hong Kong because I want to see him do well. But personally I know very little about Hong Kong so I should learn more about it as it is important to learn about other peoples cultures. I didn't even know Hong Kong got a team.

Hilarious. Why are you taking a shot at one of the best VT athletics stories in recent memory?...

Ian's father is from Hong Kong, and settled in Blacksburg to be a professor. Ian was planning to go to VT to further the academic prestige of the University (he is an incredible academic mind). VT coaches agreed to give him a chance with a walk-on spot, and he graduated as a program record holder.

Instead of pursuing his PHD, he goes through an incredibly intricate process to represent Hong Kong (it takes years to do this for Hong Kong... much easier to do in most other places), of which he is a citizen, and he has spent many, many months through his life with family there. He spent a majority of his time the last couple years training in Hong Kong, and establishing residency. And THEN, he trained himself to qualify for the games with a FINA A cut. One of the first swimming qualifiers in Hong Kong's history.

It seems your joke is that he schemed his way into the Olympics... He has Hong Kong citizenship, went to through an insane process, and is now the 21st ranked swimmer in the world in the 50 free.

Really don't think he targeted anybody with that joke, even if it wasn't that funny

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Definitely didn't read your comment correctly the first time, I see what you're saying!

Got fiery cuz Ian Ho is the MAN. Truly a Blacksburg sports legend, and very unassuming person! And as good as he is at swimming now, got a brighter future in the additive engineering world (3D printing)

Apologies for responding so emotionally!