Passenger Rail is coming to the NRV

Super excited to be able to take the train to Cburg!

Here's the RT link

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As someone who lives in Christiansburg and has taken the Northeast Express from Roanoke. I am excited.

An someone paraphrase. That survey seemed like alot of work.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

Depending on schedule and reliability this could make travel to/from the DMV much easier, especially for students and people who don't want to drive 81/29/95 (like grandparents, etc...). Definitely exciting news if they pull it off right.

One of the problems with train travel in the US is that passenger rail (which shares the tracks with freight rail) is legally supposed to get transit and scheduling priority but doesn't in practice because the law has never been enforced.

I know that line pulls over to let freight go through. Really frustrating on the ride back to Roanoke at night. It leaves Roanoke fine in the morning, but the return trip seems like it is always at least a half hour late.