Joe Talks Huff

"He'd recruit the fuck out of the 757." β€” Joe

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I suppose you think just because you run this joint the CG don't apply to you! /S

If you play it, they will win.

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Such a missed opportunity for the best pun "Huff Titty"

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Just down vote him /s

This article is a bunch of Hufflepuff

(add if applicable) /s

Joe is an O's fan?

Is this some kind of weird dork magic inside joke?

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
β€œI served in the United States Navy"

That's a word I haven't heard in a long, long, time. If ever we needed dork magic, the time is now.

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And just for good measure... I'll take your dork magic and raise you an Emma Watson

Leg for the nostalgic reference. But I have to admit I have never understood the fascination with Emma Watson 🀷🏻

To be the man you gotta beat the man!

She's Hot.

She's a very pretty girl but I have to agree, some dudes act like she's Helen of Troy beautiful and I don't quite get it myself.

I died on this hill a few years ago, you and Holden have allowed me to feel a measure of vindication here.

Somehow though it became a TKP meme, and I no longer question it.

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
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I remember the old debate and not necessarily trying to resurrect it.

I wonder if the difference is whether or not being a fan of Harry Potter. I never got into those movies but I could see Harry Potter fans having a greater affinity for Emma.

Bottom line is looks are opinionated. And thank God they are and that my wife found mine acceptable πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

To be the man you gotta beat the man!

Nah, I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd and I've mentioned previously that I'm not crazy about Emma..

She is good looking and cute, but also young enough to be my daughter.

I've always wondered if as I age, would younger girls become less attractive? or will I always feel like a creep for checking out the younger girls at the gym that are half my age.

I'm 35 now and nothing's changed so far, so my thought process is: if they're old enough to vote I shouldn't feel bad finding them hot. Just no hitting on them.

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Never changes. The girls who are in their prime are still in their prime.

On the other hand, some older women do start to become more attractive, too.

oh I am very aware of this.... i see a quality 45 to 50 year old and I give them the cap tip of respect.

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They say it's all in the jeans.

I will be 64 by the end of this week, and I can attest to the following truths. There are three things in life that do not lie: (1) very drunk people; (2) very young children; and...

(3) yoga pants.

Damn, I was positive survey would have said: "Hips"

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Shakira, Shakira

Dang I was going to argue that at about 32 the prime is just starting.

Rule of thumb for dating:

Half your age plus 8.

So you're 35? Half your age is, let's say, 18. Plus 8 is 26. Rule of thumb says that's the minimum.

Also as a person who has lived only in college towns for 21 years straight, college-age girls got to be less interesting by time I hit 30.

He'd be another Napier type, except not as much proof of concept.

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I mean he also might puff and blow the house down. It's all about striking that balance.

"He'll huff, he'll puff, and he'll deny your pussy touchdowns."


~Michael Scott

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Braxton Burmeister, Ryan Willis, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

ahhhh that's the huff

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Is this something you want?

Or do you want to recruit better players?

Because those very well might be different.

What the huff

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Huff the Magic Dragon recruited by the sea....

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Huff the Magic Dragon recruited by the seaBay....

We put the K in Kwality

Huff. Do it.

Thinking forward, Shane will be coming off his second contract (will happen within one year) that will extend him through 2029. If Huff blows up, Shane will be there.

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The "Huff Huff Pass" offense would be impossible to defend against.

I'm fully onboard bringing Huff to Blacksburg. He's absolutely my #1 choice.;

I talked with a friend yesterday (non-Hokie) that is a diehard about Tech's search, just thinking out loud about it and having some fun gaming out each potential hire. I really like the idea of Huff in the Dabo model with two splash coordinators. At this point the roster is out of balance and severely lacking talent. Having someone at the top who focuses on recruiting and roster building seems most necessary. Out of the candidates Tech's been linked with, Huff seems most experienced at that.

Napier and Huff are pretty much 1a and 1b for me right now. I would take either of them, but I probably have Napier just a hair over Huff due to more HC experience at this point. If Huff had Napier's years of HC experience, I would definitely have him as my clear #1. I think either would do a fantastic job and get recruiting going. Huff has major VA ties and has had resounding success recruiting the area while at PSU and carrying into Bama. I think he would need big time coordinators around him, but we would have the cash to build an excellent staff I believe given his low buyout.

Napier might not have the same VA recruiting ties as Huff, but he would make sure we hire the right staff to do it. He runs the Saban/Bama model, and I think he could really be the tip of the spear Brian talked about in his article. He would come in and demand a lot from Whit and the administration. If he needed more funding, he would fight to get it. He could completely change the program from a fundraising, recruiting, facilities, and staffing perspective just because he would settle for no less.

Either would be phenomenal hires IMO. We need to lock one of them up.

Yeah they are 1a and 1b for me too and I flip-flop between the two daily. Napier has much more proven head coaching experience, and also gets the importance of recruiting. I just don't regard him as an ace recruiter as I do Huff.

I think a lot of the lack of more HC experience with Huff could be mitigated with slam dunk OC and DC hires, which we would have more cash to work with in that scenario since Huff would likely be less expensive and has a lower buyout than Napier. I really keep going back and forth on both too.

Sooo... Huff at HC, OBrien at OC, and JHam at DC?

Is JHam really a slam dunk DC? If he weren't a Hokie, we probably wouldn't be talking about him.

No but I couldn't think of anyone else off the top of my head. Gary Patterson?

VTJ12's Moorhead suggestion below is another good one for OC. Jerry Kill?

Huff HC, Josh Gattis Joe Moorhead or Holman Wiggins OC, Glenn Schumann or Todd Bates DC.

Why would Gattis leave Michigan for the same position at VT? Not seeing it.

I'd like to see Chadwell, but would love to get Napier also. Think he would put a great recruiting infrastructure in place. From what I have read, we seem to be a place he would seriously consider, as far as job security and patience (of course I am biased, who wouldn't want to coach VT, right?). I just hope he isn't holding out to see what happens with Florida.

With all of the recent love for JC and the often expressed desire to keep him on the staff, would Huff keep him? Didn't he let him go and bring in Street when he took over at Marshall? I may have my facts wrong.
Just wondering?

Great strategy. Who are your splash coordinators? Because the plan only works if you can land those guys...

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Let's get crazy (and within the realm of possibility here) Gary Patterson as defensive coordinator and Dan Enos as OC.

No way Patterson comes to the school that fired his "coaching son"

Eh....... I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Jerry Kill told Patterson exactly what went wrong in Blacksburg. If he's reasonable, he'll understand there wasn't any other choice.

Let's get weirder. Dan Mullen and Will Muschamp.

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I mean, "realistic long shots":

Mike Macdonald - young, highly touted DC from Michigan. On the shortlist for the Broyles Award. Has DMV ties with a long tenure coaching for the Ravens. His wife is a VT grad (and also a former cheerleader). Maybe a small chance he wants to "make his own name" outside of the Harbaugh coaching tree.

With Fuente/Corn being out of the picture, I could see Holmon Wiggins be willing to come back as the OC. Wiggins and Huff were both on staff together at Alabama.

Finally, you could set up an AHC/QB position with a grizzled, X's and O's veteran. Somebody with a David Cutcliffe-like profile. Obviously, if Cutcliffe leaves Duke and still wants to coach that would be a slam-dunk hire here...on top of it, we would be able to attract the best GA's in the country with that setup. You would have to be an idiot as a potential GA --> QB Coach prospect to not: (1) Want to learn under Cutliffe and (2) Be a place where the QB coach is going to retire in 1-2 years and you could slide in at the QB coach afterwards.


Jack R.

Come on, man

I been here since day 0.

Huff the puff up, man!

I'm definitely appreciating the memes in this thread. But I'm genuinely curious - besides the recruiting and background with Saban why is Joe so keen on Huff? He seems to be doing a fine job at Marshall in his first year as a head coach, but not great. So why should he be at the top of the list ahead of Napier, Clawson, and Chadwell?

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

If Huff came to the Burg' I wouldn't be disappointed...would go a long way to retaking Virginia and Maryland from a recruiting perspective. Would be even more excited he surrounded himself with the right assistants as well.

What the ffuH?

Yes he had the advantages but he also learned big time college recruiting from some of the best. I think he'd sell the hell out of the Hokies.

Napier or Huff are the 2 at the top of my list. Napier would install a Bama model and if he comes here then it means that the administration and Whit are fully invested in the football program. Huff would be a hell of a recruiter and with the right staff we could take back the state. Clawson doesn't move the needle for me, he is a below average recruiter and his best year happens to be when the ACC has been at its worst.

1-0 every week

Jeez he has recruited The Who s who recently. He's got to delegate the how to of recruiting to the other coaches. I'm also down if he can get higher paying oc and dc and not 4 mill a year. Start him at 3 mill maybe

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I will never understand this line of thinking. If we pay our next head coach 3 million then VT is not committed to football. That would be one of the lowest P5 salaries. UVA already has better pay for their football staff, that is pretty damning against VT if we are supposed to be the premier football program in the state.

Nah we would pay Huff at least $4m. Napier I bet would command at least $5m.

Firmly on the Huff train

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Kind of OT, but only freaking ESPN could discuss the VT-Miami game on Gameday just now and spend literally 0 time discussing the coaching change at Tech, and spend the whole time talking about how Miami could get back to prominence. Give me a break.

Edit - well we got 30 seconds of babble on our opening on gameday. Desmond said Fickell, Herbstreit said Napier, Reese said Chadwell, and Pollack said Freeze lol.

The entire next segment on "The Huddle" is all VT...

Edit: They talked a lot about our job opening, but the only candidate they discussed was Napier (unanimous opinion he'd be a good fit).

They talked a bit about Miami and what exactly happened to them. There was some pretty good insight from Mark Richt.

Yeah cuz a (best case) 7-5 Miami team is back.

Best case bout to be 6-6

We don't move the ESPN needle unless we're ranked.

Why would anyone who is tuning into GameDay care about that? Why would they bother to spend any time on that with the other storylines they have?

There's been a lot of digital ink put to this. Until we prove ourselves relevant again, we don't deserve that kind of discussion any more than you'd expect them to talk about the head coaching search of a Colorado or Purdue.

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Been hurting for some years now.


I find myself juggling different combos trying to game this out. Some musings:

1: The Up and Comer G5 Head Coach (Napier, Huff, Chadwell) will need time to figure it out, and it only works if they can pull off splash coordinator hires. (I define this as a coach who is already a coordinator at a P5/successful G5 program - if we hire a G5 head coach, I have no interest in giving anyone their first coordinator job). The issue is that I question our ability to splash. The money would be there if we hire one of these guys. BUT. Which of these wishlist coordinators would leave their current gig to come here and work for the new guy, who's never been a P5 head coach? Not saying it's impossible - but it's something I wonder about.

2: The Splash Coordinator AS Head Coach (Elliot, Venables, Elko, etc) is different but the same, since I again wonder if these guys can assemble a crack staff. I'd think the HC money would be similar for this group as the above, but again: do these dream coordinators want to work for an actual first-time HC? The one thing I trust this group to bring is recruiting. No shade on Huff or any of the other "1"s but this "2" group has stockpiled their current blueblood schools with wood to burn for years. Proven winners on the trail. Could expedite the process re: turning the current tide.

3: The Devils We Know (Sort Of) (Patterson, Freeze, Clawson) would, at the very least, know what it takes to run a P5 program. Aaaaaand that's about it. These guys would be expensive, which would hamstring us in our staff hires. They'd have a well-established MO, which might be just what a program with no identity like ours needs, but it strikes me that a fresh "new" voice might be a better fit. Just a hunch. Hiring any of these guys, IMO, is the most "meh" option.

4: Bill O'Brien. The resume speaks for itself, which is a built-in recruiting tool. We'd need to really open the checkbook to afford him PLUS a crack staff, but he would assemble a good one (maybe he brings Wiggins with him, for instance). Will have to recruit harder here than he's had to at Penn St. or now at Bama... I do wonder how long he'd stay, and I don't necessarily see him as a long-term option (and I'd bet that feeling would be mutual).

5: Luke Fickell. If Whit can find a way to pull this off, I would have no notes. (I am not holding my breath.)

AAAAALL this being said, I still think Whit broke up with Fuente so he could start dating our next HC already. I just really doubt he made that move - paid JF all that money - with no plan in place for the Next Guy.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Big win for Marshall tonight, setting up a virtual play-in game vs. Western Kentucky for the conference championship game against a red hot UTSA team.

If Huff can go 2-0 and snag a conference championship, hopefully, it'll mean he's got enough juice for Whit to pull the trigger.

Very low percentage on that though lol

Please get Huff. He would completely change our recruiting and we would get way more 4 start prospects with him. Also I think he would be able to keep most of the team and current recruits. The talent would come in and he's cheap. We could then spend big on coordinators and turn this program back in the right direction.

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I thought this was about Sam Huff!

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. 🎣


As a fan of the DC professional football team, I *so* miss the heyday of Sonny, Sam, and Frank on the radio.

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One ticket for the Huff train please

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I like the fact that Huff has never been a coordinator because it means that he would not necessarily be married to any particular scheme, and could more easily change things up if they were not working.

Huff is a rockstar in Huntington. He would win the fanbase over day 1. Would be the most fun offseason in a long time.

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What offense and defense does Marshall run? I have seen a few Louisiana and Coastal games so I have a idea what Napier and Chadwell would be bring to Blacksburg. I haven't seem one Marshall game.

Offense is fast paced and tries to use every level of the field. Passing game hasn't been spectacular all the time because the quarterback throws a million interceptions, something that predates Huff. Running game is pretty effective despite not having a mobile quarterback. Huff came in and immediately recognized the talent of a running back who had five career carries and made him starter by the Spring Game. This year he has 1142 yards on 5.5 YPC with 20 touchdowns.

Defense appears to be a base 4-2-5. DBs play very aggressively and get a lot of penalties called on them. Defensive line and linebackers aren't as disruptive as they were under Doc Holliday despite really only losing Tavante Beckett. Going to need more from those groups under Huff to do well at VT.

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I have also been wondering how our current players align with each coaches style of offense/defense(Napier, Huff, Clawson, and Chadwell). I know the portal will come into play as well but it would be interesting to hear French or Joe weigh in on whose scheme would help us make the fastest turnaround. Not to wait the 2-3 or years for their recruits to contribute.

Huff is from a small town on the Eastern Shore of MD where my aunt/uncle/cousins live and are very tied into the community. I'll be seeing them on Friday, so I'll have to see if they know anything about him

Edit: My Aunt thinks she taught him in middle school in the late 90s, and my uncle recognizes the last name from around town, but they don't know much about him beyond that. He graduated from the same HS as all three of my cousins, but was 7 years before the oldest.

Now this is the level sauces I come to TKP for

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

The more I read on Huff the more I am liking him. He doesn't *quite* have the resume as Napier, but they do have a lot of parallels. The wild card that Huff holds right now over Napier for me, is his ties to the state. With as bad as we need to get VA back under our feet recruiting-wise, he at least appears to fit that bill.

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#fireCornelson NOW

Marshall did a fantastic job hiring. I liked that hire a lot last year.

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The Washington Post isn't a chat board. Also, he's afraid of the internet. This is probably a GOOD thing.

However, he speaks pretty well in front of a camera, and comes across as straightforward.

If he can recruit and coach a football team, I could see him being considered.

That's it, it's decided. Huff the next VT coach.

I dont want to arm chair quarterback this but maybe he shouldn't be reading the internet in the 2nd quarter of the Navy game.

He probably shouldn't but honestly it might help Brad Cornelsen against UVA.

(add if applicable) /s

We should just create a thread on TKP for him where only French comments and tells him what he is doing wrong

Result? 38-0 bro

LMAO 'Chat boards' - obligatory 'okay boomer'

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So....I didn't hear a no in that response.....