WBB vs Missouri State @ San Juan Shootout

The Lady Hokies play Missouri State at 10AM on Fri Nov 25 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The game is on something called Flohoops. The game is not listed as available on Watch ESPN. Missouri State is 3-1 with wins at Little Rock and USC and North Tesax at home. They lost in a close game at Oklahoma State. The Hokies may finally face a little better competition:

The Missouri State Bears will have their hands full with Liz Kitley. Their tallest starter is 6'2". They do have 2 starters over 6' tall and a sub at 6'3" who plays about 24 mpg.

The Starters:

#: 32 Jasmine Franklin ,Sr., Forward, 6'1
MPG 31.8, PPG 15.5, RPG 14.5, APG 1, TO: 2.5

#: 11 Brice Calip ,Sr., Guard, 5'8
MPG 31.3, PPG 11.8, RPG 4.5, APG 3.3, TO: 2.75

#: 4 Abby Hipp ,Sr., Forward, 6'2
MPG 18, PPG 5.5, RPG 3.8, APG 1, TO: 1.5

#: 23 Mya Bhinhar ,Sr., Guard, 5'9
MPG 31.5, PPG 4.3, RPG 5.8, APG 4.5, TO: 0.75

#: 21 Sydney Wilson ,Sr., Guard, 5'11 started 3 games
MPG 27.8, PPG 5.3, RPG 3.3, APG 1.5, TO: 1.75

#: 14 Mariah White ,Sr., Guard, 5'8 started 1 game
MPG 18, PPG 9, RPG 1.5, APG 0.3, TO: 1.75

Stat Averages:

Stat Details:

The Bears make 4 3's per game out of 19 attempts, 21%. And they have only shot 34% overall. Those stats are skewed slightly by the end of the bench going 0 for the season on 8 shots. They do average 72% from the FT line.

They have rebounded with their competition winning the battle by 1.2 RPG; but they haven't had to rebound against Kitley. One of the tall players, Franklin, averages 3.5 fouls per game; but she has managed to average almost 32 minutes on the floor. Franklin is averaging 15.5 PPG and 14.5 RPG. Will be interesting to see what she can do against the Hokies. Only Franklin and Calip score in double figures.

Missouri State is a low scoring team averaging only 59.75 PPG. They may have trouble playing at the pace the Hokies like. I'm not an expert; but I don't see why they are doing so well. Ok State and USC have only 1 loss on the season; so the Bears clearly know how to play the game. Their defense might be the key. Their top 7 players are all seniors; so they have a lot of experience on the floor and probably a lot of confidence in their system.
Opponents have only shot 11% from 3 and 32% overall. The Bears are averaging a +5 advantage on both TO and Steals. The Hokies are going to have be careful with their passes.

I really wish I could watch the game; it should be interesting. But I'm not going to subscribe to Flohoops to watch one game.


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Missouri State has been a fairly competitive NCAAW program recently, if I'm not mistaken. Go Hokies!

Go Hokies!

Hokies down 26-36 at the half. Only 3 for 8 from 3.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Following the score only - are we are falling apart? We are certainly falling behind.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

1st Q Hokies only scored 9. Trying to recover now.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Loosing 54-42 9 min left in Q4.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Lost 76-68. Lost the 1st quarter 23-9 and never recovered. Amoore 4-14 and Sheppard 3-10 really hurt the offense. Kitley 10-18 for 21 points with 9 rebounds; but she was only 1-6 on FT's. Missouri 27 of 30 from the FT line and made a bunch of FT's at the end of the game to hold off our comeback.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.