quick shout out to Hokie Club

I've done my fair share of complaining about Hokie Club over the years, and I want to take a moment to recognize some things they've done recently that I thought were really cool.

A little less than a year ago, I moved to a new home, they mailed me a blank VT key - I think this was a promotion that happened to coincide with move, but it would be really cool if they mailed it after noticing that I changed my address online - either way, I thought this was a really cool 'welcome home' gift. Midway through basketball season, I got an email about a 'limited edition' CMY popcorn basket that I purchased. Recently, I got a football 'Gear Up' package - a thick envelope with a bunch of stickers/decals that I'm going to plaster all over my laptop, tumblers, etc (side note - the unboxing experience for this was pretty well designed).

I really enjoy all of this stuff. I don't donate for game tickets; I live in Atlanta, so owning season tickets isn't practical for me. I'm not a big time donor; I donate $10/month, + a handful of one-off $25 donations throughout the year (after big wins, giving day, when there is a promotion running, etc). As a fan, I love this shit - It makes me feel like part of the community and makes me want to keep donating.

Anyways, shout out to HC for doing this stuff. Keep it up!

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I think the donate for a win t shirt promo they did after the UNC game was pretty cool

I wish I could have found a picture of the actual shirt. I wasn't sure if it was the shirt Fuente wore at the presser (with Skipper on it), or something else.

That shirt was the one on the tweet from the Hokie Club so that's what I assumed it was, but I guess I'll know for sure in a few weeks

No Twitter here; I got an email and clicked on the link to the website. Couldn't figure it out from that

I'm a sporadic donator for the cool swag too. They've definitely upped their game, and I love my CMY popcorn basket. The surprise Gear Up was excellently done and just helps leave a positive impression to donate more when these types of little efforts are made. Like you said, it shows engagement and that it's not all about straight donation dollars.

I love my Commonwealth Cup magnet, I'm excited for my shirt too.

Honestly though, what I've noticed most is the fact that I get any emails from them now as compared to even say 3 years ago. I literally don't know if I got one prior to 2019, so for them to be appearing in my inbox and being somewhat memorable, and even pulled a few bucks out of me feels like it's a good sign and hopefully they're getting even a few dollars from other people as well.

I got the CC Magnet as well. It is prominent on my wife's car. She loves to drive the car to in-law Hoos get togethers. I do wish we had a Natty to flash.

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Exact same here. Got my popcorn basket last year, and have received a bunch of stickers & stuff recently, including the same 'Gear Up' package last week. Very nice...

Anyone notice on the 'Gear Up' mailer that your last name was on the Hokie jersey in the artwork? I had a fellow HC member comment about it but I haven't been able to confirm if this was true. And I think we already recycled our mailer.

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Yeah it was, nice touch

It's true. Was on the mailer I got from someone.

😕 - And now I'm sad I didn't pay closer attention and let the kids tear it open.

It's an unwritten law that it's my lunch pail. I've issued the challenge. If someone outworks me, they can get it.
Darryl Tapp

I didn't notice the detail until I was studying it because I was so impressed. Immediately told my gf that we can't throw it away haha

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So I also got a blank key about a year ago but didn't move so I'm not sure that was planned by the Hokie Club, it may have just been a coincidence.

But I have also gotten loads of stickers and window decals recently and a banner with a little history on the back recently. TBH I wasn't going to do more than continue to IPTAY but if they keep sending me swag I might have to change my plan.

Yeah the mailer had my name on the back of a jersey - I think it was Khalil's - which I didn't initially notice but was a tight little touch.

So many stickers. State College won't know where all this came from. Gotta put a few in places that visiting recruits might see them. Beaver Stadium, for example.

Gotta put a few in places that visiting recruits might see them. Beaver Stadium

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Not sure how it was done before, but I agree with this post. Great Hokie gear for this alumnus!

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I have given the Hokie Club A LOT of grief over the last decade. However, I have to give credit where credit is due because they've done a lot of really good work over the past couple years. Is it as good as Clemson's IPTAY? No, but it's been a much better organization recently.

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I echo everything you said. For those not members, give it a thought.

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The key was an awesome idea. I got one that lined up with buying a house last year but the timing seemed to be a coincidence as I had several other friends receive them. They really should try to do it whenever someone changes their address on their Hokie Club profile. I had trouble finding a place to have it cut though. I live in Raleigh and Ace Hardware didn't want to touch it and mentioned NC State does the same thing and they have to decline as they don't want to damage the key. I went to Home Depot and found an older employee working near the key machine who ended up doing it for me and told me not to tell anyone and just go so ended up being free. It's awesome getting to use the VT key every day coming home.

Don't get me wrong, I love my stickers. If you've seen my truck or water bottle you know. But I really miss the calendars they used to send with all the athletic events for each sport pre-marked on it.

Yeah, yeah...smartphones and all. But I can't hang my smartphone on my fridge or office wall.

Also, it helped me pay attention to sports I normally wouldn't.

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