OT - Best Ice Cream - Ice cream of America (well, at least the Northeast of the US) Tour

While the cake vs. pie debate always seems to take center stage in the dessert wars here, there are some of us on team ice cream. And Ice cream goes great with both cake and pie as well as by itself.

Family is heading from Southern NJ up to Acadia NP for a week in late August and we are going to try a different ice cream place in every state we visit. Would love to source some great ice cream places. Doesn't have to be along the route, just love to hear about the best ice cream/frozen custard/frozen yogurt/whatever people have had and where it is.

FYI, the plan is:

New Jersey - don't know, will go someplace local the day after we get back
New York - Carvel's; yeah I know it's a chain, but it was iconic in NY and Northern NJ when I was growing up, plus my daughter and I saw it on History Channel's The Food That Built America. That + my desire to go to Wentworth's again was the motivation for the different ice cream in every state tour
Connecticut - Wentworth's in Hamden, CT on the way up; may be my favorite ice cream place. Adored their Coconut Mounds ice cream after hiking at Sleeping Giant State Park or going for a long bike ride. Will do a short hike at Sleeping Giant and go to mass where I used to go when in grad school, so spend the night there.
Massachusetts - Baskin Robbins on the way up/day 2 - my wife wants to go here as she grew up on their ice cream
New Hampshire - don't know, but we are going up Mount Washington and will pick a place somewhere in NH on that 1 day excursion
Maine - don't know, we will just pick someplace while we are around Acadia

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Haven't been in yeaaaars, but Annabelle's in Portsmouth NH was always a required stop.

Seconded. Annabelle's is great and Portsmouth itself is an amazing town.

We went to NH and Acadia last year. There was a place in the small town Center Harbor, NH called Dewey's that had good ice cream but the best part was walking across the street and looking out over the lake from a hill as the sun was setting.

I forgot, Mt Desert Island Ice Cream in Bar Harbor was also really good and had some unique flavors.

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Cliff's in Northern NJ is a great spot. It's right off of I-80, so it could be convenient depending on your route.

I came in looking to add Cliff's. I grew up on it and will even stop there in the middle of winter.

Oh wow. Looked this place up and it is not all that far from where I grew up. Had not heard of it, but I have not lived in Northern NJ for about 40 years, so not too surprising I'd not heard of it. But it does say they have been around since 1975, so I was there then. Will try and swing by if I ever get back into the area.

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It's a little further out from the more populated parts of North Jersey, so it'd be easier to miss, but it's very accessible.

I'd never heard of cliff's either but have lived in central nj my whole life. Thanks for sharing and I'm gonna have to make a point of getting there!

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Springer's in Stone Harbor (south NJ)

Giffords in Maine.

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Thank you. Looks like there is one of those fairly close to where we will be. Will have to check that out.

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Smiley's Ice Cream. Mount Crawford, Va https://www.smileysicecream.com/
Best ice cream I have ever had. Java Chip is my crack. Family farm creamery, so they have most things milk and cream based.

Seeing your name, my wife is obsessed with Kline's Dairy Bar. Any time we are in Harrisonburg, Staunton, or Waynesboro, she is stalking their menus.

Kline's is god tier ice cream, I wont eat anyone else's

Smiley's over Kline's every day. To be fair, they are two different types of ice cream. Smiley's is hard ice cream and Kline's is custard style.

I second this. Hard to beat their peach.

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Since we're now talking about places outside the Northeast, I'll recommend Carl's in Fredericksburg, VA.


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Jimers on 460 in Skinquarter between Chesterfield and Amelia, not many flavors, but best classic root beer float, and kids love the old fashion style ice cream.

Also, Deluca Gelato in Henrico's West End, best, creamiest ice cream ever, and they have a Hokie flag hanging in their shop. Gelato is made fresh everyday.

If you're in NE Ohio, grab K-Cream in Lorain. Only open during the summer.

Dogs N Suds near Elyria for some home made style root beer.

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Not on your route but two of my favorites have been:

Robbo's in Pound Virginia (great hot dog chili and burgers too)

Goodie's Frozen Custard in Old Town Alexandria. Their donuts custard sandwiches are money.

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I drive by Robo's every other week going to a project site. Haven't stopped there yet, but it's been on my list. Here lately, I've been taking Coeburn road on my way back instead of 23. So, I'm not passing at lunch time. But, I need to give it a try.

Stewart's Shops have the best milk shakes. Think they might just be in Upsate NY.

There are several in NJ as well! Including one on 130 in Burlington not too far from where i think i recall Frosty's Dad being

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Yeah, not too far from there. I go over the Tacony Palmyra Bridge when I go into the office, so I'm a bit further south. But not a huge way off.

Edit: Actually, one by Camden Catholic High School, which is even closer. Heck, I could walk there. It would be a long walk, but could pull it off. Or is this different from Stewert's Root Beer?

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...... I'm just now considering that it might not be the same as Stewart's Root Beer 丹儭

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I think we might be talking about different places. Stewarts Shops are also gas stations. Doing a quick google maps search they all appear to be in NY.

I believe it is the same brand root beer.

Yes, I see now that they are different places. Drat, was hoping it was the place close by.

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if it's the same brand, maybe the Stewart's Root Beer restaurants would also have the same milkshakes?

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If you come inland a little in CT, Deborah Anne's in Ridgefield is the best in Fairfield County. And the attached candy shop is great too.

Abbotts in western NY for frozen custard. They have a few locations in Florida now too.

Peach Park. Clanton, Alabama. Fresh peaches. Ice cream. Delicious

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I am probably in the minority here, and it may mostly be nostalgic, but I prefer any diner that serves oversized portions of Maola old fashioned ice cream.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

If you're ever near Newport, RI, Frosty Freez is a premiere soft serve ice cream spot with the old school walk up window

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Dang, with a name like Frosty Freez, I can think of someone who would like me to take him there. Alas, don't plan on swinging through RI.

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You'd have to head a few miles south to Delaware, but the UD Creamery on campus in Newark, DE is the best in The First State.


Second this.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Further south, Hopkins Farm Creamery outside of Lewes, DE is a really good place on a real working cattle farm.

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If we're expanding geography, if you're ever on the west coast, try Salt & Straw. Looking online, it looks like they have a few places in Florida now too (Disney Springs and Miami), but it's mostly Oregon, California, and Washington.

They have some weird flavors (but all delicious) and plenty of vegan options (because, West Coast).

Last month, my wife and I spent a week in Bar Harbor and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, however, she as the (soft serve) ice cream fan was not wowed by any of those she tried.
As a family, we had some great memories camping in Watkins Glen State Park, New York. Just outside the park entrance is an ice cream emporium called The Great Escape. It may have been part of fun family memories, but The Great Escape was always on everyone's must-do-list.

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Nastos in Newark NJ... Best I've ever had and I'm old :-)


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Herrells in Northampton Massachusetts. The hot fudge is out of this world.

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If you are going through VT (the state) you should probably find a Ben & Jerry's

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