Level Seven Podcast - New episode with Billy Hite is awesome

There is a new Level Seven Podcast with Roth, Burnop and Billy Hite. It will not disappoint.


He goes into many things of the past and is as straight forward as ever. Definitely holds no punches which makes me even more excited about Pry and supporting this new regime.

Well worth the listen.

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We lost a good one when Billy retired. He could pick a back

Not being in Blacksburg I never realized Fuente wasn't just at every event like Beamers staff. I mean how can you complain about money for football if you're not out there begging for it.

Fun interview. This had me smiling most of the time - except for the Fuente insights. I know living in the past is what hamstrung this program, but you have to feel good about someone like Billy Hite giving Pry his seal of approval.

I hope to see us run the ball at-will, once again. With this Coaching and Roster, we just might do that.

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Great episode. I noticed it was recorded over a month ago. Episode 1 was 30ish days ago. Are they going for a once a month podcast? I only say it because I'd like to manage my expectations as I kept refreshing and checking the channel after 7 days and then daily, which had me a little bummed.

The HokieSports site says they will release every Tuesday in the Fall. So it sounds like they will be weekly through Football Season and the Pry episode was a special edition premiere so to speak.

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that makes a whole lot of sense. I tried looking around but never thought about going to the main source! Thanks!!

HokieSports.com, especially on mobile, is cumbersome anyway. VT's online presence is getting better every year, but still leaves things to be desired.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

VT's online presence is getting better every year, but still leaves things to be desired.

It's starting from a bad spot but I'll be pleased with improvement year-over-year. Much like the football team.

Agreed, I'm just glad to see effort and progress across the Athletics Department.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Yeah, he didn't pull any punches, especially when talking about Branden Ore and Fuente and Co. Had no idea he lived here in Charleston. I've lived on Johns Island (where Hite says he lives) for 12 years but can't say I've ever ran into him anywhere. Now I'll be on the lookout.

It's clear that a guy like Hite was a vital contributor to the success of Beamer's program, regardless of the players, IMO. From his comments on a young Brent Pry, it might seem the "blood lines" are now re-established to the successes of the Beamer era. Who is Pry's Billy Hite? Who has that personality that players want to play for and hang with? Who on staff now could have that Hite factor?

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Maybe J.C. Price. IIRC, Hite was a holdover from Dooley when Beamer was hired. J.C. Price obviously is the holdover from the previous staff. Based on how the team performed in UVA game, I think he might garner the enthusiasm of the players to play for him.

Beamer was a great football coach. He also had a great staff. In the mid 2000s we owned Miami and Clemson for example- all of their 5 star recruits outcoached, out toughed etc. Beamer laughed at Al Groh and his young coaches. The gap between a Billy Hite and Adam Leichtenberg is the same as Fuente and Saban. The gap between a Jim Cavanaugh and a Tyron Nix is laughable. Bud Foster in his prime was having a better Brent Venables on your staff- compare him to Galen Scott- lmao. Beamer did hire Curt Newsome but for the most part, we had legit coaches on his staff. Hite is a gem. I met him a couple of times- once at the Gator Bowl where he told me we were going to get our asses kicked if we didn't practice better. We had a narrow loss to Chris Rix and FSU.

I think saying Cav is light years better than Nix is some O&M glasses thing. Nix has been a broyles finalist and was a great pick up considering the timing. Now he was alway as 1 year stop gap and Cav fit better than Nix fit the system, but Nix is a legitimate defensive coach.

You also forgot hiring Mike O'cain and letting stinespring call plays.

Who has that personality that players want to play for and hang with?

not specifically because of a VT tie-in, but I think Derek Jones has this in spades and then some. dude oozes personality and charisma and not in a used-car-salesman kind of way

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