VT enhancements to student entrance for Lane

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Students are definitely 100% going to walk back out to Washington St and definitely not going to just jump the fence through stadium woods, definitely not going to happen

Students after tailgating all day for a night game....

If I'm reading it right, says its a 4 ft high fence too. Yep, I agree. I foresee no issues. Definitely no people pumped full of liquid courage believing they're on the track team running hurdles.

Yeah what's the over/under on injuries due to this for the BC game? That's a bet I'd be willing to play, and I never gamble.

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"Look at this... This is just spectacular.... These people are losing their minds"

Well I have not made it up to a game for years now, but after hearing all the nightmare stories on here from last year hopefully this improves the situation.

Are they saying Gate 8 is closed just to students here or that it's just totally, permanently closed now? That's a HUGE pain in the ass to anybody in East Stands, making Gate 7 students-only was one thing last year but there were a ton of non-students who still entered on that side of the stadium who seemingly can't now.

I believe I saw that Gate 8 is going to be completely closed this year in order to force the students into Gate 7.

Wow. That blows immensely for anyone wanting to tailgate at Lions Club. How in the world are you going to get into the stadium? It also looks on the map like they put a 6 ft gate there at the Lions Club entrance to Stadium Woods.

Maybe it'll help things, maybe it won't. All I know is there wasn't much of an issue getting into the stadium when we were at our peak in the 00s (so sell outs every game), unless you waited until the last damn minute to get in, but even then, it moved okish for such a large crowd rushing the gates to make it in time for Enter Sandman. The issues didn't really pop up until they started messing with shit over the last few years, changing who can go to certain gates, etc.

our stadium is not set up very well for eTickets honestly. THey don't reliably scan we, I don't think they did the best of job explaining them, service around the stadium is awful gameday if you didn't screenshot them. Pretty sure its one of the contributing factors as well as a heard of students all leaving center at the same time.

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The eTickets are definitely a problem. But like you mentioned, if they could focus on improving service infrastructure around the stadium, that should solve a lot of the issues. If its that big of an issue to set up for whatever reason, I'd just make people print their tickets.Yeah, people will be irked, but they'll get over it. Never stopped them from showing up before and you also didn't half near as many issues getting into the stadium

It is a little embarrassing that we are a leading technical university and we can't get the wi-fi service at the stadium sorted out.

All it takes.

Business cards?

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

If we are talking Paul Allen level business cards, then yes.

Probably should have been a combo gif. Lotsa money and the right business cards of a enterprise WLAN solution and cellular solution supplier .

Fun coupons

Touchdown Tech!!!

Hardee's coupons

I'm sure there's a good reason, money (or lack of it) probably being one of them. I'm willing to bet if we hadn't had to spend an unplanned $9M last year that this infrastructure upgrade would be in the immediate future.

I think I remember reading a year or two ago that Whit said the stadium wifi has a $3M pricetag.

Might be low now. 300+ WLAN access points and lots of conduit, fiber, switches to install, plus it would probably need its own dedicated internet pipe for only a few games a year. It would be a tough sell for me if I was a decision maker. Cellular service expansion would be smarter in my opinion.

Cell service at Lane Stadium (including upgrades):
1. Network includes use of Neutral Host DAS (Distributed Antenna System) sectors spread across all of the stands. Coverage extends through the West stands interior and parts of the areas below the stands. The DAS is shared between ATT, VZW, and T-Mobile, therefore the BW and sector coverage resources we all expect from our own carrier every day are shared amongst these three, which also impacts DL and UL speeds when large crowds are present.
2. Some of the sectors in Lane stadium are shared with several dormitories using "RF over fiber optic" connectivity. As a result, during games the connectivity in these dorms has suffered significantly in the past.
3. The coverage in Lane Stadium went through some upgrades over this past summer. Those upgrades included changes to the sector sharing mentioned above and the inclusion of a MatSing Lens to cover the East Stands (https://www.matsing.com/).

There should be some improvements this year. We'll see.

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If there is wifi in lot 8 2 hours prior to kick off, I'll up my donation to the Hokie club. It's 2022- nobody should have to pack satellite dishes anymore, but if you want to watch live TV, you have to at VT once you hit about 3 hours before the game.

It did not improve. Throughout the game I had no service (VZW) and walking to and from the stadium was shit service. It's a hot mess.

Perhaps I'm close enough to the gates SW Endzone and can pick up the boosters for the ticket scanners but I have full bars during the game

Yep. Can't even stream music pregame. Have to download a playlist

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From these comments it seems that coverage has improved but not capacity. That makes sense based on what I learned from some of my recent research across the VT campus (where I got the info above). 80,000 people all using the same shared neutral host DAS cannot support the necessary BW. They need to add BW for capacity to improve. 5G supports that better than 4G. 4G sector BW increases require the use of Carrier Aggregation (CA); 5G can support BW up to 100 MHz or higher within same carrier, but the typical spectrum used doesn't provide that much contiguous BW. Recent spectrum auctions are aiming to address this, but these are expensive to the carriers ($B) and are in bands requiring coordinated dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) strategies with DoD assets that aren't in place yet. Its being addressed but takes time.

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Make zero mistake - you are not texting or calling in Lane during a game. Sorry. I was there last week- no chance. zero bars on verizon on a 5g phone as soon as we got near the stadium and throughout the game. No noticeable difference from 10 years ago.

I can usually text (words only). It might take several minutes to go through though.

Can you not save them to your phone via Apple Wallet or Google Pay?

I do that for Canes hockey tickets and it works very well. Even when you don't have service, you can still quickly get to them, and I have never had issues with them scanning at the gate.

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You can but the problem is when people don't there is not much remediation when you can't get service to pull it up.

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I almost feel like there needs to be a dedicated effort on Tech's behalf to force this training on us to the extent that the school spams out a text to everyone reminding them to save all their tickets to their phone before coming into the stadium 2 hours before every game.

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I think they did an okay job last year and it'll probably be better this year but its just inevitable and it takes literally one person to get to the front of the line with no ticket and then what?? You've got 2,000 people behind them you're probably getting let in anyway. I heard multiple cases of barcodes not scanning correctly after multiple attempts and people were just let in.

The gates have been wildly understaffed since I was in school up til 2015. That's issue 1 they need to solve, 2 is the infrastructure (ie scanners, networks, even how the physical barriers are placed), 3 is probably the process I don't want to break up Center St but that might help alleviate some ticketing issues BUT both things can exist, just need to look back at 2 and see if we're optimizing gate locations for traffic flow for surge times before Enter Sandman, entry times are extremely predictable.

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I received an email a few days ahead of the game that said that it appeared I hadn't downloaded my tickets yet, so they at least tried to warn people. I still knew several people at my tailgate who hadn't yet, and then the ticket hosting system went down for a few hours which caused general panic.

"Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!"

When I got that email, I downloaded the tickets for Wofford and WVU.

I take screenshots of them and have them in the local phone memory. Despite being told that wouldn't work, it has for football and basketball now.

Not sure about Hokies tickets but as Alum mentioned above you can't do that for Canes tickets now. They have a moving barcode so a still screenshot won't work.

I just saw a moving barcode for the first time while getting my RHCP tickets ready for tonight. I saved them to my Gpay wallet and then took a screenshot from there because it wasn't a moving barcode there. Either way I'm covered, but damn.

The fact that people DONT do this today boggles my mind. Wallet works seamlessly - airplane boarding passes, etc.

It's because the university has grown increasingly scared of students interacting with other fans

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After some of the stuff that I heard went down at last years UNC game, I can't blame them.

What happened w/ the students?

There was the one incident with the UNC guy with his kid that got hit in the head with a water bottle, and he almost threw down with the student he suspected or throwing it.

There was a whole thread about the game and the shit show that it was with the seating and students jumping the fences. A lot of it was the fact that it was the first time those students had been allowed out to do something in like a year and a half, so they went hard for that game.

Not student related, but there were fireworks definitely being shot into the visitors sections.

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Students with general admission tickets were sitting anywhere they wanted and refused to move for a lot of ticket holders. Security was not on their game moving the students leading to a lot of unhappy season ticket holders.

Rightfully so when many of them choose to behave as belligerent assholes. It was much worse last year than I have ever seen it.

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I guess we hired Corny to enhance game day experience now. This is just absurd.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

His decision was made after a phone call with longtime Virginia Tech assistant coach Bud Foster. All Foster told him was, "We win. They don't."

They're making sure they focus on the minutiae of it all

A big part of this is/was students preventing season ticket holders from getting in the stadium in a timely manner.

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Gate 8 being closed is going to prevent anyone (not just students) tailgating in Harrell-Houston (like at the Lions Club Lot) from getting into the game in a timely manner.

Farther down we are discussing this. There is a path from the Lions lot to Gate 7 we think.

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The solution should be season ticket holders or whoever is butthurt about being late, go in earlier.

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Too easy.

Sweet Jeebus, somebody really hates every non-student that parks/tailgates East of the stadium. That's people coming from downtown, the library lot, the Lion's club lot...basically everyone from downtown to Green St.

That's a whole heap of pissed-off 30+ Hokies.

If this idea makes it to the Wofford game, I will be very surprised.

This will not go well.

Actually, this has a damned good chance of causing a riot of boomers having to walk farther for no good reason.

If you play it, they will win.

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Maybe I am missing something why do they have to walk further u less they are a student?

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It looks like Gate 8 is completely closed and there are gates and permanent fencing blocking most access through Stadium Woods (unclear from
Map but that's how it seems). So guessing you would have to walk around the Woods down to Gate 1 to get in.

I know you don't make it to games that often, but I used to tailgate primarily on Center St and use Gate 8 because it's right the fuck there. If you tailgate anywhere around Center St or Lion's Club it's a longer walk to the other Gates on that side of the stadium. There are many older Hokies that come to Gate 8 vs Gate 1 to keep from having to deal with the hill and vs Gate 7 to get away from students and it is a longer walk from much of the Center St area.

If you play it, they will win.

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Closing Gate 8 (Gate 7 is already students-only) essentially forces all non-students in East Stands to walk all the way around the stadium to the west or south entrances. Not only is this going to make the entrances on the west side of the stadium significantly more crowded, but the paths/concourses within the stadium are going to be a complete mess with people trying to get from West to East (or the reverse after the game).

This is a completely ridiculous solution in the name of sealing off Center Street/Stadium Woods from the stadium. They took the student entrance problem and "solved" it by creating the same problem for the rest of the stadium.

Looks like from the map there is a gate in the fencing that is listed as "Lions Club tailgate" then fencing that directs them to gate 7. With students having to scan in on Washington street that gate will be opened back up for ticket holders.

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It says that Gate 7 is "student-only" though.

It looks like the ticket scanning occurs at Gate 7. Washington Street is only the beginning of the student-only entrance to that gate.

Then I'm not sure why they have fencing directing people that way. I like the student corral starting father away from the stadium but not if that means only 4 gates for everyone else.

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I'm drawing the conclusion that this map/information isn't very clear. Everyone has a different interpretation. Why you would call a gate student-only and then proceed to direct more non-student traffic there defeats the entire purpose of this. You've got the same problem but one less gate to absorb the traffic. I think it has to be directing people to use Gates 1-2 or a west side entrance. Which as a poster above said is just going to make those gates more congested and concourse traffic more chaotic moving the whole east side to other gates.

Looks as if that gate is to get into Stadium Woods itself. Anyone on that side of the stadium still has to go through Stadium Woods to access Gate 1 or Gate 7 unless they walk all the way up to Warren St. And they would absolutely have to walk through Stadium Woods to get to Gate 1 or the West Stands if Gate 7 is "students only".

Edit: This is why you don't take a quick look at the small picture. The Lion's Club gate IS the Warren St gate. It looks like Gate 7 can't be students only because they are funneling from the Lion's Club outside gate to the bag check area at Gate 7. But still, there are many non-students that already avoid Gate 7 like the plague because of the students.

Edit 2: The TL;DR version is everyone that parks/tailgates East of the stadium will have to either A. Deal with ALL the students at Gate 7 or B. Walk all the way the hell over and down the hill to Gate 1.

The short short version is everyone on that side of the stadium just got royaly fucked over.

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There is an existing 4-5ft tall chain-link fence along the paved pathway that goes from Houston Street down to the police department. The gate icons reflect existing openings in that fence. There are actually openings at the foot of each street - (Houston, Warren (Lions Club), and Green) in that neighborhood.

The purpose of the new fence between the woods & the paved path is unclear. It seems clear they're trying to keep people from cutting through the woods and steer everyone toward a few main pathways, but that main path with the 'funnel' (under the "bag check here" label) leads to Gate 7, which aside from now being student-only is only accessible from Washington Street. And it looks like there will be an opening in this new fence where the unofficial path from Green Street to Gate 8 is located, but with Gate 8 closed, people will be cutting diagonally through the woods to get to Gate 1 more quickly... trampling the woods.

This is Tech's plan to avoid having to deal with the underbrush in the woods. The students and tailgaters will beat it down creating new paths across.

Seems to me the purpose of the double fence is to keep people out of the woods and direct non-students to walk down to Gate 1. The funneling to Gate 7 from the Lions Club area doesn't make sense if you can only access that from Washington St and it's students only.

Any option that eliminates an ingress/egress for a large venue seems potentially problematic and/or dangerous. I guess because of the woods we just can't utilize that whole side of the stadium properly.

I imagine the planning for the new enhanced gameday experience looked something like this:

well, I may be reading it wrong but according to the map I've identified two issues that seem to be a problem.

1) Both the water giveaway and the restrooms are devilishly located on the inside of the temp barricade. You want water? piss off! You need the toilet? Hold it you loser! Juuuuust out of reach. That will teach em.
2) Both the 24 ft students gate and the 6 ft Lions Club gate cruelly open directly into the permanent fence as a giant middle finger to anyone coming from town, with a sign on the fence that presumably reads You made it all the way to the woods, now go the fuck around!

Either that or whoever did this photoshop did a piss poor job at it.

Express lane for anyone with airplane bottles or liquid filled ziplocks.

So what are the odds this gets changed this weekend after Friday's game?

Away game so pretty low I would assume.

Zero since this Fridays game is at ODU.

I guess I'm still not used to us having to play AT ODU

Even so a Chris Farley reference always gets a leg.

To be the man you gotta beat the man!

People actually signed off on this thinking this was going to help/be a good idea lol

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Maybe my reading comprehension is off but I believe after reading is that Students can ONLY enter through the Gate 7 access point at Washington St. It DOES NOT say that Gate 7 is "Students Only". So I would think that outside of the student corral there is a way for non students to enter through Gate 7 and avoid the student lines.

At any rate, whoever did this logistics plan would not work for me in construction, because the communication isn't clear.

While Gate 7 will remain a student-only entrance, all students will be directed to a new point of entry into the stadium located on Washington Street between the Hahn Hurst Basketball Practice Center and the tennis courts.

I think they definitely intend on Gate 7 being students-only. If not, basically they will have the same problem of students and non-students getting congested back there except with one less Gate open, making matters even worse.

The way I read this map there are two possible shitty scenarios for all non-students tailgating on the East side of the stadium.

Less shitty scenario 1: They are trying to funnel everyone from Houston St to Green St to a possible non-student entrance at the bag check at Gate 7.

This will create a bottleneck at the bag check with all of the students being herded through Gate 7. And just like many on that side of the stadium already avoid Gate 7 like the plague to stay away from students, that leaves them the only option of walking way the fuck through or around Stadium Woods and down the hill (mind you there are many older Hokies that tailgate over that way) to Gate 1.

Fucking terrible scenario 2: There is no non-student access by the bag check for Gate 7 and EVERYONE on the East side is funneled over the river and through Stadium Woods, down the hill to Gate 1.

Important note on Gate 8 being completely closed: As I said there are many older Hokies that tailgate on the East side. Closing Gate 8 cuts off the shortest path from the end of Green St through Stadium Woods, on relatively level ground, to Gate 8. Gate 8 has always been a beeline from Green St to the stadium. This doesn't only serve seniors, but parents bringing their kids into the stadium from the East side. The powers that be, just gave them all a big, foam, orange and maroon finger.

If you play it, they will win.

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yup, and Gate 8 was the best entrance if you had seats in the upper East side, let you skip climbing one of the zig-zag ramps

I guess I should just be happy that I sit on the West side (Best Side) and enter through Gate 4.

You will be joined by all of us from lot 19 who cannot use gate 8 anymore. We started using 4 halfway through last season thanks to the debacle at gate 7. We couldn't get past the student line to get to 8. Closing a highly used gate will just make it worse for all.

The fact that I don't have a take on this means it's been way to long since I was last in Blacksburg. Man I gotta get back.

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Back in my day there was no gate 8. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Back in my day, I didn't know that the gates had numbers or names. I would just drunkenly wander to nearest entrance.

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So this sounds like it 100% screws me after my "aha" moment of parking at Lions club for WVU.... My wife is gonna biiiiitch up a storm walking that far to get to section 6....

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"Look at this... This is just spectacular.... These people are losing their minds"

To be fair, she was gonna bitch about something anyway am I right?

I mean, yeah. She works the four consecutive nights before that, we drive to Orlando Thursday as soon as she gets home, fly to Charlotte and then drive to Roanoke and then the game. So yeah, I was gonna hear about something anyways that day. I'm sure the way I'm breathing that day will be tops on her list😂

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"Look at this... This is just spectacular.... These people are losing their minds"

Can someone please send link of this entire string to Whit so he knows problem(s)/confusion, just in case he doesn't? That might be helpful.


So anyone that went to the game that sits in the East Stands have anything to report?

Had seats in section 15 on the East side. We got to the stadium at 7:30 and it took 45 minutes to get to the gate. Line was barely moving so we missed Enter Sandman and the interception. Finally got to our seats just in time for the 4th and goal play. No reason at all it should have taken so long, though there was rumor that the scanning equipment was down for 20 minutes but can't confirm that.

In fairness, there apparently seemed to be some nationwide issues re scanning tickets this past Saturday- maybe the Chinese govt is hacking the system? /s

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

There was a nationwide issue for accessing your tickets through the Hokie sports app (same company as many other schools) but that was resolved a couple hours or more before kickoff.
When I went to the gates about 1 hour before kickoff, there were a ton of people waiting in line for one scanner person but the other four+ there had no one. People seem to see a line and just naturally join it without seeing what is actually going on. Got in the gate in less than a minute. I don't know why there isn't anyone directing people to all the scanners at a gate.

Agree-we got to stadium from lot 18 at about 645-7 and the "line"(if you can call it that was actually a bunch of people spaced randomly ingroups with tons of gaps (i.e. no actual lines-more like people 'tailgating' in the sidewalk area). My friend and I just weaved through the open gaps(without even jostling anyone) and were quickly 7th in one of the lines and were in the gates within 7 minutes. It was kinda like maneuvering through traffic where people leave absurdly large gaps between cars(like 40 car lengths in rush hour traffic)

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

We're in Section 5 in East and came in through the gate between North and West and didn't have any issues. We were there probably an hour early though. We normally park around Center St though and curious to know if anyone non-students were able to use the gate between North and East successfully.

Student's have started throwing bottles/cans and turkey legs instead of paper planes.

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That is something that needs to be shut down fast and hard by security for safety.


Well, at least they're staying on the right side of Fireman.

If you play it, they will win.

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Yeah it was as bad as I've seen it. Multiple people near me got hit with random non-paper items. One girl spent the 2nd quarter wiping nacho cheese out of her hair from a thrown container. Nothing seemed targeted, just kids yeeting stuff. I think we need to airlift the drone cage over to the East.

I saw that repeatedly and it was only on the North side of East where the students are. I don't know why they (a) feel the need to just throw stuff into the air and (b) feel that it's acceptable to do it. The paper airplanes were addressed by e-tickets, but this shit needs to stop now.

They need a zero tolerance policy, bans for life from the venue, and some enforcement.

Throwing a plate of food at someone should get you kicked out of the university. There's no excuse for that BS.

They also completely closed some of the south end zone gates next to will call. Complete joke. We did miss enter sandman, but I'm sure lots of folks near us did. Took forever to get in

"That's it guys. Let's get out of here. That cold drink's waitin' on us, let's go." - Mike Young after win no. 300.

It was pretty brutal but similar stories as a lot of other folks in East. We got to the South-East gate around 725/730 and were on the very left hand side next to the shrubs so it seemed we were moving a little faster than the center of the crowd. There were also a bunch of people coming from the path behind the woods that were merging in about half way through the crowd so that slowed it up a lot too. When we got to the front we were floored to see one ticket scanner (machine) and one person per line. It was clearly what was holding up the lines and we got to our seats at like 8:04ish right as they finished the "Let's Go" "Hokies" chant and about 3.9 seconds before Enter Sandman started.

"Now Miami wants to talk about it." *Cue Enter Sandman*

3.9 seconds before Enter Sandman started

I call that perfect timing. You got lucky. I feel for those that missed Enter Sandman for a night game in Lane.

Not great. We entered at the gate on the West side of the North end zone. Getting in was slow, but not terrible. Getting to the East side was a pain though. We had seats in section 5, just below the student section. For some reason, they forced us to go up the ramps with all the students to the top then walk down the stairs to section 5. If we could have just entered at the lower concourse, we would have been to our seats in just a couple of minutes. We even showed a cop our tickets and he didn't let us through.

I am in Section 5, and almost followed the students to the path you described before a woman yelled out to go towards her if NOT a student. Went straight to my seats within a minute.

I wish I talked to that lady instead of the cop. Would have saved me a good 15 minutes at least.

Just to be clear, she was a VT employee/volunteer trying to steer non-students towards the lower concourse. There is now a dedicated roped area for non-students to get to the lower sections. Just keep on the look out when passing the NEZ stands and approaching East side. It's very easy to miss.

They should just treat us all like kindergartners on the first day of school with stickers on the ground to make a path to follow.

"Alumni, follow the maroon Hokie tracks to get to your section"

"Students, follow the orange Hokie tracks"

Gate 1 was a disaster. Lot's a of pushing, line cutting and anger. Took 40 minutes to get through and tickets were never scanned. The athletic department would probably benefit from consulting the Industrial Engineering school, because it sure seemed like there was no plan in place for how to handle the queue.

Gate 1 was terrible. Looked like every line under the tents was self scan bag lane. Then there were scanners after the tents who weren't really being utilized because everyone was self scanning under the tents. There was no signage for bags/no bags. No signage for self scan or regular scan. I also feel like they could have made the line barriers a little longer than just 4 feet in front of the tents. Took us about 40 minutes to get through also.

Tried to get to the SEZ from Center Street and it was a mess. We typically cut through the woods and go in Gate 1 quick and easy. When we hit the fenced area, attendants and cops told us we had to go around to the new north entrance area. We made it to Washington Street and just kept going around the stadium as the line for students was ridiculous. Ended up almost walking around the entire stadium to Gate 3. Added about 45 minutes of walking.

Was anyone able to head south at the fenced area/stadium woods to get to Gate 3 or lot 2?

So you're saying you couldn't get on the path at the fenced area that leads down toward the PD to get to Gate 1/Lot 2? Man I hope that's not the case from the Lions Club lot next week.

From some posts on TSL it sounded like the gate in the chain link fence at Green Street was open and from there you can take the paved path south to the VTPD / Gate 1. Seems like the chain link fence gates at Houston and Warren streets are closed

SEZ Gates were all overcrowded. Gate 1 was shoulder to shoulder all the way to the opposing team busses that sit there and wrapped up towards Lot 3 and down to gate 2. Path up to the old gate 8 (Stadium woods) was blocked off with a 'no access' sign up.

My wife ended up having a minor panic/agoraphobia attack. We got to the stadium about an hour early and might have been able to make it in if we had pressed together with the mob but it would have been close. As it was we ended up missing sandman and the first drive. Line/crowd was still filling the gate 1 walkway when they started the Corp intro and other announcements and I jumped to sandman on the wrong side of the gates.

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You got there an hour early and STILL missed Enter Sandman?

Well-oiled machine, I tell ya. WELL. OILED. MACHINE.

If you play it, they will win.

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Not looking forward to trying to get in the stadium for WVU...trying to plan ahead and get there way before kickoff but things happen. I usually enter in through gate 6 or 8 regardless because it's usually the faster moving. Now I'm not so sure where to go with 8 being closed.


Maybe this is an intentional ploy to get the fans to leave their tailgates earlier and get to the stadium an hour earlier? /s (sorta)

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

The first gate on the West side 20 mins prior to kickoff was a breeze. 5 seconds to scan and get through.

We went to the gates next to will-call about 40min before kickoff and initially the line wasn't moving at all but then after about 5 minutes things started jiving. Assumed that there was some sort of system failure that required a reset. Still a mess regardless.

Just talked to family that we usually go to games with who couldn't get into their seats due to students who wouldn't move and then harassed them to the point where they ended up going to a different part of the stadium - that, plus my sister (class of 19) eventually stopped going to games because freshman/student behavior was so bad she was tired of being spit on.

What the heck has happened to the student body, because that was unheard of during my time there (class of 15).

Not sure how that is the case. They have completely separated with fencing and security students and ticket holders. They even took out a row of benches to add a fence/railing in one section.

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Students don't just sit in the student section because they're suppose to, it's possible they had non student tickets and decided to sit where they wanted to, or that despite changes to how the school does things students decided to migrate outside of the student section for more space. It's not a secret staffing for security/event staff is tight so I imagine policing is only but so good.

I'm pretty sure an increase in poor student behavior in recent years (which has been detailed here, on other sites and I've heard from people first hand) almost perfectly coincides with the school opening up season ticketing to freshman and making north end zone General admission. The old system wasn't fantastic and as the product on the field diminished it made attendance look bad at times, but it use to reward seniority and made having student season tickets and student seating a privilege that I think most students took seriously and policed themselves fairly well.

There should be zero tolerance for students harassing other stadium guests.

We have seats in section 7 and last season had a terrible time trying to get students out of our seats for the first few games. Really rude, entitled behavior.

The BC game was better, students mostly just sat in empty seats and were more respectful/polite. Only real issue was that some of them were constantly moving in and out every 5 minutes.

Anyone else notice the down and distance and timeout on the scoreboard we're screwed up most of the night?

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Indirectly, yes. I didn't, but I don't look that often on the scoreboard for down/distance. But several of my tailgating crew did notice and mentioned after the game. New operators?

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We were sitting in SEZ so had direct line of site for every down and distance and timeout side of board entire game.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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One of my buddies is a sales guy for Daktronics and he said that VT has already started looking at replacing the scoreboard due to issues. Dont buy Panasonic VideoBoards!

The whole thing? It feels like we just got the big one, but I guess it has been a few years now.

I think they put it in either my final year of school or just the year after and I graduated in 2009.

I don't go to too many games anymore, but I remember the sound being inexplicably loud sometimes. If it fixes that, I'm for it.

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I vividly remember the JMU score being on the old board so you may be off a few years. Regardless it's probably coming up on a decade

Yup. One of his colleagues was pitching it to the Athletic Dept as the current one is having major issues.

That's the red carpet treatment from the ACCN, nothing but mediocrity

What does the in stadium scoreboard have to do with the ACCN?

since when did I need a reason to blame everything on the ACCN around here /s

The spurtle fell on the keyboard in the press box.

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Particularly egregious on the 1st and goal after the touchdown.

On a brighter note, that game was the first time we have ever gotten the timing right on "Shout" so that the entire song finished which was nice.

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

Tailgating in Chicken Hill Lot this weekend; Seats are in the East Stands*. Which gate do you all recommend?

Havent been to a game since pre-Covid....I am a tad bit rusty.

Seats are in the East End Zone.

Edit: I ain't mad atcha. I was really hoping there was a long-lost east endzone. Lord knows our offense could use an extra one to shoot for.

If you play it, they will win.

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Serious question. Why do they always try to do major changes before the FIRST game? Why not let everything be normal and then at multiple times during Game 1 be like "HEY EVERYONE, GAME 2 IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. HERE ARE THE DIFFERENCES." and just show some graphics to make sure people are actually listening. I know a lot of planning goes into these 1st games but it doesn't seem to make sense to me when so many people clearly didn't know Gate 8 was going to be closed.

"Now Miami wants to talk about it." *Cue Enter Sandman*

Because if you change it after game 1, it gets even more fubar. People think it's going to be the same and it's not. Typically we'll have a Wofford as the first home game. Not an in-conference 8pm kick.

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The torch; be yours to hold it high.
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Speaking of which, was any one able to get in through Gate 7 or was it students only? Saw a few places that Gate 1 was a hot mess with the whole east side trying to get in there now.

Anything change for the better this week? Realize that it was Wofford, but heard there was a good crowd there

Warning- Filter lost.

"Look at this... This is just spectacular.... These people are losing their minds"

We have seats in section 9 and always go in through the south endzone. They had more gates open this week and I sailed right on through about 25 minutes before kickoff.

Got in no problem through the South/East gate.

Also, the NEZ section was packed early. Which is awesome

It was a little better but mostly because there were ~ 25,000 fewer people.

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62k attendance yesterday. It was still pretty packed when game started.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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That was my guess from the stands; big crowd and very engaged-AFTER halftime it was definitely(and somewhat understandably) a lot thinner. And with so many leaving early and others doing serious after game tailgating in the nice weather, the drive-home traffic was incredibly nice and moving. No backups anywhere and we made it back to Richmond at 545 after leaving Blacksburg at 245pm. Was able to play in my usual Saturday night pool tournament.(Made for a really long day. My usual friend I go to games with couldn't go so another friend went. We drove up Friday to his mom's house up 460 just across the WV state line. Was up til about 230am, got up at 530 and left at 6. Arrived at Lot 18 at 7am and able to tailgate for 2.5 hours and get in about 8 beers-right in my estimated range. Got home from the pool tournament about 1am. Great day to be a Hokie!) Can't wait til Thursday night!

Side note- fantastic to see a fan make the field goal kick and win $1000- first time since they've been doing it. He nailed it too-straight down the center and great distance.

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

up 460 just across the WV state line

I wonder if that uh....ahem...... special bar is still there right across the state line. I believe it was called Sothern Exposure. At least it was when I was at Tech (late 90's)

It was still there back in 2015

Was listening to the pregame show for BC on 105.3 the Bear and heard an ad for Southern X lol. So it's alive and well.

Went in through our normal gate next to will call and it was still a bit of a shitshow. The line would move in fits and starts and when we got to the gates there were only 3 scanners working and 2 bag checkers. All it takes is one person who hasn't downloaded their ticket to completely gum up the works and bring it to a stop. I don't understand why they've got one complete gate (out of 4) blocked off for will call and why there's only 1 scanner per gate. Seems like they could easily utilize some of the Corps to help bolster the scanning crew.

That said, I've been pleasantly surprised by the crowds for BC and Wofford, Wofford especially. After all the doom and gloom in the off season about low ticket sales, I can't remember the South side being that full for an FCS game in a while. I think the athletic department has finally realized that butts in the seats, regardless of the price to get them there, is better than empty stands. The students filed out at half (understandably), but the rest of the fans stayed. Our area in 9 was packed through half and still full until the end.

WVU should be NUTS!

The gates were fine, but the shuttle bus changes are horrible. We got to the bus stop at 10:10 and at 10:40 realized that despite the employee at the parking lot stating the bus was coming we were going to miss kickoff. So we hoofed it and missed the kickoff after walking the mile plus. We NEVER saw the bus that was supposed to be running shuttle on the walk.

Not to mention, the bus used to drop you at the south end zone parking lot. It now drops at Cassell???


I bought tickets on Stubhub for WVU, and I screenshotted the ticket, am also planning on printing as a backup. Either of those options should work right? I haven't been to a game since pre-covid. Asking because I've been to a few concerts that had the moving barcode that you couldn't just screenshot or print.


None of mine have the moving barcode (and I couldn't figure out how to print mine).

All I have are screenshots, but that scan code thing should be all I need to get in (I hope!).

I take screen shots and generally use them for entry. No problems so far.