Hunter Cattoor: Arm Injury, listed Game to Game

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That's encouraging....

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

I would be surprised to see him before mid-February even with this post. Hopefully Rodney Rice is ready to go at Wake on New Years Eve.

I think this is highly likely, but I have no info to substantiate it.

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Yeah it definitely has the feel of trying to soften the blow on this one. I hope it's true and maybe he's back in a week or 2, but there's been a lot of smoke around the Mid Feb return date since the weekend.

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Seems interesting that there's not an official statement on the exact nature of the injury, although there's been a rumor mill. I also find it interesting that there's been no info on Rices availability

Game time decision against Wake.

Hopefully Rice is able to go and get some valuable minutes, filling in for Cattoor, while the more experienced Collins gets slightly more minutes.


We go big. Basile and Kidd in the post, with Poteat and Camden providing breathers, while Mutts, Pedulla, and Maddox take the majority of the wing/point minutes, with Collins and Rice providing limited relief.

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Well that sounds better than the rumors so I'll choose to believe that. Game to game sounds a lot better than hairline fracture out 6 to 8 weeks. Regardless, we're gonna need multiple guys to step up. Maddox has got to play better (he hasn't looked good to start this year). Hopefully Rice can hit the ground running. He certainly has the talent but its a big ask to step into a larger role that originally anticipated while also it being conference play. Offensively, I think we might actually be ok. Cattoor's usage isn't particularly high and its not like the offense runs thru him. But we'll miss his experience, leadership, and defensive abilities. While he's no Tony Allen type lockdown threat on his own, his experience on team defense could be missed.

He isn't a huge focal point on offense but he still averages over 31 mpg so replacing those minutes with Collins/Camden if Rice isn't ready will be a huge fall off especially on the defensive end.

Even if Rice is healthy dropping a freshman guard into the heart of an ACC schedule with no playing time can be a recipe for disaster. (See Wake Forest and Carter Whitt in 2021. Whitt was a 4* 97 composite ranking out of high school. He now is at Furman, not even as a starter after a scarred Freshman season at Wake).

Rice will have a much stronger roster around him than Whitt did at Wake but you have to expect growing pains early on. I would expect a 10-12 mpg role early on with Collins assuming much more of Cattoors minutes while he is out. I would expect a 5-6 point per game decline as a team with Cattoor out.

I agree re the 5-6 point decline. I just hope that doesn't translate into 2-3 close losses. It seems like every other game Cattoor hits a big/timely 3. Even if just to stop momentum, he seems to always step up and bang a 3 when we really need it. Hopefully Maddox can start making more than 27% in his absence. I'm not the stats wiz, but if that held, it would have to be up there with highest ever 3pt % drop in a season after he shot something like 52% last year.

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Cattoor's defense is going to be the big thing that will be missed as well as his clutch 3's.

Alright Rodney let's see what you got kid.

Twitter news at least was that Cattoor is prob out till mid Feb

I'm 100% putting this on the refs for how they called that BC game.

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LOL I thought the same thing with that graphic

According to Jon Rothstein Cattoor is available for today's game, to be honest I know how key he is for us but I hope they aren't pushing too hard

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I wonder if all that Twitter talk was just smoke. It never made sense to me that Tech would declare him as game to game if they knew he would be out 6 weeks plus.

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Allegedly Rice was a "game time decision" also but no sign of a return. Somehow this appears to be a trend with saying guys are available or game time decisions and they don't play. For someone to be out for multiple months I wouldn't think it would be a "game time decision" you would know before that day whether they are going to play or not.

It feels like I'm seeing teams and coaches outright bullshitting injury timetables and return windows moreso nowadays than they ever have before. Guys who are day to day are out for weeks, guys who are week to week are out for major segments of the season.

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Absolutely no respect for fantasy GMs these days.

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I mean it's even beyond that. The Carolina Hurricanes have been horrible about this the last year or so. Their starting goalie got hurt late in the year last year and we were told day to day and we would see him back. Came to find out that even if we had won Game 7 of the 2nd round he still wouldn't have been back for the conference finals. Same thing happens in like Game 6 this year, we are told he would be back shortly. 30 games later, still not practicing. Our rookie goalie gets hurt 2 weeks ago, and we are told day to day. 5 games and 2 weeks later, still hasn't played.

For bettors, this really does impact each game.

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Absolutely no respect for fantasy GMs sports bettors these days.

I mean those are really the only people outside of the teams playing that this effects right? I'm not sure we really need to know players' injury status and rehab progression, especially in college.

For professional sports I think you can make an argument that it's part of the job and that the players shouldn't expect much privacy related to performance, but at the end of the day I think it should be something between the medical staff, the player, and to a smaller degree the coaching staff.

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When leagues are selling advertising to bettors and getting into bed with Vegas like they are now, it's flat out unacceptable that teams are able to bullshit injury reports like this anymore

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and don't even get me started on the Flyers' medical staff...or anything else about them tbh

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I'm not sure why this is a thing in the regular season of college basketball. They are playing 35 games a season, with a new game every 3 or 4 days once the conference season is in full swing. Are they really game planning each game based on the team they are playing and who may or may not be injured? Watching film with the players the day before? I wouldn't think so but maybe I'm wrong.

These guys watch film every day. So day before absolutely. They will break game films down on every players tendencies. Every teams set plays. They can break film down in a multitude of ways by position, just offense, just defense. They likely spend more time watching film then they do doing schoolwork. I am sure that Wake prepped for Cattoor and game planned strategies of him not playing as well.

Cattoor did not warm up, but did not have a brace or sling. Rice went through warm ups and looked smooth, but never left the last seat in the bench.

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Be patient. Ease Rice into the rotation. Let Cattoor get healthy. Get more PT and confidence for Collins and Camden. Look to have all the pieces come together and hit our stride for the home stretch.

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If Rice isn't ready for this game, just medical redshirt him this year. Back in the summer/early fall, I warned some people that I thought his injury could linger (plenty thought he'd be ready to go in a couple of games) but this is starting to drag out a lot longer than I thought. He's been "close" for a couple of weeks now. It's either time or it isn't. If you're still skeptical, shut him down. It's not worth risking his long term health throwing him into ACC play where he is probably gonna be needed to play a significant role, especially with Cattoor out. But if that's not a concern, just put him out there and stop babying the decision

As a fan, this is one of the most annoying things. Just say he's out a month or however long so we can stop these "day to day" "almost there" BS updates. And if he can come back before, great!

But I agree, if this prolongs longer, this is a waste of a year, just medical redshirt him.

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Not all injuries heal on a linear timeline. It's not Madden. They're providing the information they have, but you can't always know how long these things take.

I understand that lol... but when you hear "he's close" to "he's a week away" to "he's day to day" and then a month passes, something is going on that's not being told

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I'm sure there is some kind of gamesmanship, but I don't think it's something like we know he's going to be out at least two months, but we're just going to say he's "day to day" anyway.

He was definitely favoring the arm yesterday at the game but not wearing any type of cast or sling.


He'll be back when he's back. Unless you're putting green on the games, why speculate and get frustrated?

because we lost to suck ass brad fucking brownell- again. Life sucks.

The "day-to-day" and "game time decision" reports have clearly just been a mind game that MY has been playing with opponents. You don't want to tell them one of your best guys is out several days ahead of the game. That gives them time to fine-tune their strategy.

I think in our case it's even worse, because without Cattoor there isn't another player who can step up and continue to stretch the floor offensively like he does by being a deep threat.

Yep. We've basically got 1 P5 level guard right now in Pedulla. That's it.

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I'd question the P5 level part. Are the other guards playing good enough to be at the top of the ACC? Definitely not. Are they playing as well as reigning ACC conference MVP Cattoor usually does? NO. Would another P5 want them if they were in the portal? I think so.

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Fair enough. A little hyperbolic bc I'm frustrated. But the only other guard getting minutes is Collins as a true freshman. Maddox more of a 3 he's shooting literally half as good as what he did last year

"That's it guys. Let's get out of here. That cold drink's waitin' on us, let's go." - Mike Young after win no. 300.

If today's "day-to-day", "expected to play", "gametime decision" results in him in street clothes on the bench again, I'll start to believe those 6-8 week rumors I saw floating around

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I dont even think we are getting that statement. Post Clemson Coach Young told reporters that both players had injury setbacks so I still think February is possible for Cattoor. Rice I am of the opinion its not worth burning a year of eligibility if there is any question the ankle isnt 100% AND he is going to contribute to a significant post season run.

While they never really said what his injury was, from his fall that we saw, we can deduce its either badly bruised or broken to some degree. So I'm guessing Cattoor's setback is he started working it out more and it started to swell up again?

They put out this graphic for tonight's guess is Cattoor will be in street clothes, possibly a wheelchair.

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Wait....he's still alive? I could've sworn I read his obituary. /s

*Post-game press conference*
"I mean, we posted a picture of Hunter in a jersey with a number that clearly stated how many minutes we expected him to play tonight! How could we be any more clear??"