Football support staff finalized

I'm happy to see Lino, JGW, and Kysheon on the staff!

Link to press release here

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Good for Ky. Closer and closer to becoming an on-field assistant.

How does the new support staff size compare to the old staff? I'm thinking back to the podcast with John Iezzi a few years back when he was speaking with regards to how VT's staff was absolutely dwarfed by the support staffs of our opponents.
Notable folks not retained off the top of my head are (excluding strength and condiditioning) Corey Fuller, Nash O'Fallon, and Mark Diethorn.

Corey left before Fu getting canned, didn't he?

Yes for an NFL job. Same with Leah Joseph who left for the Jags down here.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Ferebee DEFINITELY has some great connections in VA and NC!!

Most important addition of this group of hires IMO!

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Hoping they expand that group even more.

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Looking at the Football Coaches page (here), I'm seeing Kyshoen listed with the coaches instead of under support staff. Is this an error on the website or does he technically count as a coach in his GA capacity? I'm not seeing any other GA's listed.

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Damn, Wake Forest recruiting staff got gutted between VT and NC State.

Poach, Pry, Poach!

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Wonder how much say the new staff has in creative staff, they play a huge role in recruiting and Lord knows our boy Zach needs a team under him

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Not sure if it directly answers your question but that player lounge donation had earmarked money for graphic designers in recruiting.

In addition to funding the player lounge renovation, the gift to Tech Athletics from Sanghani will also fund four new full-time positions in football recruiting to further enhance the Hokies' player personnel initiatives, with particular focus on continuing to bolster Tech's graphic design and digital content teams. The contribution for Sanghani also includes as annual contribution to Tech's Football Enhancement Fund

(add if applicable) /s

A donation that funds four new positions in the staff? Holy cow that guy gets it.


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So we're not adding any more analysts? Right now, the staff directory only lists Crist and Adibi as analysts. I would think we would be hiring at least 3 more - 1 on Defense, 2 on Offense, and leave Crist as the Senior overall analyst.

Not sure how that $2 mil for support staff was supposed to be split up, and if it was additional money or total money.

Assuming it's additional money:
The new S&C adds look like replacements for those who moved on. We added 3 in recruiting, Villagrana looks like he replaced someone. Hazel is a new position. Only Adibi is a new position (going by memory here on both Adibi and Villagrana).

So if I'm correct on these assumptions, we are splitting a little over $2 mil among 5? Surely there will be additional analysts hired in that case, right? For comparison, Clemson has roughly 10 staff divided over position titles such as "analyst" and "development."

If that's total money, maybe we are done. That would be a little over $2 mil divided over 26(!) positions. So I'm thinking this has to be additional money and not total money (that's a little over $80 k per position on average, and several of those positions have to be making well over that. Last time I checked salaries some of the lowest paid were around $50k, so there's no way enough of these positions are at that level to make up for the higher paid positions).

Wait, what?

Thread title is misleading. Recruiting staff has been finalized not the entire support staff. Pry just added three more analysts today.

We've added three analysts to our staff, including alum Dyrell Roberts (offensive analyst), Jeff Carpenter (offensive analyst) and Kerry Webb (special teams analyst)!

From VT press release....

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Glad to have Dyrell back. Such potential derailed by injuries and the fact that he wanted to play RB instead of WR. But he did make the game winning catch against Nebraska!

the end of that Nebraska game is in my Top 5 memories in Lane

Probably my number #1 memory in Lane. As many games as I've been to in Lane, not many of them were memorable for plays on the field. 2010 ACCCG in Charlotte had some good plays, but not in Lane.

Probably Nebraska and the goal line stand against Pitt (quadbox goal line stops) are top 2. 3 is the 2007 win over Florida State that snapped Beams' losing streak to Bowden.

I was there for the Matt Ryan collapse though!

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I call the noise that day "eruption". It was like you could hear a pin drop and then chaos.

One of the top 5 moments of excitement in my life, let alone being in Lane.

I had brought my neighbors grin Richmond up for a game that were Nebraska fans and we had 2nd row seats on the wall right at where Danny caught that ball.

Lost my damn mind then realized he didn't score, then lost my mind again on the touchdown.

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I was in a small outpost in Iraq watching this shit live on AFN at like 3:30am. I may have gotten a bit in trouble when I woke my commander up after that catch.

Yea, deff one of my favorite VT moments, ever.

Thanks, I was a little concerned!

Nice, now we're at 5 analysts? Do we expect a couple more? My guess is we won't have 10, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple more.

Would like to see a couple with P5 credentials like Carpenter, so that's what I'm hoping to see.

Also, just as a comment, the press release says Carpenter is "married to his wife Rachel." I'm glad he's not married to someone else's wife Rachel. That could be awkward.

I know there's no really good way to convey those facts in this kind of article, but the wording just struck me as hilarious in this case.

Wait, what?

At least they didn't say he is married "to his first wife Rachel."

Married to his wife, Rachel, the starter wife.

"Clearly this week there was a sense of clarity. I needed to step back from college football & reassess my life as well as my wife as my partner..."

...... practice wife

I seldom speak to loluva grads, but when I do, I tell them I want large fries.

Practice does make perfect

I know Pry has more money to play with than Fuente had, but I think we're seeing the benefit of him coming from a big program like Penn State. Pry saw firsthand what kind of support staff is needed for a program to be successful and we're seeing him implement it.

Add that the guy has more personality in his left foot than what Fuente had, I think we'll see some good things. It may not be immediate, but the foundation is being built.

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Exactly. And not only did Fu have no P5 experience, but other than Shibest, nobody on his staff had any legit P5 experience outside of VT, which I think we all know feel behind the pack in the late Beamer years. In hindsight, that was the biggest mistake in hiring him. He and his gang were literally out of their league

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Guess Kyshoen's leaving for Howard

Good on him for getting an on field coaching job

Yup good assistants get poached, bad assistants get fired. It's the way it should be

I like having Hokies on our staff but I also am happy to see them get opportunities to grow and flourish. Best of luck to Kyshoen. Hope to see his career take off and maybe back to Blacksburg in the future.

A bummer to see him go, really want good things for him after his injury.

Best of luck to him!

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Great for Kyshoen- he was a favorite of mine. That hit he imposed on the GT receiver down the sideline is what I hope this team brings back. Tough, hard hitting football.

I love that we keep finalizing this staff every couple weeks.

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I told him I’d crawl on my hands and knees to be the DL coach at Virginia Tech. Now, all of a sudden, I’m sitting in this chair and I told him I’d still crawl on my hands and knees to work here. I just want to be here.
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Methinks we need to add a question mark at the end of the thread title

"That's it guys. Let's get out of here. That cold drink's waitin' on us, let's go." - Mike Young after win no. 300.

More staff movement:

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I hate it for us, but if Dyrell wants to be a coach this is an on-field position and he probably can't pass that up

Agreed, I am always happy when former players move on up in the coaching ranks even if it brings them away from Tech.

Welp, we lost another staffer. Congrats to Kyshoen Jarrett for snagging an on-field coaching gig at Howard. He'll coach CBs.

Wait, what?

Wait wasn't this announcement a month ago or something?

They knew it was coming but just took longer to finalize everything! Good look for KJ to get an on-field position!

Yeah, sorry about that. Howard just announced the hiring, but apparently there had been news he was leaving for a new position at Howard some time ago. I did a quick search on here but didn't see it before I posted.

Howard just made the official announcement on March 10 and that's what I saw.

Wait, what?


Sad for us, great for him.
Gotta love good things happening for good people.

I am sad, but I ain't mad. Congrats to him, maybe he earns his way onto the VT sidelines one day.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Hope they have big enough gloves.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.


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If yall don't stop saving versions to your desktop and just EDIT THE DAMN DOCUMENT IN SHAREPOINT LIKE WE'VE ASKED A THOUSAND TIMES

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at work, can't access twitter, but i think Adam Lechtenberg is now the Co-Offensive Coordinator/QB coach at university of central oklahoma. there is also a brandon lechtenberg on staff...maybe his brother?

Is he the first of the last regime to land a new coaching gig?

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no, ryan smith is now at northwestern and jafar williams is at...temple, i believe. i think they are the only two that have taken new jobs though.

Oh right, forgot about those two

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Good for him, I really thought he'd stay. He was a class act here, coached up Herbert and Blackshear, and started to develop Malachi Thomas.

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I do t want to make this sound like sour grapes, but if he was truly responsible for the development of any of those three he would have been snatched up before Central Oklahoma was even on the radar.

I think it's showing a bit where the previous staff had experience issues.

Lecht, like the rest of the former staff, has a network based in Oklahoma and Texas. They have been outside of that world for awhile, and unfortunately flamed out horribly. It's no surprise they are not finding jobs knocking down their door.

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Great to hear good news. It might not have worked out with the old staff, but I never heard a bad thing about them as people, just as coaches. Wonderful news that he has a second chance.

Not sure where else to put this but....let's just say I'm happy to be moving in a new direction

I am just so excited. Fresh start for football with a big boy staff.

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It's not surprising that we haven't heard Fuente's name (or Cornelsen's, for that matter) come up for any other jobs. We really did get conned in a big way

Onward and upward

I wouldn't be surprised if Fuente gets another gig. I will be surprised if Cornelson does as an OC though.

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

He will get another job- as a P5 coordinator or G5 head coach. Not as a p5 head coach until he proves himself again

On a recent Patreon episode of the Split Zone Duo podcast, Steven Godfrey mentioned how he recently had a phone call with a current coach where they spent time laughing about "all of the bad things Justin Fuente did to Virginia Tech that they're going to have to recover from". It was a fun little nugget to hear in an episode all about Memphis.


Pry is working through it. I'm expecting some more staff announcements, but might be next season. Hopefully can add one or 2 more support staff members by the start of the season.

EDIT: cleaned it up to make sense

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I know I've seen the similarity mentioned in other threads, but this made me do a double take

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if we can get the kind of production on the offensive line that Bud Foster was able to get with his linebackers I'll take it

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Wiscy run game (Bud Foster of run game) + Pry defense. Man, don't get me so excited.

Didn't think this deserved its own thread and instead of bringing up a thread that lambasts the old staff I wanted a more forward looking approach. I hope this will help us stay in games all 4 qtrs and show some more toughness moving forward

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It always bothered me when we had before and after shots and they looked like the players were getting beach bods. Well that and I think a school releasing before and after shots is just wierd .... but I digress. Very few players need as little body fat as possible. Potentially CBs at the college level. But you want the best speed to weight ratio you can achieve so that you don't just get pushed around.