MBB at UNC Jan 24 at 8 PM

The Hokies play tonight at UNC at 8 PM. This is an ACC Network game. UNC is 12-6 and 4-3 in ACC play. The Tar Heels are favored by 4.5 points with over/under of 141.

I have covid; so here are the usual data tables. Talk among yourselves.

Stats for ACC play only:

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Thanks. I'm almost over it. Thought I just had a cold. The wife thought she might have it; so we both got tested. I'm positive; she was negative. I should be super resistant now. Two shots and a booster and natural immunity from having the disease should make me almost bulletproof.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Just spent a few minutes trying to determine how you knew I had COVID........then I realized OP had it and it was sandwiched between the tables ( I totally missed it)

Hope everyone is able to get better soon!

Not feeling it enough to stay after work in Raleigh today to go, but planning to watch on tv. Time to go from expecting good thing to hoping be surprised. Does UNC come back strong from getting thumped by Wake, or hung over?

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Expecting the former and hoping for the latter

Very interested to see how many BS fouls Aluma and Mutts pick up on Bacot in the early going

Nevermind, looks like the plan is to let him score on every possession

it's working!

I seldom speak to loluva grads, but when I do, I tell them I want large fries.

Are we the worst defensive rebounding team in the ACC?

Is coronavirus over yet?

And offensive!

How can you allow their best player to score first 8 pts and 3 of the four FG are uncontested layups? WTF

Avoids foul trouble. 3D chess - amirite?

We really don't have an answer for him.

Is coronavirus over yet?

He hasn't even had to make a play with his talent (except for the shot over Mutts). He has literally had a layup or dunk on nearly every possession due to shitty rotations or hedging on screens/double teaming other players.

I do not understand how you lose their biggest offensive threat that consistently on defense. Pathetic.

We just seem kinda lost, like I knew our identity last year and this year it seems like we bail after realizing everyone's shooting cold and can't get back into any rhythm.

does Aluma ever do a pick and roll. seems to me that every time he sets a screen around the three point line, he just hangs around out there. needs to be rolling to the basket.

I seldom speak to loluva grads, but when I do, I tell them I want large fries.

Not gonna lie - I had no idea we had a game tonight. MBB has nose-dived on my priorities over the last few weeks.

That was a fucking charge all day every day and twice on Sunday

yup... bs call

so the rebound ratio seems to be something like 10:1 in favor of UNC... or am I being conservative?

That should be Virginia Tech ball.


Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Pedulla >> Murphy

Is coronavirus over yet?

I like that Jalen Haynes got a minute or two out there. He can bring some much needed physicality and help on the glass. I wish he got real minutes against the smaller nonconference schools to prep him.

Had no idea this guy was on the team. Looks like a baller

fouls seem really one sided

Danny is always open

Pedulla at the point and Alleyne hitting shots. That's good

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Nvm storm back in

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Wonder if the BC game finally broke MY on the rotation side of things....like going 9 deep early against a more talented and athletic team

I don't think so. Still not so many minutes for Maddox & co. Haynes took a minute or two from Ojiako. Pretty much the same rotations

Awful call there at the end.

Is coronavirus over yet?

Why would you catch the inbound and not chuck up a shot?

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Please CMY... start Pedulla at PG in the 2nd half. I don't want to disparage Storm but he is killing us offensively.

Looks like another close game where we wear down at the end. Need to ladder drill all practice....

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Need to use the bench. Especially with this 3+ game per week schedule with the makeups

I don't know how, but we've outscored them 14-12 in the paint. And with as many offensive rebounds as they have; they only have two second chance points. Go figure.

I seldom speak to loluva grads, but when I do, I tell them I want large fries.

Agree with the poster about Aluma needing to roll

Billshit call on Aluma there

No it's not....

He jumped right into him. blatant foul. Doesn't matter if you pu your arms straight up if you bump him that hard with the body contact

Has to Be called the other way then. They haven't called that against Aluma driving the basket on the other side

I don't think Aluma even touched him. Hand, body, or otherwise. Jamie Lucky with a bad call there.

I seldom speak to loluva grads, but when I do, I tell them I want large fries.

Why can't someone just do a damn drop step on Manek. He is weak with slow feet and all they have to do is a damn drop step!

Aluma pushed twice by bacot and no foul

These refs are so full of shit. Bacot threw him to the ground and taunted Aluma

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

That's the way I saw it. Also pushed Aluma out of bounds on prior possession

Exactly what I was saying above, they're calling body contact when we're on defense but not against Unc on defense

Manek travelled big time,.,, refs so blind

The LewDew, Professional Golf Bum

Mutts and storm, bench please

Bout to give this game away with Unc getting three shots per possession

This team is not good enough to play 5 on 5 most of the time. No chance at 8 on 5.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Man...mutts has missed like 10 point blank shots under the basket after backing in 1 on 1.

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

He has to go over his shoulder or spin and face. He can't consistently shoot a reverse from in front of the goal like that, it's awkward as shit

We spend too much time with one player dribbling around and the other four watching.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

This team is so bad. If UNC was competent on put backs it would be a 20 point lead. CMY has a lot of work to do. What a disappointment this year has been.

Let’s go……

Pedulla drawing fouls and making shots and getting assists in about a minute

Showing some good fight but will be tough to pull this one out

Unc is settling for bad shots rn

Though my memories have faded
They come back to haunt me once again
And though my mind is somewhat jaded
Now, it's time for me to strike again
Tonight, it's a Hunter's Moon

I feel like they have all game 😂 that's why it hurts so bad seeing us losing

Stormy Davis?

Literally calling every tick tack touch when Unc drives, we drive and get the same contact and nothing I hate basketball because of this

That's tobacco road for ya! You have to take the win when you play at UNC and Duke, because leaving it to the refs to give you the benefit of the doubt aint happenin!


Pretty much. 16 FT vs 6 rn for Unc

Aluma and Alleyne cost us the game those last two possessions.

Edit: the clock going under 5 minutes makes the whole team forget how to play basketball

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Fading down the stretch another game where we are gonna run out of gas and lose late after battling all game

Slipped away from us the last few minutes. Disappointing but not surprising. Gonna be 2-6 in conference. It will be tough to swallow a 10th or 12th place finish in this bad of an acc, but we might have to prepare for that.

Yes. Likely heading to a 2-8 start . ......yikes

If we lose to both Miami and fsu we will not only be 2-8 in acc, but 10-11 overall... if we end up worse than Mike Youngs year one (16-16), that's a disaster

It's January and we are still having 4+ minute scoring droughts and late-second half collapses. CMY needs to find a solution, even if it's temporary.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

I had high hopes but Freshman Tarheel daughter will get her revenge against Hokie alum dad. I probably deserve it after football season anyway but this would have really been sweet.

Usually that's a flagrant 1. Not tonight!

Refs have helped UNC so much in this game. We have actually shot a better percentage than UNC but the bogus turnovers, fouls, and every foul we apparently commit is always a shooting foul for our opponent.

This is bad folks. 2-8 in ACC play (in a bad ACC)... Not sure what answers CMY will have next season, but he has some significant work to do in order to make this program competitive.

Is coronavirus over yet?

This isn't the ufc refs. Ffs

Though my memories have faded
They come back to haunt me once again
And though my mind is somewhat jaded
Now, it's time for me to strike again
Tonight, it's a Hunter's Moon

They can hit Murphy to knock away the ball, but we can't... Call it both ways if you are going to call it.

Absolutely comical double teaming a couple possessions ago

I swear this team does nothing in practice except have the guards run around and pass to each other and have the bigs back defenders down from 20 feet

UNC made twice as many free throws as we attempted for the game. Until ACC play began we were in the top 5 of teams in the nation for committing the least amount of fouls. It has been 16 years, when are we going to get fair play from the refs?

Another game, another final 5 minute collapse

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

2-6 with the top 2 teams in the ACC coming up.

The good news is after those 2 games, we have a stretch of 7 very winnable games with 5 of them being at home. (Pitt 2x, GT 2x, UVa, Cuse, UNC)

Nothing is a winnable game for this team unfortunately

Though my memories have faded
They come back to haunt me once again
And though my mind is somewhat jaded
Now, it's time for me to strike again
Tonight, it's a Hunter's Moon

I'm not going to be THAT pessimistic, but I will say that no game is a guaranteed win. We've shown we can hang with good teams and I expect we'll get the best effort from the whole team next week. What I really want to see is that same premium effort against the remainder of the competition as well, and not playing down to their level.

Now for something more important - Were those Nike Air Presto sneaks that Mike Young was rocking tonight? Orange and black or orange and maroon?

Getting harder and harder for me to side with Mike young. How many weeks do we have to see storm Murphy produce little to nothing and Pedulla spell
Him for less than five min of play but be more productive. Don't know if it's just frustration and the backup qb is always the best qb bias but man storm really isn't helping. When mutts is running around gassed; alleyne jacks up quick 3s multiple possessions in a row that brick out, we have got to be able to rely on the bench! Would like to know MY reasoning because this season is washed despite being in every game except wake

If you were to ask me what we needed to win, here's what I would have said

1. 4 players in double figures
2. Somebody to get a double-double
3. ATO margins in the black
4. Bacot fouling out
5. Getting more than 30 productive minutes from the bench.

We checked off all 5 and still lost by 10.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

6. Fouls called evenly

That play where Bacot pushed Aluma to the floor then comes over and taunts him and the refs don't blow their whistle until Aluma finally reacts still sticks in my craw. If they are going to officiate like that why don't they just wear carolina blue and white stripes instead of black and white.
You push someone to the floor, stand over him and taunt him and the end result is one tech on each player. With that kind of officiating Carolina should go undefeated at home even with the weak version they have this year. Yeah, I really didn't like it.

The LewDew, Professional Golf Bum

Man our offense is bad. Would have liked to see Maddox play the last six minutes, UNC wasn't exactly lighting up the scoreboard and Alleyne was really struggling. Maddox can provide a spark offensively which I think would have outweighed his liability on defense. The offense was flat all second half, ball movement was minimal, trying too much to win one on one battles, offense needs a overhaul.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Not sure if they still have an NIT tourney, but that's about the best hope for this crew. Time to go ahead and get more PT for the youngsters already.

My Carolina buddy asked me after the game how much a CBI bid cost. I of course told him to fuck off, but honestly if we keep losing MY might want to figure that out

We won't play if its down to the CBI or nothing, mainly because those pay to play tournaments just aren't worth the investment.

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I've never seen a team more averse to making the right play in big moments. Every last player seems to want anyone but himself to have the ball, and if they do end up with the ball, they either turn it over or miss. Their confidence is so shaken right now. Thought maybe the ND win would fix them. Apparently not.

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The refs were absolutely horrible, but losing that game was 100% on us. When we got several stops in a row we did not make them pay. And when Carolina's shooting percentage started to rebound we couldn't keep up. Then the last 4 minutes was a total defensive collapse, not sure if it's conditioning or what but it's happening at the end of every game and needs to stop.

Other points:
1. Pedulla needs to be pg 1. Doesn't have to start per se, but he needs to be getting more minutes than Storm. Flat out better than him and infinitely more upside.

2. When we adjusted to meet Carolina's pace in the 1st half, we scored way more. I HATE being in the upper 300's of Kenpom's tempo ratings (we are one of the 20 slowest teams in the country). I get that MY's offense is slower and methodical, but we want to get open looks and smart buckets, not be UVA. Imo this offense is optimally run in the 250-270 range (where it was the last two seasons) and pacing should change each possession based on what looks the defense gives.

3. Mutts and Aluma but particularly Mutts play better with spacing on the offensive end. That happens when there are multiple guards/wings that are credible threats to drive the basket. I don't know who that is on our roster. Definitely isn't Storm. The others don't really fit the bill either, but they all have the athleticism to potentially be effective.

This is broken record territory. You know that old vinyl record that has a scratch in it that the needle just can't get by. That is where we are at. As soon as the clock hits 5 minutes left in the game, this team goes into complete collapse mode and forgets how to play basketball. The honeymoon is over for CMY and the season is almost over for this team. Unfortunately, I do not see a turnaround in the future for this team. They look tired and beaten down.

The honeymoon is over for CMY and the season is almost over for this team

I mean obviously the honeymoon is over. You can't go into a season where you're expected to compete for the ACC title and completely collapse to the point of being 1 win ahead of dead fucking last at the midpoint in a conference having its worst season in a generation. Mike Young is going to take some deserved heat for how this season is playing out. I have faith that these coaches are going to be able to rebound quickly in future years, but at the same time I once also had faith in Fuente as well.

And yes, this season is over. We still have games to play, but barring a miraculous run to the ACC Tournament title, there will be no NCAA bid for us. And we could find it pretty difficult to get invited to the NIT at this rate.

This is my school
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Agree. The fact that bums often have career nights against us makes you want to scream. It seems to happen every game. That is on the coaches and advanced scouting. When a one dimensional stiff like Manek looks like Kevin Garnett against you, that is coaching. When Fransisco Caffaro is torching you and Wake is hanging 90 in Cassell, yeah- not a good year. Young should catch some heat.

Does anyone know why lynn kidd doesnt get any PT? I was at the game and he is very athletic, his dunks in warmups his head was at the rim, I get he may be skinny but at 6'10 and his athleticism you have to think he would help with rebounding at least, which we seem to struggle with.

Probably is a liability on D. Same reason Ojiako doesn't get more minutes than he does.

Dunno, but Haynes got some run and its clear he needs to embrace our nutrition and weight room programs if he wants to play more minutes. He is out of shape.

His stats are terrible even in garbage time minutes. Honestly I think he was just a mis-evaluation by the staff. If they still think he will develop, give him a redshirt year, if not send him packing and use rhe scholly on another transfer

His stats are essentially the same as his freshman year with Clemson, still riding the bench.

Similarly, Ojiako's stats are essentially the same as his freshman year.

Not seeing any development with either of them. So many Hokie fans online were so happy to have those guys because they're obsessed with tall one dimensional players. Maybe those fans are actually learning about basketball now.

Hopefully at least one of the three bigs on the bench (Ojiako, Kidd, Haynes) can come good. It would be a recruiting/development nightmare if none of them can become good starters.

You think tonight was bad, just wait until after the next two games.....this basketball squad might be the most disappointing VT team I've seen since 2018 football.

At least we've got Rice and Collins to look forward to

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Lets try to curb the pessimism. Nobody expected us to beat UNC at UNC with ACC referees especially when they desperately needed a win for conference rankings.

There are some issues with our team, but we knew that. Alleyne is in a slump again, he shows highlights of coming out of it and then regresses. EVERY coach will admit that the player has to keep shooting to come out, benching him won't do it.

Aluma for some reason doesn't want the ball in by the basket, Mutts has been the under basket guy for the last few games. Storm Murphy has finally started to drive the ball to basket when left wide open, unfortunately he needs to learn how to make a unguarded layup.

There are some issues with our team, but we knew that. Alleyne is in a slump again, he shows highlights of coming out of it and then regresses.

At what point is it no longer a slump? I mean, at a certain point the 'slump' become the expectation, and the 'highlights of coming out of it' become the peaks?

This is my school
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Alleyne has always been inefficient. He's just a little worse from 3 this year. But he's been a <40% field goal shooter every season.

He seems like a really good kid, but he has way too big of a role. He's our primary perimeter scoring option, which is way too much responsibility for a player of his caliber in the ACC.

Nah, these UNC and UVA for that matter- teams are a shell of what we are used to recently from both. Both are medicore. UNC lost to Miami by 29 points. Don't let the baby blue fool you. They are a meh acc team, and we made Manek and Black look like NBA players for the first time in their careers.

they are undefeated at home