Justin Harper hired as ODU TE Coach

I guess since we hired one of ODU's former TE coaches they had to go get a former player of ours. Regardless, it is good to see Justin Harper see success.


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Congratulations Harp!

I always liked him and thought he should have gotten way more targets, my memory is just making big catches in the 4th after not really playing the first 3 quarters.

Congratulations to Justin! I hope he crushes it.


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Congratulations, nice to see you move up to FBS. He's worked very hard in the FCS and I'm happy to see this happen. I always wanted to see him as our WR coach (who knows, it might happen).

Interestingly, I made it to a Ravens game in ice cold snowy conditions in December of 2009 against the Bears. It was Harper's debut, when they announced his name over the loudspeaker late in the 4th quarter, I jumped and screamed just him being a VT guy. The rest of the people in the section were like Like Just who?

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I always wanted to see him as our WR coach (who knows, it might happen).

It could. But if it is going to happen, this is the right way. Let him work his way up, learn from different coaches and in different environments, prove himself along the way (both coaching and recruiting), and get his training scars elsewhere.

In the meantime, good for him! He deserves congratulations.

Nice. Hope he nails it!


Dude could ball, saw him throw down an alley oop I swear was at the top of the back board in an intramural game. Good on him, hope he crushes it every game he doesn't play Tech

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Always glad to see former hokies succeed.

One of the most underrated Hokies of all time, in my opinion. Had top end speed but also great size. Led the receivers in yards and touchdowns in 2007 and had several highlight plays in his career.

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