OT: 2022 European Soccer Transfer Window

Figured I'd make a thread to discuss all of the transfers that happen this month. Not much has happened so far but I'd expect that to pick up here soon.

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Ricardo Pepi moved from FC Dallas to Augsburg. Biggest move ever for the MLS and a club record fee for Augsburg as well. Love seeing younger Americans get to play in Europe.

Biggest concern is that Augsburg sucks at scoring and they don't press forward. Pepi isn't going to get a lot of chances than we would like

Yeah they're not great, but regardless the level of competition that he'll face in the Bundesliga is an upgrade from the MLS.

Hopefully he makes them suck less at scoring

Looks like Kieran Trippier will be off to Newcastle as well. The first move in the club rebuild and a pretty solid one at that I'd say.

It looks like Lukaku talked himself out of Chelsea in a Sky Sports Italia interview. According to him he was trying to make amends to Inter fans by saying he will be back and wants to be back while he is still playing good, but he also said he doesn't like Tuchel's system and he is not happy there.

Hes dug himself into a nice hole, theres always a way back for him at chelsea but this wont be easy and hes not done himself any favor at all. Dont think Inter will pay enough to get him back so he may have to stick it out with chelsea really.

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I can't see Inter wanting him back since they are playing well without him and don't need him back. But I could also see Chelsea selling him for under his market value to another club willing to pay his wages. He isn't exactly wrong that the system doesn't suit his play style but he should've known they weren't going to change just for him after winning the champions league. Also he has managed to piss off every club and their fans at every stop he's had since West Brom I'm pretty sure.

Sounds like he's talked with Tuchel and things seem to be okay. Word is he'll probably be in the squad to face Spurs tomorrow in the EFL Cup.

Pretty quiet on this thread, so I thought I'd give a USMNT-centric transfer roundup. Let me know if I missed any!

  • The headliner: 19-year old starting striker Ricardo Pepi moved to FC Augsburg in the Bundesliga for an MLS-record $20m transfer fee. He has already made two appearances and appears to be adapting quite well. Augsburg is near the relegation zone but it's clear Pepi is going to be playing a lot for them
  • Daryl Dike moved back to the Championship to reunite with his manager during his very successful Barnsley loan spell, Valerian Ismael, who is now at West Bromwich Albion. Dike has already made 1 or two appearances. West Brom paid $9.5m for him, I think
  • Justin Che, 18-year old defender from FC Dallas, has moved to Hoffenheim (same club as Chris Richards) on an 18-month loan. Che grew up in Germany and trained with Bayern Munich last year. He is highly-regarded as a youth prospect so hopefully he can start getting some games next season.
  • Bryan Reynolds, 20-year old RB is moving from Roma to Kortrijk in Belgium on a loan until the end of the season. Reynolds is a very talented, but raw fullback who moved to Roma last winter for ~$10m I think, but has been unable to break into Jose Mourinho's squad. Hopefully, he can get some minutes at Kortrijk and look for a permanent move elsewhere this summer.
  • Cole Bassett, midfielder from the Colorado Rapids, has moved to Feyenoord, 3rd place team in Holland. He's a somewhat young players, so hopefully he can develop and earn some minutes for one of the top teams in a league known for developing talent.
  • James Sands moves from NYCFC to Rangers on an 18-month loan (18-month loans are all basically going to be permanent deals but clubs don't have money right now)
  • Jonathan Gomez moves from Louisville City FC (in the NASL) to Real Sociedad B in La Liga. Very talented prospect, hopefully can get some minutes with their first team next season. Got his first USMNT senior cap in the December friendly against Bosnia
  • Paul Arriola is moving from DC United to FC Dallas for over $2m. Pretty big deal for an intra-MLS deal. Likewise, Kellyn Acosta is moving from Colorado Rapids to LAFC for $1m I think
  • George Bello to Arminia Bielfeld for $2m. Left-back for Atlanta United
  • Some rumors
    • Brendan Aaronson is reportedly wanted by Leeds United. They are interested in buying him for $15-20m from RB Salzburg, but Salzburg do not want to sell in this window as they are trying to make a run in the Champions League knockout stages. My opinion: Aaronson is a perfect fit for what Leeds like to do and they use a small squad so he would definitely play. But he plays a lot at Salzburg too, so I'm sort of indifferent.
    • Just today, Taylor Twellman reported that Arsenal have made a strong bid for Matt Turner of the New England Revolution. The assumption is that Bernd Leno is on his way out and Turner would be brought in to back up Aaron Ramsdale. EDIT: Reported fee $7m, possibly rising to $10m - similar to Steffen to Man City deal. My opinion: As an Arsenal supporter, I love the idea of bringing an American to Arsenal, but this doesn't make a ton of sense to me from either perspective. From Turner's side, Ramsdale is very young and playing extremely well. Arsenal aren't likely to be looking for any reason to give Turner a chance to be the number one anytime soon. From Arsenal's perspective, Turner is not known for his ability to play the ball with his feet, which is largely why they replaced Leno with Ramsdale in the first place. Twellman is very reliable, so I believe there was an offer made, but we'll see if Turner wants to go. Edit: This has been confirmed by NE Revs coach Bruce Arena, but it sounds like Turner won't be moving until the Summer.
    • DeAndre Yedlin's contract with Galatasaray (one of the largest clubs in Turkey) has been terminated. Apparently, they are a club in some turmoil right now, so this is probably a financial move if nothing else. Rumors circulating he could be headed back to MLS, with Inter Miami in the lead for his signature. As with Matt Turner, this may mean a premature exit from US camp to finalize the move, although possibly less disruption since Yedlin would theoretically be moving to the US and he is a free agent so transactions are not limited by the transfer window.
    • Kevin Paredes, who was in line to get his first cap against Bosnia but had to withdraw from camp with an injury, is reportedly headed to Wolfsburg from DC United for around $7m. Another big deal for a young MLS prospect. Edit: CONFIRMED, Paredes to Wolfsburg for $7.3m

Edit: Added reported fee for Turner to Arsenal
Edit: Added Bryan Reynolds transfer from Roma to Kortrijk
Edit: Added Cole Bassett transfer from Colorado to Feyenoord and DeAndre Yedlin contract termination/rumors to Inter Miami
Edit: Paredes, Bello, Turner

Martial to Sevilla on a loan deal where sevilla will pay his wages in full till end of the season. Guess Monaco are going to miss out on that Ballon D'or payment from man united after all

Lots of reports Juve have submitted a 87 million euro bid for Vlahovic which is it goes through would be a big big deal he is a legit young forward with a very high ceiling and could finally be their answer at striker after many failed attempts.

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I'll be interested to see what Martial does with Sevilla. They are our biggest threat for La Liga at the moment.

Vlahovic is awesome.

As someone who watched martial closely since he came to man united I wouldnt be too worried. His work rate is poor and hes really a winger if played in his best spot but his finishing has been the most disappointing thing. Cant play back to goal so maybe he will do better in spain with a more progressive style.

If Juve can actually find the money it would be a great deal but they have no money for Vlahovic so it probably wont happen now but maybe next summer.

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Let's see if we can get this across the line. Spurs had him on their wish list, seems like we've swooped in to get him right before the deadline. Hoping that this doesn't mean one of the contract situations for the front 3 is on a rough patch.

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It pains me to say it, but it'd be good business for yall. Just because things are great now doesn't mean it isn't also a good time to plan/invest in the future.

I don't blame him for picking Liverpool over Spurs one bit sadly

VB born, class of '14

I don't know very much about him. I know he has speed down the left wing. We've played Porto a couple of times over the last few years, he didn't stand out much. But I trust the business that the club does. I think this spells the end for Mane in the summer, which is sad; however, it's time to re-invest into the front 3, with the 30s looming for each of them.

Edit: On a side note, I'm hyped that Edwards took a back seat on this signing and Ward is spearheading things. Hopefully that means he's up for the job.

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Acquiring Diego Jota is a perfect example of how to maintain an elite team. While he wasn't necessarily needed last season, signing him because they recognized the talent gives Liverpool the flexibility to transition him into the starting lineup when appropriate. Makes the move look even better with Firmino's performance declining so rapidly in the past few seasons.

Bobby's rapid decline is concerning. I'm hoping that they lock up Salah soon, and that Jota continues to perform. I'm wondering if this signing is the writing on the wall that Firmino will play out the rest of his contract without a deal. They're saying Diaz has really good pressing skills, and that he's flashy with his assists, which reminds me a lot of the best traits that Bobby provides on the pitch. There are some rumors that he's on really economical wages as well, so I'm hoping that's a marker that Salah's contract is in the pipeline.

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If Mane's contributions hadn't fallen off a cliff I would say Bobby is the first man out. But Bobby still can play a very integral role in the team even when he isn't scoring. I hate to see any of the three go because I am nostalgic...but at this moment in time, we have to resign Salah, see if we can make money on Mane, let Bobby run out his contract. Just my opinion but we will see.

I totally agree, we'd make way more money on Mane than Bobby at this point. The nostalgia part is hard, I love that front 3 to death. They brought me so much joy. But this is the hard part about being a soccer fan, the window to enjoy players is 3-4 years (at max), before the next slew of players come in; it's time to reload, especially before Klopp's contract is done.

Edit: Progress

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Being a Spurs supporter feels way too much like being a Hokie. Always getting "big dawged" with stupid decisions and lowball offers getting leaked to the media.

Sadly, Spurs have all the potential to be The Big dawg - but it will never happen under the ownership of ENIC.

Levy Out

I agree, to a point. Definitely agree with the Hokies parallel, and i hate how often both get big dogged.

But part of me values that the club is run so financially sound. We don't have oil money to spend willy nilly. The CL final happened whilst we were building a billion dollar stadium then a global pandemic hit significantly impacting revenues.

It'd be nice to finish top 4 this year and turn that sweet, sweet CL money into quality signings. Instead of busts like GLC, Ndombele, etc. But patience is definitely wearing thin on Levy and ENIC.

VB born, class of '14

By all accounts the deal from Pool was basically the same as what Spurs were offering. Diaz just wanted Liverpool which you can't really blame him for. Champions League is hard to pass up. You can say a lot about Levy and ENIC but this probably isn't the situation to put the blame there. Just an unfortunate situation.

Hoping some other deals can get over the line before the end of the window. Paratici's reign as director so far has been pretty underwhelming overall.

I'm beginning to think there is something in the water in barcelona. First they kick Dembele to the curb(dont disagree with this but timing is weird). Then want to bring in Adama Traore on loan for rest of the season(WTF?) and then now are reportedly trying to bring in aubamayeng on loan as well? Maybe I'm just lost but those are both big WTF moves from me.

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The ousmane dembele situation is a curious one that reeks of a meddlesome agent looking out for himself instead of his client and I don't blame the club one bit really. It was 'extend or move' and if the player won't do either then I don't know that he should expect to be part of the plans for the remainder of the season.

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I get that and am completely in agreement there smells of a dirty agent or ego inflated player but you could've just kept him till the summer and let him walk he was finally fit and playing well. Now theyre going to replace him with a guy who has only scored 10 goals in 5 seasons with Traore which makes zero sense to me.

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Homecoming for Adama

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I get great for Traore but hes really not very good and wont change barcelonas issues of being unable to score goals.

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I think a change of scenery might do TraorΓ© a lot of good. He's always had flashes of brilliance and then long stretches where it just seems like everthing is off. I don't know if it helps Barcelona in the short term, but they probably think they can unlock something there.


πŸ’ On top (Edit: if it happens, seems to have hit a snag)

πŸ’ On top confirmed, getting Coutinho vibes here:

Nice bit of winter business. Hopefully we can sign one more midfielder by the summer (Bellingham?). Nice little refresh of the squad on the fly.

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Don't know what Arsenal is doing. Sounds like they are going to let Aubameyang go to Barca (okay) and now maybe letting Pepe go on loan. They've already let Chambers, Maitland-Niles, and others leave this window. But, not expected to bring anyone in on deadline day. Meanwhile, they've TURNED DOWN cash offers to buy Eddie Nketiah, who is leaving for free in 6 months along with Lacazette. I get letting players leave, okay, but we have got to bring in some players. We're about to have like a 17-man senior squad for the rest of the season. Just get out the checkbook and buy Isak for crying out loud.

Christian Eriksen, after suffering a cardiac incident on-field last summer at the Euros, is returning to play for Brentford in the PL. Wonderful story, can't wait to see him back on the field again.

Spurs are busy today with ins and outs.

Dele Ali to everton along with Van De Beek
Ndombele back to Lyon on loan.
Lingard to west ham or newcastle seems on but will be time sensitive.
Lampard got announced officially as the new everton manager. Not sure how to feel there feels a odd hire to say the least.

The greenwood situation could leave united really needing a striker next summer now which could cause them to give Haaland a hard look if greenwood is found guilty united will really need to address the depth of the position with cavani probably off in the summer.

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Can't stand Everton, but props to them for getting that talent in the midfield. They'll need it for the relegation battle that's ahead.

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Looks like Lingard is staying. West Ham have been trying but the Man U board won't sell to them and supposedly Newcastle has withdrawn their bid.

The money united wanted was never going to happen when his deal is up in 6 months anyway. He shouldve left last summer no idea why he stayed really. Its a big reason why fringe guys shouldnt sign such long expensive deals.

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Overall fairly happy with Spurs business this window. Got a couple of bodies in midfield with Kulusevski and Betancur. Glad to have Ndombele's wages mostly off the books (Lyon seem to be covering most and there's a buy clause in his loan). Dele gone is nice as well. Crazy that he was seen one of the brightest young talents only a couple years ago. Lo Celso is on his way out as well. Clearing out those three is big for freeing up wages for summer acquisitions. If Conte doesn't really get backed this summer I'm guessing he's not there for much longer.

Interested to see any last minute stuff, whether Spurs related or otherwise.

Gil out on a six month loan too. Pretty impressed, but like Conte said this overhaul was long overdue. I'm hoping for one more signing (who idk) just based on 3 or 4 out and only 2 in but we'll see

Definitely agree with you, if Conte isn't sufficiently backed this summer he walks.

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Seems like Arsenal have their sights set on becoming the next MLS expansion franchise

I'm certain it's a dodgy accounting deal for Kroenke ownership group like how the Pozzo family uses their teams

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Can he play striker?

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Just seen this. Sucks but, Fulham played hard to get. They're still salty about the Harvey Elliott situation. Hopefully we can lock him up over the summer.

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Don't worry I still think there's some Coutinho money left to lock up Nabil Fekir

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Insert Obi Wan long time gif πŸ˜‚

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I think I speak for all Spurs:

Pipped πŸ˜‚

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Mbappe is staying, safe to say he secured the πŸ’°

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Reported signing bonus is upwards of 200 million holy shit. No way anyone can compete with that contract or sign on bonus. Real and Tebas are pissed, interesting to see if the shit storm they are about to kick up with do anything about this. PSG incurred almost 370 million in losses over the last 2 seasons with a wage bill like theirs its sickening that they are allowed to keep on doing this.

The reason this move stuns me who the hell is going to come coach there now? If Mbappe really has been given the keys to the club as is being reported who would want that job knowing a player has that kind of power.

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On the flip side since everyone knows the job is toxic, you can get paid big money while failing to deliver UCL trophy and then just shrug and say there's a culture issue and you're not wrong. With the money they have to send they won't have trouble finding managers

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Edit: 1m a week wage. Just...wow...

Edit#2: Still a metric sh!t-ton of money weekly 🀣

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100m a week? That can't be right that 5.2B a year more than the club is worth...1m a week, surely

Notice I never said I wouldn't coach there as I'd gladly take their money and waste it all, wonder if I can just email my resume? Seeing some reports linking Thiago Motta who's currently coaching in Serie A.

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Just think that failing as a manager at PSG isn't career suicide and is a nice paycheck along the way, lack of UCL success there is easily written off

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

On one hand, I can't blame Mbappe for accepting a "we are offering you the world" offer.

On the other hand, he has already made generational money, and would continue to make generational (but less) wealth playing for Madrid, which was allegedly his dream team.

PSG flexed their "money doesn't matter" muscles when we offered 200M for Mbappe with a year left on his contract. Then we all, reasonably, thought we'd get him on a free, but they once again flexed those same muscles and proved that every man has a price.

We will continue to win with him or without him. I think Mbappe is the most dangerous player in the world, and has been for a few years now, but we knocked them out of the UCL without him and will be playing in the CL Final next Saturday for a chance at another Double. Our team is full of young players who would die for the badge: Vinicius, Valverde, Camavinga, Militao, and Rodrygo. I would have loved to watch him play for Madrid, but it is what it is. Maybe in the future, who knows, maybe he burned that bridge forever. We will see.

To me RM will be okay. Rodrigo and Vini are terrific young guys who can be the base for a good while. I personally wonder if he's burned the bridge finally after two offers now.

The knock on effect is what fascinates me alot who they follow up with will the go and offer Salah a mega deal or Mane?

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I think targeting Salah would have been more likely if not for the Hazard debacle. I think you maybe see us go harder after Tchouameni, a top end RB, and maybe someone like Bernardo Silva. It's hard to say with much confidence given this Mbappe decision has unquestionably drastically altered our summer window plans. I hope we use our redirected resources wisely.

Tottenham needs to buy Kulusevski. He's been a hell of a player

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They come back to haunt me once again
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He and Cuti Romero's loans will both be finalized this summer, especially after finishing top 4 😎

VB born, class of '14

Just wondering how the transfer policy will work for them with continuing to kick cans down the road with incomings and having the stadium debt to manage too. Big selloff of squad deadwood incoming I'd bet -- not sure about realistic value for GLC, Ndombele, etc.

But the club backing Conte in January to get in Kulu and Betancur while arsenal did nothing was the clear difference in securing UCL, so fair play

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No you're definitely right. Thankfully fans in the stadium, NFL and boxing events, and now European football should help start to pay down the stadium. Potential naming rights for the stadium have been discussed too.

Yeah the deadwood exodus started (sissoko & dele in the winter, foyth/lamela/alderwiereld/hart in the summer) but needs to continue with at least ndombele, lo celso, etc. Honestly it's not so much their transfer value as getting their high wages off the books for someone who will ride the bench.

Time for Daniel Levy to put up or shut up regarding backing his manager.

VB born, class of '14

Defensive midfielder Boubacar Kamara confirmed to Aston Villa on a five year deal

Liverpool finally signed Fabio Carvalho from Fulham too

Didn't see Erling haaland to Manchester City news anywhere, but both clubs confirmed with Dortmund immediately announcing Karim Adeyemi as his replacement.

Lots of chatter around USMNT and RB Salzburg attacker Brendan Aaronson to Leeds United, who definitely need to strengthen their squad with pending outgoings (Raphinha?) Avoiding the drop was huge for them.

Relegated clubs will likely have to sell to manage finances (much like Bournemouth had to). Burnley players like Dwight McNeil, Maxwell Cornet, and James Tarkowski are decent bets to move on and stay in the Prem.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Wouldn't be surprised to see Nick Pope go to a PL club either.

Nick Pope anagrams to Pick Nope

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

If Kamara is as good as I've seen some project him to be, that's a pretty significant coup for Villa. The market for single pivot 6 type DM's is rarely full of "sure things" though. Seems to be one of those positions where play styles from league to league can make a big difference.

aka the Thomas Partey -- if only he can stay healthy

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

This interview was weird as crap to me like why talk about these teams? You're so committed supposedly to PSG why keep flirting with RM by saying youll be their biggest fan in Paris for the CL Final and then come out with this stuff. Maybe I'm simply to rough around the egdes but this stuff feels so weak.

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The Paris/Qatari propaganda machine has been in full gear. Shoddy reports that we were offering the same terms as PSG, which is absolutely not true, that we offered 100% image rights to him (when Ronaldo only got 60% )... and Image rights are very important to the club, especially when you don't have a sovereign wealth fund backing your club. Mbappe is doing his own personal PR work, which is fine, but that's exactly what it is. They can all say whatever they want now, because unless something leaks/is hacked there's no way to disprove any of these little media tidbits without launching a full on lawsuit with discovery, which nobody wants.

Yeah PSG's ownership are a bunch of ass hats that kiss UEFA's ass over the super league stuff while they shit all over france with their spending its sad that FFP isnt around to lay them out over their horrendous finances over the last few years.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

I believe it's more like Mbappe talking to LeBron James rather than Klopp

Oh boy. It's being widely reported that Spurs ownership is putting in around 150 million pounds of their own money to the club. Don't think that's ever happened before and it shows some real intent with Conte. That + outgoings + internal money already set aside for this summer + UCL money. Don't think I'd have ever expected this as a Spurs fan but it excites me for what's to come.

A team like Spurs could really do with some squad depth in central midfield, defense, shore up the wings, get a backup striker, etc so some players out there who are available and could really transform the club that you should be on the lookout for include Roberto Soldado, Vlad Chiriches, Nacer Chadli, Etienne Capoue, Paulinho, Erik Lamela, and Christian Eriksen.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

I will take one Christian Eriksen please!

On a free transfer too!

VB born, class of '14

I see what you did there GGC πŸ˜‚

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #YNWA

Okay, hear me out...

Christian Pulisic

TKPhi Damn Proud
BSME 2009

That'll cost a big chunk of that 150m

Hmmm no thanks. Even though spurs have had great Americans (Friedel, Keller, Dempsey, Yedlin lol) he's not usurping Kane/Son/Kulusevski. Give me Tyler Adams in midfield tho 😀

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