FB Staff hires 2022: ACC Coastal + BC

For your comparison and discussion. Blank cell means no info, so assumes no change.

VT Brent Pry (PSU DC) Tyler Bowen (Jaguars TE) Joe Rudolph (Wisc OL/AHC) +PGC Brad Glenn (GaSt OC) +ST: Stu Holt (Louisville TE/ST)
LolUVA Tony Elliot (Clemson OC) Des Kitchings (Falcons RB)
the Pitts left left for Texas
Miami is back! Mario Cristobal (Oregon HC) AHC Alex Mirabal (Oregon OL) coOC Bryan McClendon (Oregon Rec)
UNCheat +ST released
Duke blues Mike Elko (Texas A&M DC) Kevin Johns (Memphis, OC/QB)
GT wrecks +TE Chip Long (Tulane OC) Chris Weinke (Tennesee QB) Mike Daniels (Buffalo RB) left
Boston Chowdahs
School ST DC DL DE LB / DB Safeties Sec / CB
VT +ILB Chris Marve (FSU LB) +AHC JC Price (retained, Marshall) +NB Shawn Quinn (Savannah State HC) Pierson Prioleau (promoted VT DPD) Derek Jones (TT coDC/DB)
LolUVA Kevin Downing (Navy, DL) +coDC Charlton Warren (Indiana's DC) TBA: Chris Slade (LB Patriots, UVA) DB: Keith Gaither (Army WR)
the Pitts
Miami is back! AHC Joe Salave'a (Oregon DL)
UNCheat Gene Chizik (Auburn HC 09-12) +coDC Charlton Warren (Indiana DC)
Duke blues Harland Bower (Texas A&M, analyst) Lyle Hemphill (Wake Forest DC)
GT wrecks fired Co-DC fired Travares Tillman (Michigan State CB)
Boston Chowdahs
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UNC just announced Gene Chizik as their DC.

That might be the worlds biggest LOL hire. Not that I am complaining but its like they are not even trying. Granted I do think Warren as the safety's coach is okay-ish.

He's held the job for them in the past. UNC won the Coastal that year, under Fedora.

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Is Mack Brown just going down to his local K&W to find coaches now? Because it seems like he just wants to pull guys out of retirement.

Group discount on the retirement home

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This is absolutely nothing against the Op because I love this discussion, but is there any one who can make this an easier to read chart?

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The descriptive under the column "School" is priceless.

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Are all the blank spaces coaches that need to be hired, or are some where the existing coach is staying, but not filled in? Can something be added to differentiate for those who don't pay that much attention to the BC or the pitts staff?

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Thanks! I forgot that step!


Are there any reasonable rumors on a wide receiver coach for the Hokies?

Mike Brown is a name I heard floated a lot but idk why it wouldn't be announced yet if that was the case

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Yeah, I saw Mike Brown from Cincy and Washington from Coastal I believe as the two names that were floating around.

Charlton Warren as Co DC and DBs coach for UNCheat. Was Indiana's DC last year.

So Bateman is out, making room for Chizik. Who else is departing the UNC staff to make room for Warren?

The OLB coach and Special Teams Coordinator is gone

Also Thigpen still Co-Dc. So three DCs in title for UNC

Maybe they think if they have more DCs, they'll actually learn how to play defense.

I think Mack just forgot he had already hired somebody to do that a few times.

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This is extremely plausible.

Didn't Pitt's WR coach leave for Texas? Have they hired a replacement yet?

Yes, he bolted 'the pitts' for Texas and likely a big bag of $$$$.

Go Hokies!!

Thank you so much for making this a table!!!

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LolUVas hires are right but they also retaied Hagans at WR. I highly doubt Gaiter takes that job from Hagans

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Georgia Tech getting Chris Weinke is a sneaky big pickup.

UVA actually announced that Army WR coach Keith Gaither is going to be a defensive backs coach. He was a DB coach early in his career but never D1 and all three of his D1 jobs have been as a WR coach.

Bumping this to crowdsource some updates. I'm already bored with the off-season so I need to feed beast by joking on lolUVA some. I imagine they've made other silly decisions since hiring Army WRs coach.

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Oh don't worry they have:

Tony Elliot Head Coach - Clemson OC
John Rudzinski DC - Defensive Coordinator Air Force (mind you Airforce defense was good...because the offense held the ball so long)
Des Kitchins OC - RB Coach at SCAR/Atl Falcons this is a solid hire IMO
Gaither RB - WR Coach at Army/WMU
Tujae OL - Retained
Clint Sintim LB - I think he was the DL Coach last year for lolUVA
Curome Cox DB - Air Force DB to keep with the Service academy trend
Hagans WR - Retained
Taylor Lamb QB - Spent his 1 year of coaching experience coaching for his cousin at Gardener Webb as OC. Long family line of coaches vastly unproven.
Kevin Downing DT - DE Coach as Navy to round out the service academys
Chris Slade DE - UVA hero and proven coach at the High School prep level

Quite the list I'm not sure how much money they were given but its an interesting staff.

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I think Elliott's hires are extremely interesting. He's clearly trying to thread the needle with guys who know Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia, but at the same time his service academy hires show that he's gunning for recruits who may fit the academic profile that UVA wants. Service academy coaches are going to have connections all over the country and have recruited the kind of student athletes where UVA might be a good fit.

It's a risky strategy though, as you might have up to half your staff as guys that just don't recruit we'll enough for the P5 level. Elliott will have to be the closer on the staff, and he's proven to be pretty good in that role at Clemson.

Oh good their Oline coaches was retained, they hand the best hands in the country, though maybe he should work on route running.

I can't wait to see Armstrong in a triple option offense.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Air force had a very good rush defense by pretty much every metric.

They were tied with VT for pass yards per attempt. Their TD:Int ratio was inline with VTs.

Also they played army and navy so their stats are skewed. Though Army went for 214 in the air, which was their highest output.

Airforce's Defense was 23rd overall in SP+ (which adjusts for tempo and Strength of opponent), so I wouldn't scoff at those hires - although it is interesting that Rudzinski has never coached anywhere other than air force. Des Kitchins beat us in a ton of h2h recruiting battles when he was at NC State.

I'm pretty high on our staff right now - Marve is a well respected up-and-comer in the industry. Rudolph is the OL coach from OLU. Brad Glenn was inarguably a top 5 G5 OC over the last 3 years - but I also think this is the best UVA staff I've seen since Mike London.

The biggest question mark IMO is Tony Elliott: He's spent (literally) his entire career at Clemson. Is he going to be able to be successful at a school that isn't as easy to recruit to as Clemson? Is he going to be able make chicken salad (a decent team) out of chicken shit (a roster that is 90% 2-3 star players)?

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Wow, assuming the chart is still correct, we have a much more complete staff then some of the other groups retooling.

Take out the c in back for Miami

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Slightly off topic (Atlantic hiring) but FSU just hired Corey Fuller ... not ours but theirs. I am unsure what that means but a former safety makes me worried there might be some Fuller magic down there.

TBH, we need FSU to be good again. We rarely recruit the same players (geographically) and we rarely play them. FSU being good boosts VT's profile at little risk to VT.

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Didn't even realize he was the OLine Coach at UNC. I applaud him on the timing of this move.

And he was immediately replaced with Louisville's OL coach.

I wonder if Vice will ride out this season while his kid finishes HS (pretty big basketball prospect) or will he try and jump on a job like Louisville that is back towards his old stomping grounds and not that far from where his family is set up in TN.

Why would Georgia do a thing like that 🀣. No chance of a title repeat now

Didn't he coach at Georgia with Richt?

Wait, what?

Yes, he killed Mark Richt twice. Once at Georgia and once at Miami. Was hoping he was going to go for the double double with Mack