3* ATH Krystian Williams Commits to the HOKIES

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87 rated 3* 6-2 WR from Collegiate

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Awesome pick up, another high 3* from VA


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Got better today! Get after it Krystian!


Another baller!

I usually don't know much about recruiting, but I'm noticing a considerable amount more coming out of Richmond (hometown for me) as well as decently high rated 3*s.

Trying not to be too much of a Homer, but are we actually recruiting way better than we have been in years past under Fuente? Or are we just getting more hype than usual to see more VA kids commit?

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I think we're recruiting just slightly better talent, but (1) there is an actual strategy for the first time in 5 years and (2) the roster will be balanced for the first time in 5 years.

If you want a somewhat rosier outlook:

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I think this class had a lot of those 2nd tier program back bone guys and were never gonna be a blue blood so being 2nd tier is good a good thing. We had a drought of them. We had a ton in 2018 and then last year we started to get back on track but this year is better than both. Now we just need a couple 4* guys to round out the class.

But guy like William make you excited for where things are going.

1. Better players, better player development, better coaching.
2. ????
3. Profit/ACC championship.

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You're saying recruiting as many out of state running backs you can isn't a strategy?

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It is, just not a good one.

previous regime definitely had recruiting strategy, but it was different year to year and few of them worked out

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holy shit those 2020 numbers

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Awesome! Welcome home, Krystian!

Just watched his junior film:

  • Picks up nice yards after catch thanks to solid wiggle for his size and running downhill/falling forward.
  • Not a burner but fast enough - probably runs a respectable 40yd in the 4.4s. More impressive top speed than acceleration.
  • Has the tools to improve route running, which almost always needs work for HS recruits.
  • Hands are a mild concern. Catches against his body, double catches, holds arms out instead of snatching.
  • Tackles effectively as a safety and impresses with length and speed.
  • Better outside than inside the box (i.e., has more CB skills than LB skills).
  • Fits the mold of who you want matching up against TEs and RBs.

Regardless of what position he plays, he seems like a great addition. Go Hokies!

Um not a burner but 4.4 speed? That's really good and beats a lot of NFL WRs. The average NFL wide reciever is 4.49.

Yes! Let's frickin gooo

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From my alma mater!

My heart is very full right now. Automatically one of my favorite Hokies of all time.

I've noticed with these Pry commits that we're beating out lower-tier Power 5 programs for recruits, as opposed to G5 programs, which is already progress.

Can't expect to get back to taking on the big guns right away, but this is quick progress

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Yes, so far it seems sunny in the window seats on the Pry train.

I'd rather beat Maryland and UNC for recruits over App St and Marshall.

It doesn't quite translate for OL, since they are tough to project, but definitely the skill positions and DL.

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I have confidence that our OL coach will be able to find and develop. He has a pretty good track record.

Aye. IMO the best way to raise the floor of a program is to make sure that all the dudes you're recruiting are actually kids with p5 talent (which is what you're pointing out).

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Turns out your team gets better if you raise the recruiting floor.

Who knew?

agreed. would really like to see that next step forward and land some elite talent. but baby steps for now

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Your team gets better when you can manage a roster and not make last minute offers to G5 type kids. Or when you can scout RBs and WRs so you don't have to offer 50 of them and see who sticks.

and when the talent you bring in sticks around. there's always gonna be some attrition and we're in a day and age where we're going to hear about it more than we used to, but you simply cannot have a class that's a quarter blue chippers, a quarter high-3*s, and half low-3*s and expect to compete after the blue chippers walk.

attrition with the classes of 22 and 23 is something I'm really gonna be keeping a close eye on -- we can laud the VA recruiting for the 22/23 classes all we want at this point (and we should), but if those guys leave in droves during/after their first years on campus, it's seriously going to make recruiting in-state an uphill battle moving forward

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

great point. Recruiting and talent are meaningless if they are playing elsewhere. Fuente (and I know somebody will run 50 year deep stats to say this isn't true) had way too much key attrition. Way too much. Pry needs to hold onto and develop more guys consistently

I think ultimately it was this attrition of key contributors that undid Fuentes tenure here

That's where his arrogance didn't pay off. Had he listened and reacted better, he might have been able to salvage the situation.

We will get better if better than half of these recruits actually get on the field. Most of the talent prior has never seen the field for us.

A base of players rated 87 is a great place to start. Pry still having to make up ground with the 4 and 5 star guys, but I am sure he is working on it. Welcome Home kid!

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Player development is huge also. A few of these high 3*/low 4* prospects has to turn into the Edmunds brothers. It seems like a really long time since we had a drafted skill player. At least 3rd round earlier🤷🏾‍♂️

Caleb Farley

I guess DB is a skill position but I was more thinking QB, WR, or RB....maybe even DE.