Rumor - Clemson, Florida State, North Carolina, Virginia to the SEC

Take this with a large grain of salt, given its from a swimming publication, but this is blowing up across social media, so its worth keeping your eye on....

Should this be true, it would be terrible news for VT. We'd likely be locked out of any expansion plans going forward and would very much fall into minor league status within collegiate athletics. UVa would soar past us, much in the same manner that VMI and VT are no longer on an even playing field.

So yeah, I hope its wrong.

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The source is a site called's relax

The author of this post is getting obliterated in the comments by much more credible individuals. Why in the world would ESPN want to void a contact that is so heavily positioned in their favor?

Move along, nothing to see here

I have no idea how credible this is. But let's assume for a moment that it is. Unless VT gets invited to the B1G (which I think is pretty unlikely) this would be an absolutely devastating blow to VT in more than just athletics. Having a premiere football program drives enrollment (we are our own example of this) which propels growth of the entire institution. If VT doesn't get a seat at the table the entire university will have its knees chopped off. People who think academics are more important than sports, though perhaps not wrong, severely underestimate how important sports are to academic growth. It's a symbiotic relationship. If you want VT to be a top notch academic institution then you want VT to be a top tier football program. If VT football gets left behind, so too does VT academics.

Onward and upward

Yeah UVA boards have taken this and run with it unfortunately. Seeing some UVA homers already saying it has been officially announced lol. Pat Forde and Barrett Sallee (CBS Sports) already saying it has no legs.

I've said it before... once ECU and UCF are in your conference, ECU and UCF are in your conference. And that sucks ass on all levels. If this rumor is true, that's where VT will be

I am going to lock this one up. The reporter works for a swimming publication and doesn't have any track record of reporting on major college athletics or conference realignment.

From the CGs, this falls under:

Consider the source of information you share.

We don't need to get bent out of shape, or share, every Twitter rumor.