OT: The Boys Season 3 Thread

This show is just too good not to make a thread about. Interested to see how many of you watch.

Episode 4 last week and that was amazing. Setting up a wild ending in the second half of the season.

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Fucking love The Boys. We've only had time to watch the first episode of the new season thus far. Funny, grimy, kinda terrifying...lots of nuances that are but aren't ham-handed. Just a damn good show lol

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

The first ~10 minutes of this season were absolutely wild lol

I just got caught up so now I can partake here ... some of the shit this season got really amped up

Think episode 5 was my favorite. First time the main plot decisions happened off camera and . Butcher convincing MM to take the Temp V but then giving him rufi's instead was absolute genius.

Also love that they're teaming up with Soldier Boy and we get to see the two most powerful heroes duke it out. A lot that could happen including Homelander losing his powers, at least temporarily.

Black Noir definitely is going to factor in somehow. Can't tell if he's going to be like "the mountain", a zombified version of his old self or if the old Noir died and they've replaced him with a clone of Homelander. Either way it's going to be a wild last 3 episodes

I opened this thread by accident, I've never even heard of this show. It is completely surreal reading this post with zero context - it feels like trying to parse a bourbonstreet post. 不

sounds like you need to start watching the

Maybe so... But that would ruin my just-invented game of "drink, read plot commentary, and visualize the show," which turns out to be surprisingly fun.

Idk if you think that description was entertaining, watching the actual show will be a lot of fun

Homelander and Soldier Boy are so similar that I can see them teaming up for at least a little bit before they get on each other's nerves because they are so similar.

I'm pretty sure in the comics they "team up" which is how soldier boy gets in the 7

EDIT: Oh boy did this comment not age well

I had no idea this show was based off of comics until I read your comment.

I agree definitely possible. Idk how Butcher and Hughie plan to make sure he works with them, he could just as easily double cross them and join Homelander, Black Noir etc.

Definitely one of the coolest shows I've ever seen.

Touchdown Tech!!!

This season continues to be absolutely bonkers!

Not sure if I've seen any show do the kinds of things this show does. And The Boys pulls it off so well.

Herogasm! What an episode.