87-Rated 3* S Caleb Woodson commits to the Hokies

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Glad he is HOME!

Let's Go!


Fam fam fam!!!

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3 fo 3

This is my school
This is home

Another good get! Hoping this momentum carries through the weekend!

Good start, loving these solid building blocks we have added lately, these guys will hopefully be the names we associate with the start of the Pry dynasty.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now


Whoever put that video together...

Welcome Home Caleb!!

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He does some nice things as a safety.

Would be a big hitter at strong safety. He will have good pass coverage skills as a LB. I could see him playing either really, seems versatile. Love this guy.

boom..in da house...Welcome home Champ

Kam Chancellor type of Skillz...lets go...

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This is dope but these commitment videos be getting worse n worse

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Thought this one was decent


.... this is the most perfectly written thing I've ever seen on this site

Love it. A guy from just down the road from my hometown going down the road to my alma mater. I tend to trust defensive backs named Woodson. Great pickup

He's gonna bring the wood, son.

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Like it's the ball carrier's Final Destination

.... this is the most perfectly written thing I've ever seen on this site

meh, I prefer Metallica to AC/DC

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