Football Future OOC Schedules

What y'all think? We taking the SEC OOC strategy cause the ACC schedule is gonna be so daunting? lmao

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That's depressing to look at. I'm excited for the SCAR game, but the rest of that is just Meh...

Also, can we get that damn diploma mill shithole school from Lynchburg off the schedule.

And dump 60 on those fucking muppets from Harrisonburg so I never have to hear their bullshit again

Did you know you can just print out a diploma? Liberty students don't, but the faculty there does.

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To be fair, the elimination of divisions and the new conference scheduling model should add some juice more frequently to the conference schedule to help. More Clemson/FSU/Louisville/NC State will help offset the OOC a bit.

ODU is the new ECU

That's a lot of play with the Monarchs. Glad to see we make them come to Blacksburg more often than not. Any intel on where the USCe game will be played? That's listed as a neutral site. Charlotte?


That feels a lot less "neutral" for us than Charlotte does.

Generally Hokies turn out pretty well in Charlotte I think, but every USCe alum I know lives in Charlotte. Pretty sure they ship graduates there the way VT does to Nova/DC, so even CLT would probably be a very gamecock-heavy crowd.

USCe will outnumber us handedly in either Charlotte or Atlanta. Charlotte is basically the closest big city to their school and where a lot of their alumni end up living, and Atlanta is the heart of the SEC. That will be a road game for us either way, and will likely have as biased an in-house production as we saw in Bristol.

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It's the Chick-fil-a Kickoff Game. We'll be fine on the coverage. And if Shane is still around, they'll be playing up the Beamer Bowl angle.

There is no valid money, recruiting, football, academic, logical reason for VT football to play away games at ODU. None. Nada. Yet we have done it several times. When Clemson plays at the Citadel or Penn State plays at Dusquene multiple times, call me

PSU lost 29-0 at Duquesne in 1900

It allows potential recruits from the talent hot-bed that is the Tidewater region to play in front of their family and friends if they choose to go to VT without them having to drive 5-hours to Blacksburg.

It also shows those recruits how strong the VT fanbase is even when not playing a home game.

It gives a recruit another reason to choose VT over UNC, NCSU, UMD, or UVA. They know they'll get to show off a little bit back at home.

USCe kickoff game has some juice, but otherwise the only two things mildly exciting could be a trip to Nashville in '24 and embarrassing UMD by taking over their stadium in '26

Why the fuck are we playing JMU

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At least they'll be D-1 now.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

They were always D1. They just made the move from the junior league to the big boy league.

To count towards bowl eligibility

So we can take them lightly, their coaches can play us against big bad VT and the world mentality, and our offense can struggle against the CAA's 8th ranked run defense, and the game can be close and recruits can see that bullshit on ESPN.

Underwhelmed is an understatement....

Someone should go through and superimpose all the teams that have pulled out like PSU, Michigan and Wisconsin to those years.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Amen. Had been planning to attend all those.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

Just make sure to include and then visibly cross out Wisconsin for each year it was scheduled and then pushed.

thats like, every year, right?

2008 and 2009
2016 and 2017
2019 and 2020
2024 and 2025
2031 and 2032

Bah gawd it grinds my gears that those deals weren't structured in such a way so as to make it more difficult for those teams to just say "meh, changed my mind."

To be fair, PSU can be blamed on Covid, we've actually increased the cancellation penalty in the Wisconsin contract, and we made Michigan blink first causing them to pay up.

Technically, Wisconsin is still on the 2031 & 2032. I'll be 71 in 2031, so maybe I'll get to see it. 2032 also has Ole Miss.

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Was going to ask, as memory is faded, where did the PSU / Wiscy games go.
Mich paid us to get out of their commitment I believe.

What's the story behind the PSU pullout? A co-worker of mine, who is a PSU alum, basically pinned it on us. I take what he says with a grain of salt because he is very PSU centric, but would like to know things from our side.

I think both sides are going to point to the other side.

It sounds like PSU wasn't interested in rescheduling the 2020 game that was supposed to be in Blacksburg, so as a result, we weren't interested in making a one way trip to PSU in 2025.

Us playing Penn St at a neutral site should be something both fanbases can access easily.

That would tend to lead towards Landover, Richmond Raceway, or Pimlico.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

That tweet was not implying a neutral site game against PSU. Given that it was back in 2020, it might have been SC game that was alluded to.

VT vs PSU at FedEx Field makes so much sense that I can't believe Dan Snyder has not scheduled it already. It would be an instant sellout.

In typical Snyder fashion it will probably come to fruition once the new stadium is built with 20k less seats.

TBH I don't care about PSU coming to bburg, I want to go to happy valley.

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It sucks, you get yelled at for stadium up and cheering, even if you're cheering for PSU. Sit down and politely clap.

That is not what I've heard. Or what I've seen on TV/the internet. It's one of the biggest party schools in the country. White Outs look insane. Definitely a bucket list stadium for me.

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We haven't had a solid program in a decade, so I'm comparing to our 2000s run.

The atmosphere is there, but it's more a mix between Lane at its finest and UVA vs. ND right before sad UVA fan. Zombie nation is fun, the stadium is massive, and the campus has a very Blacksburg vibe to it. They hate Ohio State.

It's also got a heavy contingent of NY and NJ donors and boosters who like to sit quietly with their families, and watch the game. So while the student section is going nuts, there's large swaths of fans just sitting around.

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Well more than one thing can be true of course. Michigan and Wisconsin can be chicken shit and pull out of the games AND VT could replace them with a quality opponent and not continue to prop up lower division VA schools for no reason.

Because replacing a P5 upper tier opponent in short notice is so easy?

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That is all.

If you get the Rutgers game on TV in Jersey, that is way more important than many realize. New Jersey is a big time recruiting ground where VT did well while they were part of the Big East footprint. The last big time player I remember from Jersey was Jason Worilds (all due respect to Tyrell Smith.) We need to get back there.

South Carolina is also a good matchup. The I77 corridor just south of Charlotte is a big time recruiting area and within our footprint.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

NJ has the 10th most NFL players by state but doesn't show up in the top-10 per capita.

Delaware though...


Don't worry guys, in sixty years we are doing a home and home with Ole Miss. We can all bring our teenage and/or middle aged children to the Grove with us to party.

It should be an unwritten rule to never play an in-state non-P5 school on the road

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I'm not going to mince words. This is brutally shitty scheduling by our athletic department.

5 years of OOC games and our highest profile OOC home games are

2023 - Purdue
2024 - Rutgers
2025 - Vanderbilt
2026 - BYU
2027 - Maryland

The other home games are ODU, ODU, ODU, Marshall, JMU, Liberty, and VMI.

I mean look, I know we're not at the top of the sport anymore, but that's pretty fucking poor. There are legitimately no exciting home OOC matchups for us to look forward to until 2030 when Arizona is scheduled to make a trip. And we are locked into a annual series with ODU until 2031 for some inexplicable reason. An in state FBS matchup against a team who will treat you like their own Super Bowl where we get no credit for winning, but all of the criticism for losing.

And if you want to take this out even further, looking at Hokiesports, our OOC scheduled in 2028 through 2030 are already full, and they are as follows:

Sept. 2 - Liberty
Sept. 9 - Old Dominion
Sept. 16 - at Maryland
Nov. 4 - Notre Dame

Sept. 1 - Liberty
Sept. 8 - at Arizona
Sept. 15 - Maryland
Sept. 22 - at Old Dominion

Aug. 30 - Arizona
Sept. 7 - at Liberty
Sept. 14 - at BYU
Sept. 21 - Old Dominion

2028, the ACC makes us play against ND, so the highest profile home OOC games we scheduled are Liberty and ODU. Comical

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Wow...that is pretty dreadful. Hopefully the ACC can figure out some scheduling fixes and get Clemson/FSU/etc on the schedule more often, because that OOC stinks. I guess we have the B1G/Pac 12/ACC "Alliance" scheduling agreement possibly upcoming, but I wouldn't put any stock in anything actually materializing there. Our long-term schedule certainly doesn't signal a program looking to go from challenger to champion brand.

Really like Whit and what he has done to elevate the AD as a whole, but man it sure seems like the ball has been seriously dropped in football and we will be playing catch up for a while.

its not attractive from a fan perspective. But, it avoids an elevated chance of a non-conference loss in an effort to inflate post-season appeal.

In theory, yes.

In practice? Well, we all saw how that ECU series went for us by the end. That school became a major annual thorn in Beamer's side before he retired.

There's a reason that other schools do not schedule long term scheduling agreements with schools in a 'lesser' tier. You take all the risk and get none of the benefit. A win doesn't even get you a pat on the back, but a loss completely wrecks your season, and does significant damage to your short term profile.

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I disagree. If you want good post season games, you need to play (and beat) good teams. Make the regular season fun. Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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I guess playing ODU helps our 757 presence, but other than that I hate that it is on there every year lol. Playing VMI and JMU is kinda weird, but as long as it doesn't become a regular thing I guess it's ok.

I'm actually ok with playing LU since they seem to be building a pretty good program.

Playing teams like Rutgers and Marshall isn't flashy, but honestly they're probably pretty close to our level of competition for now so I don't mind it. Not every OOC game can be a blue-blood (not like we have of those... but still lol)

Honestly, we probably should have been playing VMI more often. If we're going to have FCS teams on the schedule, we should try to stick with the ones in state. Seriously -- we play a game against some random FCS team from another state, and it's always "who?" But if we play any of the ones from Virginia, I usually know at least one person who went there, so there's some friendly rivalry going on.

Plus, VMI is an excellent matchup for Military Appreciation/Corps Homecoming.

Yeah that's a good point, if we have to play FCS teams we might as well keep it in the VMI/W&M/Richmond rotation.

The issue with VMI, unless they sign a hidden Michael Vick, is that the games won't be competitive. Our team that Maryland laughed at would beat VMI easily. I would not be shocked to see a running clock agreement in the second half.

But that's what I want to see in an FCS game. Dropping 70 on the other team, finding out who our 4th and 5th string QBs are, and getting an easy W. I don't want it to be competitive.

Playing ODU got us the most embarassing moment in VT football since losing to JMU in Lane (Duke toying with Fuente in Lane is up there). That game hurts VT in the 757- does nothing to help. nothing.

On the plus side, that's 4 straight years we're not playing Biberty.

If you play it, they will win.

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Hey, my name's not Brian.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

So ODU is a bit much and we should stop paying liberty.

But on the bright side, zero FCS schools, multiple Big Ten series, and USCe, which feels like 30 years since we played.

zero FCS schools,

VMI is there...

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Well I never said I could read.

USCe, which feels like 30 years since we played.

Well, 31 years....34 by the time the game kicks off. it overwhelming?

"No". Not at all. Accordingly, I can get why some might yawning-festival that in glossy not high Q-score or not very sexxy looking 2o22 terms. Granted. Not a lotta shine there.

...nevertheless, is the fairer ask actually... will we be 'overwhelming'?

...nobody knows where this Pry hiring is headed; not pro, and not con.
At least not yet.

Because he has never been beaten as a Head Coach.
Eye do know (o-o-o), that.


God Bless!

things I love about this schedule: USCe should be a fun one

things I don't love about this schedule: ODU, Liberty, VMI, JMU, and Maryland. I hate that we play ODU every fucking year and I especially hate that we're playing them @ODU at all. If we're going to play them, make them come to us. Full stop. I hate Liberty with a volcanic passion and it pisses me off to no end that we even entertain a series with them at all. I can't wait until they don't exist anymore. VMI and JMU don't garner the same level of hatred from me but they're not inspiring at all. Lower level teams from the state - I'm okay with throwing them a bone and playing them, at VT, once each. But given the utter lack of exciting games otherwise, these games just add to the pile of "meh" and are therefore un-loveable. I don't like Maryland. They chased dollars to the B1G and they have sucked ever since but they rake in way more dough than VT - call it petty jealousy if you want, whatever - I don't like that we can't get an actual B1G team to play us so we have to settle for their worst teams which recently came into the B1G from lesser conferences. (I don't hate the Rutgers series as much - certainly not exciting, though)

I get that it's difficult to schedule football games, especially with upper level teams that don't want to play us (let's be honest, given the last 9 years or so, we're a lot of teams' ECU) but it just feels lazy to sign up to an extended series with a lower level in-state opp. because it's hard to secure a game against Wisconsin. There are plenty of other teams out there. If we're going to play a bunch of soft teams we should at least play a good variety of teams so we don't have to grit our teeth through a decade of boring games against the same school

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I am preferring to look at the sunny side of things. With the exception of ODU, we are scheduling games and the B1G and the SEC that we should win. We can say we played those conferences and won. Maryland and Rutgers both get us exposure to the NJ market for players. There are a lot of good players from NJ.

And lets be honest, we need a couple years to retool/reload/rebuild our team. A little weaker OOC schedule will get us going to the bowl games sooner hopefully.

As for ODU, I think Pry is going to have this team whipping them 45-3 or worse pretty soon. We start doing that regularly, and ODU will cancel the series.

When we eliminate divisions and go to pods, whatever that may look like, does this change future scheduling? I think it will.

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If the ACC goes with the expected 3-5-5 model it won't, because it's the same number of conference games as we have now. If they decide the go with nine conference games it might, but I think we'd lose one of the scheduled games instead of swapping out non-con opponents.

I want to see us play Tennessee more. That's a fun series, kind of like WVU, but their fan base isn't quite as bad.

I would love to play Georgia if they weren't so damn good. So my second choice behind Tennessee would be the Florida Gators. Great brand but very beatable (for now). Hosting them and competing in a primetime game or beating them in the swamp could be huge for our national image

I would love to play Georgia if they weren't so damn good.

to be the best you have to beat the best.

you have to play against the best to get better.

iron sharpens iron.

I'm sure there's all kinds of cliches that tell us we should play Georgia if we want to get better

and as cliches go, there is an element of truth to them. Preparing to play the best teams in the country can only make us better. I would welcome an opportunity to play against the best teams. Look what playing against the worst teams has gotten us *waves hand grandiosely around at the situation we're now in

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Yeah man I want to play good teams but when it comes to an Alabama and now Georgia, playing them early season usually means an ass whipping and several injuries that could derail you in later games. Several analysts have talked about this, and I agree with the general consensus that there's no benefit to playing one of those juggernauts early in the year.

I want us to compete with and beat top SEC teams in particular. The ideal game to me is the best/biggest national brand in the SEC that we still have a good chance of beating. Bring on Florida, A&M, Tennessee, maybe Auburn

I know it's been discussed ad nauseum and this may not be the best place to drop this but I just stumbled across this article which I think perfectly illustrates my thoughts on one of the big problems VT had under Fuente. Playing not to lose.

Onward and upward