NCAA relaxes championship game selection rules and annual signing limits.

The NCAA made two fairly significant changes today. First they are allowing conferences to set their own rules on selecting which teams can participate in their conference championship games. Second they are relaxing the annual signing limits for the next two years. Everybody has to stay under the 85 total scholarships though. Prepare for the transfer portal to get extremely nuts over the next two seasons.

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so why should ACC wait until 2023 to at least change how the CG is decided? Just keep the current schedule but scrap divisional standings and just take top 2 teams. Seems silly to risk a weak division champ in 2022 if you don't have to.

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They might not. The PAC12 announced today they are taking the two highest conference winning percentage teams for their 2022 championship game.

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This is why we need promotion/relegation.

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I agree to all of them, but oh well. This new arms race is probably going to mess with schools who want a good athletic department versus a good football team. Like we will probably continue to spread the love while others will probably trim it all down to the Title IX threshold to allocate for football

The ACC will likely be on of Clemson, FSU, Miami, NCSU, and hopefully us yearly

The PAC12 will almost always be USC/Oregon

B1G wil just be a rotation of OSUU, Mich, PSU, maybe a splash of Wiscy in there

SEC anyone but Vandy, SCar, Miss St probably

trim it all down to the Title IX threshold to allocate for football

If CFB breaks off from NCAA completely, Title IX may not be relevant. From the WP:

Alston could play out one of two ways with respect to Title IX. If the major football schools opt out of the NCAA system completely, and their new model doesn't rely on university funds or scholarships at all, they could eliminate many women's sports because they won't need to provide an equivalent number of women's scholarships to match football scholarships.

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Oh wow so corporate greed may actually crash college athletics entirely

Well let's be honest, the greed of many universities has something to do with it too. They were fully onboard with making boatloads of cash off of their unpaid "student" athletes

Nobodies arm is being twisted by big corporations when it comes to using the revenue sports to enrich

The only thing I don't like about this is the high likelihood thing now the CCG are more likely to just be a rematch of a conference game/opponents that already played once in the season. The article in ESPN about this announcement highlights the 2012 Pac12 season specifically, saying how this system would have allowed the title game to be 1 loss Oregon vs 1 loss Stanford.

Except Oregon's loss was to Stanford a few weeks prior. I don't love the possibility of those rematches happening with frequency.

I'd rather see the 2 best teams replay then seeing a 7-5 team win their division because it sucked and get to the CG to maybe replay a team that beat them by 30 in a blowout earlier in the year,

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true, but better there than in the CFP

Good point. But I can also see that as being a reason why the SEC won't implement this kind of system. Having the two best teams most years (this past season notwithstanding) probably lowers their chances of getting two teams into the playoff any given year

Now we know why UNC wants rivals with Duke and Wake. Do you want tough rivalry games if it torpedoes your chance for a championship? This permanent rivalry selection is likely to be more
Impactful than the last one.

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