OT: How Do You Bet on Sports

So a quick life update about me for those who care - I recently took a new job with a well-known name in the sports gambling world.

I wanted to reach out about the following - how do you bet on sports? Do you use "white market apps" (e.g., Fanduel, DraftKings, etc.), "grey/black market websites" (e.g., Bovada), use bookies?

If you use the apps, which one do you use and why? I'm trying to get up to speed on all the apps and customer preferences.

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I use Bovada but I don't love it. The odds always seem to be different than what I see on broadcasts and other platforms. I do enjoy betting on a lot of the futures though.

I've downloaded DraftKings but haven't used it yet.

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I use mybookie, currently in a state where I can't download the popular apps because its not legal yet so living in the grey area for now

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I don't because I tend to get very obsessive about my interests and gambling would destroy my entire existence.

Edit: I put ten bucks a year into a pot (via a trusted buddy) for Fantasy Premier League. No other money involved in wagering on anything (because that would destroy me)

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Draftkings but being legit means I can't bet on VA teams.

I'm in CT and use FanDuel

FanDuel for most stuff and Bovada to bet of VA teams.

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Most of my friends use FanDuel for small bets (aka stringing together 12 leg parlays trying to hit it big on a $5 bet lol). I use it every once in a blue moon when they have some kind of special going on like risk free bets on a game I'm already interested in.

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Same. I don't personally but I have several friends that just do crazy parlays on FD and DK

Started on Fanduel and now using DraftKings. I think I prefer the Fanduel UI but I've had more $ success on DraftKings so ....

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I have to go through my friends that are in legal states just because its easier. They all use multiple but FD and DraftKings are the most popular between them all.

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I'm in TN and use Draftkings. Not super into betting myself, but my buddy is really good at making NASCAR lineups. I've netted $250 from where I started thanks to him so I can't complain.

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DraftKings purely because it had the best promo offer at the time I was making my account. I use brother's bookie to make bets on VT. Thanks to all the roster sleuthing by members of this community, I felt confident enough to bet $400 on us not to cover in our bowl game to Maryland.

In TX so options are pretty limited. Most of my friends use Bovada and crypto to fund it. I did some weekly fantasy football lineups with Fan Duel, but didn't love it.

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Nitrogen Sports. BTC only betting. I was mining small amounts of BTC years ago and lost a lot of it trying to play the crypto markets so I figured I'd rather lose it betting on sports. A little annoying because it only has internationally popular sports but this is probably good because I only bet on sports I follow(CFB, NCAABB, some NFL).

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I've used Bovada in the past, but now I use FanDuel. I started both for the same reason, good promo codes when signing up. Only throw a dollar or so at soccer, golf or CBB parlays.

Look for bonuses/promos when I'm in a state that has legal mobile sports betting.

When/if it's legalized in NC, I'll probably shop around for bonuses but have one main sports book.

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Live in AZ and use Ceasars...started with BetMGM and found their interface to be much more intuitive but stuck with Ceasars simply because I made money with them-both are very good. I've found real time betting to be more my style as you can get better odds though it is far more addictive

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I really only bet in tournament brackets. However, these brackets all seem like a pain in the ass every time depending on who sets them up and what platform they want to go with. Seems like a great way to gain customers would be to own the bracket space. For those who are in legal betting states, the brackets ability could be included in the regular app. For those in non legal states, a non betting app could be available in the App Store that only contains bracket capabilities and maybe some simulated gambling. Provide incentives to bracket players in legal states to wage real money.

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In a funny twist today. One of my buds had an account at a popular online sports betting app that he hadn't used in awhile. They gave him a promotion for free betting $ to get him back he threw it all on their longest shot promotional parlay and hit. Cashed out...his account was promptly suspended.

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Vegas even refuses bets now- which was unheard of 20 years ago unless you were a known bet seller scumbag. Now, they will tell you to pound sand if they don't "like" your bet. It's gotten crazy.

I use DraftKings and CaesarSports apps. DraftKings because they have the most "boosted" bets and promos IMO and went with CaesarSports because they had the best sign up promo (deposit $50, get $300). Used to have FanDual but they don't have as many booted and promo bets than DK.

If I can't use the apps based on state laws or want to bet on VA sport teams, I'll use Bovada.

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Use a real/app casino that uses a standard -110 VIG on a single spread bet. The fan duel nonsense of -280 or -160 or whatever random VIG they put on a single spread bet is nonsense. Vegas style betting for me. MGM app or MGM casino. Also Fanduel's in person betting at arundel mills does not allow in-game parlays, which is total garbage. You can NOT bet the Hokies and the under in the same game live at Fan Duel. Clown/Amateur hour.

Have used several of the legal apps in Va for sign up bonuses. Still use Caesars and MGM because that's where I still have money available to get using the sign up bonuses. I did enjoy DraftKings and fanduel though as I think they had the best user interface.