Shooting at UVa

A former UVa football player is the prime suspect in an on-campus shooting at Uva that left three people dead and two wounded. Rivalry aside, please take some time to pray for the victims and the campus.

We all remember this:

Link to story

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Today, our thoughts and prayers are with the students and faculty at UVa.

I have always said the fiercest rivalries stem from the greatest mutual respect. Today, we offer our sympathies and lend our strength to the students, faculty, staff, and all community members of UVA. We are fierce competitors, but stronger friends.

Reports from current students are that several current football players are victims when they were returning from a theater class trip on a bus.

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Today we are all Wahoos. 😒

We put the K in Kwality

Said this elsewhere and I'll say it here. I have no time for people who will undoubtedly say, "As a fan of (team here), I'm sending my thoughts and prayers." How about as a human, rather than a fan of a team. Fandom doesn't and will never matter in a situation like this. Truly heartbroken for what is currently happening.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

I think they're just identifying themselves, and their relationship. "a fan of another team" sort of helps identify why one might take a special interest. They're still commenting as humans.

That they take the time to acknowledge what's happening is what's important.

Hopefully they catch the suspect soon and stop him from hurting anyone else. The saddest thing is that these things are so frequently reported that I'm rarely phased by it any more.

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Looks like Lavel Davis jr has been confirmed as well 😭

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Was about to post something like this earlier. Glad you did.

No matter what our rivalry is, thoughts and prayers to the UVa school. We should all support them as best we can.

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So sad to hear about this, this morning. Brings back very bad memories.

Hoping they find the perpetrator.

Violence is never the answer. Holding the Hoos in my thoughts today.

All three of the deceased were football players. As mentioned above the first two were D'Sean Perry and Lavel Davis Jr (Confirmed by family to On3 Sports). The last being WR Devin Chandler, a transfer from Wisconsin. No word yet on those wounded or their condition.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Post on reddit names Dontayvion Wicks and Mike Hollins in the hospital

still to be confirmed by authorities

Hollins father confirmed his son is one of the two in the hospital

My condolences for the friends and family and UVA at-large. Hoping he is found and gives himself up.

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Just an awful, senseless tragedy. Praying for the UVA/Charlottesville community today and in the days ahead.

According to reddit two of the wounded are WR Dontayvion Wicks and RB Mike Hollins. No word on their condition though. This is such random and senseless violence. I hope they find the guy today.

This is a tragedy, however this doesn't seem to be random in my opinion. Former football player killing 3 football players and injuring 2 other football players seems targeted.

Ultimately, I hope the 2 Hoos in the hospital pull through.

Whatever the issue was it wasn't a teammate issue though. None of the victims played with Jones. 3 didn't join the team until the 19-20 season. 1 was the following year and the last was this year. Jones was only on the team in 18-19.

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That's fair.

Edit: the suspect was part of the class returning from DC on a bus and evidently opened fire while still on the bus as it got back to UVA.

Yeah but it looks like he brought the weapon on the bus or the trip.
That's probably not normal/premeditated.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Suspect caught, removing the embeds.

This is a horrible tragedy. 3 young men with their futures ahead of them- gone, 2 more people injured, and who knows how many people impacted. So very sad.
As mentioned above, this brings back terrible memories.
Sending thoughts and prayers to everyone at UVA. May all who were impacted by this horrible event find strength, support, and love.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

Absolutely heartbreaking news to wake up to this am.

Per Barber from the new confrerence "Two others wounded, one in critical condition, one in good condition."

On a fucking bus. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

This is my school
This is home

Just realized that Joe Rudolph likely overlapped with Devin Chandler when they were at UW. Different positions, but same side of the ball.

Joe was the OC so I would assume he would have talked to recievers and know the players well.

My God, this is horrible. Having flashbacks as I'm literally standing in the same exact spot in my office when it went down at VT on that evil day.

Prayers for UVA and the students and for the victims and their families.

I just saw on that he was apprehended in Henrico County.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

Per UVA News Conference, the suspect is in custody.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

Thoughts and prayers for the families and the UVA community.

Authorities indicating that the two hospitalized students - one in good condition one in critical condition per Washington Post

This is awful on a human-to-human level, and absolutely devastating.

I was a freshman at BHS on April 16. I didn't know if my mom or dad were going to come home that day. I had classmates whose parents didn't.

This is a terrible thing for any community, any family, anyone at all to go through and we as Hokies should be there for UVA the way they were for us. Suspect deserves the full penalty of the law.

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Braxton Burmeister, Ryan Willis, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

A senseless tragedy. Thoughts and prayers for UVA and the hoo community but nothing will bring back the lives lost. So sad.

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if people have a suggestion for better text, i'm open to changing it. This is just what came to mind immediately

edit: updated

Looks really good. What did they say to us back when ours happened?

"Hoos for Hokies"

I felt like Hokies for Hoos didn't work as well since Hoos and Who's are homophones. ("Who's for Hokies? Hoos for Hokies" has a nice call/response kind of feel that doesn't work if you flip the nouns)

I also though of maybe "You stood with us. We stand with you." but it felt a little too us-centered

Edit: looks like I should have gone with "Hokies for Hoos" after all. This is why I don't work professionally in social media.

Sentiment is the same both ways.

I think Hokies for Hoos still works. I also like University of Virginians.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

I LOVE University of Virginians

@MattBoard saw you posted it on reddit too. Much love, great stuff.

What about combining the V and the VT logos with the V being UVA's orange and blue and the T being o&m and using the T to spell together
VTogehter Hokies supporting Hoos

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

What about using the UVA logo, and putting the T behind the V, so like a combination?

Yeah that was what I was trying to say and then possibly add the letters to make it together.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

Not exactly what you're going for but I liked this one I saw online (I'm a fan of the old school "TV" logo). I did not create this

The T is too much like Tennessee. Just leave it off.

I prefer the University of Virginians logo, above.

The T is too much like Tennessee.

That was my first thought too...

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

this is awful; very sad

Nothing I can say other than this is sad, nobody deserves this.

So very true. Nobody EVER deserves this. And for it to happen at this point in the year when we are celebrating friends and family it makes it even harder.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

Charlottesville is a great town and a great college town. As an urban planner, it has always been an inspiration for me. It's probably top 5 of the places that inspired me toward this career path. It really sucks that it keeps being in the news for negative things. Just like the April 16th hangs over the national perception of VT and overshadows what a great university and community Blacksburg is, these tragedies overshadow the incredible place that Charlottesville is and always has been.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

ust like the April 16th hangs over the national perception of VT and overshadows what a great university and community Blacksburg is, these tragedies overshadow the incredible place that Charlottesville is and always has been.

The perception is crazy and never truly leaves. I was just telling my GF how I hadn't been asked about the shooting in awhile despite repping VT gear often. Lo and behold, a few days later at a wedding, another guest started peppering me with all sorts of questions about it after I told her I graduated VT. Ironically her kids graduated from UVA.

The Charlottesville riot perception also hasn't left. My mother is a high end landscape designer and strongly suggested to a client she not use tiki torches at her family farm for a big event they held, north of Charlottesville. They did and apparently it wasn't a good look or well received by guests.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

His decision was made after a phone call with longtime Virginia Tech assistant coach Bud Foster. All Foster told him was, "We win. They don't."

guest started peppering me with all sorts of questions about it after I told her I graduated VT.

Same thing happened to me at a funeral for one of my classmate's parents. Tried to keep my answers short and final to foster a rapid change of topics with limited success.

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Yea, there's a time and a place for it. Some people definitely have a hard time reading the room.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

His decision was made after a phone call with longtime Virginia Tech assistant coach Bud Foster. All Foster told him was, "We win. They don't."

I like what the official football twitter account did here by putting UVA colors on the VT logo, instead of altering the UVA logo to incorporate some VT element into it. I know those designing altered UVA logos in this thread are well-intentioned, but I think it is best to leave their school's logo alone. We are "putting on" the other school to offer condolences and show solidarity, not putting ourselves onto them.

I agree with your thought. I think my thinking in combining the logos was that the V leans into the T and the T is supporting the V if that makes sense.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

I think Coach Pry expressed what we all feel.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

So if this is over the line then mods feel free to delete or let me know and I'll delete -

The shooter is being charged with second degree murder. But if I understand the timeline correctly, the shooter was on the trip with the rest of the students, and he used the weapons upon returning to Charlottesville, which means he took the weapons with him on the trip with the intent of using them.

Is this not clearly premeditated? Doesn't that mean first degree charges?

Again, sorry if this isn't the time or place to ask the question but I started thinking about it as I was at the gym today.

I would guess that they get upped to 1st degree since it does seem premeditated. Is it possible something to do with what evidence they need to collect prior to designating it as first degree? Hopefully one of the folks here with law knowledge can help.

Not a lawyer, but I believe second degree is more of a catchall and "easier" to convict. Depending on the results of the investigation, I would not be surprised if the charges get elevated to first degree.

Also not a lawyer and looking forward to our legal Hokies weighing in, but from other cases it seems it's a matter of filing a charge that is relevant to secure an arrest warrant and get him behind bars. As evidence is collected and prosecutors work the case, charges can be added or amended.

From a legal standpoint, they need to charge him with something in order to hold him and go to a hearing t the court.
2nd degree is essentially all murder except aggravated or 1st degree in VA.

2nd degree is easily to show as a possible charge as it is relatively all encompassing in the case where a weapon is used.

The charges can always be changed. To a jury, raising the charges to 1st degree will appear better than going down to second degree.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

simply awful πŸ˜”

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Virginia running back Mike Hollins is in critical condition, on a ventilator and will undergo a second surgical procedure on Tuesday for a gunshot wound suffered Sunday night

"A fifth victim, who is not a football player, is in stable condition"

"Hollins, a redshirt junior who has rushed for 215 yards and two touchdowns this season, was shot in the back and suffered wounds to his abdomen, where the bullet is believed to have exited, McKernan says. He underwent emergency surgery Sunday night and will have another procedure on Tuesday, when doctors will explore his abdominal cavity and kidneys for damage."

""The first thing he asked about was his three teammates," McKernan says.

It's unclear if Hollins is aware that the three died. For fear of upsetting the player at an unstable time, doctors sedated him. McKernan says he is expected to have the ventilator removed on Tuesday."

Hollins was further towards the front of the bus, so farther from Jones, which is what likely spared his life.

The article is a relatively fast read, with a few other additional details provided that I had not seen before, such as details around what happened when the incident started.

Thanks for this. I had gathered that Hollins was one of the two in the hospital and that one person in the hospital was in critical condition and the other was in good condition, but I hadn't heard who the other person was or which person was in which condition. Based on what Hollins father said yesterday it sounds like he's expected to recover, though these details sound scarier than that.

The other person was not a player and was released from what I read. I will try to find article.

Per Hollins's mother, his second surgery began at 8 AM this morning. Hoping and praying that goes well.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

I know there's a lot of animosity between schools, but when something like this happen, I love seeing the solidarity and that it's ultimately a good-natured rivalry.

I hate seeing stuff like this and thinking of the friends and families of those guys who won't be going home. So it's really nice seeing the compassion of all you guys, from our university, and athletic department. Also feels like we're representing the "Brotherhood" pylon well.

I imagine we'll do something special for the game with them.

For some reason it feels like Taps or Amazing Grace on the bagpipes for an early morning vigil tomorrow on the drillfield would be nice.

Not sure if it's because the victims were football players and that's the main source of our rivalry, but this feels especially somber for the upcoming game.

Sorry for all the random thoughts, this just seems to have hit me pretty hard this morning.

Lots of thoughts and prayers for UVA and especially the families of the players - even the survivors as well, they'll probably need them as well.

After I mentioned it - what about decorating the Brotherhood pylon with something like the Virginians banner with the players' names on it?

If we do end up playing the game (honestly I could see it either way--they are grieving and want to cancel or the team feels the need to play to honor their teammates), what about helmet stickers with their numbers? Blue numbers on orange for Davis, Perry, and Chandler, and orange number on blue for Hollins.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

Admittedly, I would have mixed feelings about placing anything on the Brotherhood Pylon. To be clear, it is not because of their school affiliation. The Pylons are monuments for those killed during military actions and, aside from the carvings and engraved names, are meant to be unadorned.

I would absolutely support a wreath set near the Brotherhood Pylon or incorporating the Brotherhood carving on the wreath's center plate.

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Excellent news.

That's great! Hopefully he has a good recovery with no setbacks. He is supposed to graduate next month. Here's hoping he is well enough to walk across the stage.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

In the press conference they basically said Coach Elliott, AD Williams, and the team will decide what they are going to do moving forward, but do not know yet. The rest of UVA's teams will continue as scheduled.

Not surprising in the least. They haven't been able to practice or do anything football related. Coach Chadwell's statement was very kind and supportive.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

They lost their senior day. It might be a nice gesture if they want to play our game, to allow them to celebrate their seniors with ours.

HokieEnginerd and I were talking about that last night. I think it would be a meaningful experience. We did say that it would be a long senior day that would have to start early.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

This is a great way of showing support and recognizing them on Sr. Day.

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The torch; be yours to hold it high.
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I believe the funerals are next week, so if (I think it's a big if) the game is played I am guessing it would push to the following weekend when conference championship games are typically played. There is no way UVA can hold an adequate number of workouts and practices to safely play us between now and our game against them.

This is so unbelievably sad. I'm thankful the entire TKP community is rallying around the Hoos.

I was really moved by the statements made to the Washington Post by one of the students on the bus, Ryan Lynch. Incredible strength and courage by her to just recount her experiences, and remarkably brave of her and her classmates to stay with their friends to perform CPR when a maniac was still shooting. Can't help but tear up reading this quote from her "The one thing that gives me comfort is I know each one of them had somebody in our class trying to help them. I want their families to know that. In their last moments, they weren't alone."

I don't think the UVA game should be played. But if UVA wants to go ahead with it, we should paint their logo at midfield or paint our entire field like Scott Stadium. There should be other tributes, mourning, and moments of solidarity, but I figured I'd float the field paint idea since it probably wouldn't be difficult and it'd give a constant visual cue to any viewer that this isn't just any game and we're proud to host and support our rivals through this terrible time.

This is my school
This is home

I really like the idea of, if they decide to go through with the game with us, we allow them to have their Senior Day right alongside of our guys. I also really like the painting of the field in their colors idea that was floated as well. Obviously this is all a really big *if* right now. But I think it would be something that would be helpful in some small way to show our continued support for them.

β€œAlso, a microwave has never danced it's ass off to Jackie Wilson.” - AssPocketFullOWhiskey

I really love the idea of sharing senior day with the Hoos and pushing the game back as far as need be to accommodate it. If it isn't next weekend then maybe we can move it to championship saturday. If not championship saturday then maybe after classes are over in mid-December. IMHO, the whole of bowl season is available for it.

Shared Senior Day would be great. It would be amazing if Hollins was able to participate in it, either through Zoom on the Jumbotron, or if there were some great miracle-he could at least walk out with the team. He would have to go last though, because everybody would be emotional.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.


2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

That first tweet hits right in the sads

Twitter me

That makes 2 of us.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

"Unable to speak" -- brings tears to my eyes
"How are my teammates doing" -- makes me full out bawl

Does he know?

EDIT: I also want to say that thank goodness that UVA has such amazing medical facilities and top notch doctors. Their medical school is a gem and they're well equipped to care for Hollins.

Not usually. Maybe now after second surgery and out of ICU. But if possible while in ICU hospitals will try and keep any upsetting news from patients so it doesn't put their chances at recovery at risk.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

They told him after the second surgery in case y'all didn't see that yet. It went as you would expect.

Brenda said doctors wanted her to wait until after Mike's second surgery to tell him that Chandler, Davis and Perry were killed. When Mike was intubated and couldn't talk, he asked about his teammates by writing their names on a dry-erase board.

"We had to tell him that we had no information," Brenda said. "We told him that because of the severity of the situation, it was confidential and we couldn't get any information. I don't think he believed us. He was throwing his hands up and had this look on his face, and I know he was saying, 'Why? What do you mean?'

"We couldn't tell him because we needed his vitals to stay where they were because he had surgery coming up. They didn't want any complications."

Immediately after Mike came out of recovery from his second surgery, his family delivered the devastating news that his teammates were gone.

"He was waiting," Brenda said. "Right after they removed the ventilator, I heard him say, 'Thanks, doc.' I hadn't heard him talk, so it was just a blessing to hear his voice. As soon as we walked in, that was his question: 'Where is D'Sean?' He knew. My daughter was standing closest to him, and he looked at her. She shook her head. She said, 'He's gone.'

"Mike's cry was so deep it was like coming from his soul. It was like a cry I'd never heard before in my life. It was so deep. His cry was so deep. There was nothing I could do. I can't grab him and pull him to me and hug him because he's hurt. I can't move him. It was like he was alone in that moment. We were there, but he was alone."

I watched that interview last night. Definitely brought tears to my eyes.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

NFL players and teams are honoring Chandler, Davis, and Perry this weekend
Juan Thornhill's cleats

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

Today is the first Saturday in my life that I root for UVA football. No matter that their game is cancelled. Go Hoo's. Prayers to our rivals and brothers in Charlottesville.

Hollins has been released from the hospital!

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.