Jason Brown seeking extra year of eligibility

Interesting for sure. If he gets it, I wonder how it would affect whether we go into the portal for someone else.

I double he would win out for the starting job over wells next year, but anything can happen between now and next September.

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Hope he gets it regardless if he stays here for a good degree or goes somewhere else.

This took me by surprise last week too. I hope he finds a way onto the field one way or another. He's wanted to be a Hokie his whole life.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

This could be good in terms of having some numbers in the QB room and he could help bring along a guy like Farrell . Also since he is big on the Hokies, he could put in a good word for recruiting some Virginia Guys.

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Anything that builds on competition in the QB room and provides for an alternative to Mr Wells ads QB-1 is a good thing for VT. Good luck to Mr Brown.