ACC-SEC Challenge to replace ACC-Big Ten Challenge beginning in 2023

Of course, the reason for this is that ESPN no longer holds the Big Ten TV rights, and as such, made the old challenge impossible. But I guess this is cool to know that tonight won't be the overall last Challenge we are a part of.

Update - Announced by the ACC

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I'm good with an SEC challenge. Their level of basketball has risen significantly recently, and plus I'd love to go kick the shit out of aTm, nothing to do with Buzz, I've just grown to hate all things aTm this year.

The "Football success/funding raises all ships" mantra has paid dividends for the SEC for their basketball and baseball programs, some of which were already strong.

I wish the VT booster pool was as aligned on this reality as those programs are.

I like this better.

Oh man hosting Tennessee in Cassell would be rowdy

VT is already 1-0 in the ACC/Big Ten challenge with a win over PSU.

I won't miss seemingly being paired up with Iowa/Penn St almost every year. I look forward to seemingly being paired up with Ole Miss every year

Ironically - Coach K- who controlled the matchups behind closed doors is gone, and they dump the series. lol