Pry Post-Season Presser 11.28.22

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I really didn't expect anyone to be let go after 1 season (Year 0, whatever), but good to see him say what he did out loud.

Also, it's wide open for the portal. Let's get going!

While I agree, Professor Frank Beamer needs to force some learning on Stu as ST needs a lot of work.

We have to dive into what didn't work and how come.

To me, this is where the real test of coaching is. If he and his staff can learn and grow. The danger is that your do nothing and stubbornly hold onto what doesn't work or that you flail from thing to thing without ever finding what the underlying issue is.

edit: I'm hopeful he can take the middle path. I feel like we saw a lot of growth this season even if it wasn't as drastic or consistent as we hoped initially. Time will tell.

No staff changes anticipated. But the offense this offseason needs to be broken down and reevaluated/rebuilt in every facet - personnel, scheme, playcalling, etc. We cannot afford to be this bad next year.

The good news early? Pry seems to acknowledge and agree with you, thankfully. Now let's hope there's work done in the offseason to do exactly what you and he said.

He also discussed setting up time to get with other programs in February, so hopefully we can workshop some things then.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Did I read correctly that he is meeting with like 30-40 of the players? That's almost half the team once you take our seniors leaving.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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This year was definitely a trial run to see which guys should be here. And I think a lot of guys are about to or are getting a conversation that they may not like. But given what happened this year, I think that needs to happen.

4-5 already happened and 32-33 more scheduled this week. We should really have a clearer idea of what the staff is thinking in terms of portal pick ups by the end of the week.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

I've been saying we need to turnover 40% of the roster. Really happy to hear this.

Edit - I think he said "33 or 34 meetings" not '30 to 40 meetings' - but maybe this is a gold/blue dress situation.

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Here the YouTube link for those interested:

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Sounds like there's going to be a LOT of roster turnover this offseason. I like it. Hope we can get a good QB and some other P5-level starters from the portal to go along with some young guys that have impressed so far (Delane, Wright).

This is such a huge offseason for this staff.

Two interesting nuggets:

1. Pry and his staff have been proxy recruiting for portal players. He had mentioned talking to HS coaches to ensure fit. Hopefully this will allow VT to get players they desire as opposed to a wait-and-see approach to see who enters the portal. I'm guessing it will be a mixture of both, but successful targeted recruiting should yield better results.

2. Pry and staff will not limit themselves to the 6-hour radius for portal recruitment. It can play a role for player that may want come home, but is not as important unless they're getting a "developmental" player.

It will be a very interesting offseason, and perhaps a crazy few weeks for roster management. It's good to hear that they are at least attempting to be major players in the portal game.

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