TKP 2022 NFL Survivor League, Week 13

Let me tell you, it's amazing what a couple weeks in a tropical locale will do for your attitude on life in general. As well as knowing that there were knockouts in Weeks 10, 11, AND 12. The field is now whittled down to three (Hokie Fireman, hokiespalante, and hokietopher) as we go into Week 13.

And thank you, thank you to hokietopher for picking up the torch I had dropped and carrying it for a few weeks. Bravo Zulu!

Rules reminder (changes from Round 1 in italics)
- Pick one team each week. If that team loses, you're out. If that team wins, you move on to the next week. Ties are considered losses, and that participant is out.
- You can only pick each team once.
- If you're the last one standing, you win.
- If you haven't picked by the time the first game to be played that week has started (e.g. the Thursday night game, Bills at Rams, for week one), you can still pick, so long as you pick a game that hasn't started yet.
- If all remaining participants for a week lose or tie (i.e. nobody's pick wins), then that week resets, and those participants move on to the next week.
- You may change your pick, so long as neither your old nor your new picks have started their games. This must be done in a new comment, not by editing your original comment.
- When the game resets (as is happening this week), all previously used teams are available to be picked.

Games This Week
Thu: Bills @ Patriots
Sun 9am: (none)
Sun 1pm: Packers @ Bears, Steelers @ Falcons, Jets @ Vikings, Jaguars @ Lions, Titans @ Eagles, Browns @ Texans, Commanders @ Giants, Broncos @ Ravens
Sun 4pm: Dolphins @ 49ers, Seahawks @ Rams, Chargers @ Raiders, Chiefs @ Bengals
Sun night: Colts @ Cowboys
Mon: Saints @ Buccaneers
Bye: Cardinals, Panthers

Name Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13
Hokie Fireman Jets Eagles Jaguars Giants Bills Dolphins Browns
hokiespalante Raiders Eagles Vikings Giants Bengals Cowboys Browns
hokietopher Cowboys Eagles Vikings Chiefs Ravens Dolphins Seahawks
VPIhokieME Giants Bills Jaguars Titans Eagles Ravens  
07Hokie Giants Bills Eagles Chiefs Steelers    
vtdirk12 Ravens Bills Eagles Chiefs Giants    
Mr Storm Your Field Commanders Bills Vikings Bears      
Brown_Trout Raiders DNP          
Roll Turkey Chiefs Jaguars          
HokieAlum6144 Buccaneers            
Bmhbeaver Buccaneers            
Highty Tighty Buccaneers            
gobble gobble chumps Packers            
hokie47 Packers            
Horkie Patriots            
AZHokie22 Patriots            
VTMaroonOrange Patriots            
jgladish Patriots            
HokieHi62 Patriots            
Little Bobby Tables Patriots          
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Lets try the Browns this week.

I'm gonna roll with the Seahawks.

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

Let's see if Topher wins the whole thing this week. Going Browns also.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

One. Measly. Point. 😡

Onward and upward