ACC Wheel of Destiny 2022

It's the end of an era, as we are in the final ACC season with divisions. I don't know if that means next year's wheel of destiny will be more or less crazy.

A month into the season, and everyone except Miami has played at least one conference game. Both divisions are up for grabs, but for different reasons. The Atlantic has a few teams that look like they could compete with Clemson, or at least be able to jump in if the Tigers stumble. Meanwhile, the Coastal is . . .the Coastal. It's probably going to be a game of hot potato all season long.

Usual reminders:
--We're only talking about conference records here.
--"Additional losses" means losses that teams receive from other ACC teams. For example, BC is 1-2 and would need every other team in the division to have 2 or more losses. That means they would need other teams in addition to themselves to beat Clemson and Syracuse in order to have a chance.
--Most scenarios here are just referring to what a teams needs to regain control of their destiny. We won't be getting too deep into tiebreakers until at least Halloween or so.

Controls destiny:
-Clemson (3-0) has tiebreakers over WF and NC State
-Syracuse (2-0) has a tiebreaker over Louisville

Needs help:
-Wake Forest (1-1) needs 2 Clemson losses, but they have a tiebreaker over FSU.
-Florida State (2-1) needs a Wake Forest loss, but they have tiebreakers over Louisville and BC.
-NC State (0-1) needs 2 Clemson losses.
-Boston College (1-2) needs losses by FSU (2), plus additional losses by Clemson and Syracuse. They do have a tiebreaker over Louisville.

Just start winning:
-Louisville (0-3) has lost to Syracuse, FSU, and BC. I'm not even going to figure out their chances until they get a W.

Controls destiny:
-Miami (0-0) hasn't played anyone.
-UNC (1-0) with a tiebreaker over VT.
-Duke (1-0) with a tiebreaker over uva.
-Georgia Tech (1-1) with a tiebreaker over Pitt. (The loss was from Clemson.)

Needs help:
-Virginia Tech (1-1) needs 2 UNC losses.
-Pitt (0-1) needs a GT loss.

Just start winning:
-uva (0-2) lost to Duke.


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Looking at next week's matchups, I had to wonder how shallow the slate is that Clemson at BC got the primetime game on ABC. But then I saw BYU at Notre Dame on NBC and aTm at Alabama on CBS in primetime. So the mothership is punting since they already have Texas/Oklahoma at noon. Still, they dumped FSU/NC State to ACCN?'s BC red bandana game...

Other games of note:
-Louisville at uva (noon, ACCN) -- a Louisville loss plus a Clemson win would eliminate the possibility of Louisville outright winning the division. They would have to rely on crazy tiebreakers at 4-4.
-VT at Pitt (3:30, ACCN) -- this is probably going to be painful. Not sure if GT beating Pitt helps or hurts us.
-UNC at Miami (4, ESPN2) -- winner is in 1st place in the Coastal.
-Duke at GT (4, RSN) -- so, this surprisingly is a game that matters somewhat.
-FSU at NC State (8, ACCN) -- winner still has a chance, but the loser is probably out of it. (But in the ACC, never say never.)

It helps if Pitt's star running back misses our game as well. He has been about 60% of their total offense.

We may not win again. Wells has to go. Too inconsistent.

US Navy Vet

He has 3 more years to be developed, so they aren't going to play Brown or Farrell a true freshman instead.

But I do agree that he needs to be held more to account. They need to light a fire under him and make sure he knows that those INT's are not acceptable. Pull him for Brown if the throws more than one pick (a lot of them are balls that should never have been thrown at all). And bring back open competition if needed.

If the QB is looking over his shoulder you're going to get even worse play. Coach him up to help him avoid the mistakes.

Brown has one year though. If Wells lost the job this year he'd still be top dog next year, that just isn't an issue he has to worry about.

I'm just all for whatever it takes for him to take these INT's seriously and not throw balls that never should be thrown

Do we just not like Bullock anymore too?

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Yeah, we should definitely chase away some more QBs. That's working out great for Virginia Tech Tennessee so far.

Fuente isn't coaching anywhere so we can't rely on him squandering and running off QB talent. We absolutely should be hitting the Portal to improve the QB room, but until something changes, Wells is our man.

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Week 6 update

Controls destiny:
-Clemson (4-0) has tiebreakers over Wake Forest, NC State, BC
-Syracuse (2-0) has a tiebreaker over Louisville

Needs help:
-Wake Forest (1-1) needs 2 Clemson losses, but they have a tiebreaker over FSU.
-NC State (1-1) needs 2 Clemson losses, but they have a tiebreaker over FSU.
-Florida State (2-2) needs losses by WF (2) and NC State (2), plus additional losses by Clemson and Syracuse.
At least they have tiebreakers over Louisville and BC.

Just start winning:
-Boston College (1-3) has the tiebreaker over Louisville, but lost to FSU and Clemson.
-Louisville (1-3) has lost to Syracuse, FSU, and BC. Their only win is against uva.

I kept Louisville in the "Just Start Winning" category because they don't have a divisional win, and I bumped BC down there because their only win is against Louisville. Both teams are on a bye next week, so neither can be officially eliminated. However, a win by Clemson would prevent BC from ever controlling their own destiny. (In that case, BC's best case scenario of 5-3 would equal Clemson's worst case scenario. Clemson has the H2H tiebreaker, so BC would need to force a multi-team tie. Obviously, it's too early to play that "what if" game.)

Controls destiny:
-UNC (2-0) has tiebreakers over VT and Miami.
-Georgia Tech (2-1) has tiebreakers over Pitt and Duke.

Needs help:
-Duke (1-1) needs a GT loss, but has a tiebreaker over uva.
-Pitt (1-1) needs a GT loss, but has a tiebreaker over VT.
-Miami (0-1) needs 2 UNC losses.

Just start winning:
-Virginia Tech (1-2) lost to UNC and Pitt.
-uva (0-2) lost to Duke.

I put VT in the "Just start winning" category because we haven't won a divisional game. Normally, I wouldn't worry about what they need to get control, but since it's our team -- VT needs UNC to lose 3 and Pitt to lose 2.

Only 4 ACC games next week:
-Miami at VT (12:30, RSN)
-NC State at Syracuse (3:30, ACCN)
-Clemson at FSU (7:30, ABC)
-UNC at Duke (8, ACCN)

The outcome with the most direct immediate impact in the divisional races would be Clemson beating FSU. Clemson would go to 5 wins and FSU would have 3 losses. FSU's only chance would be a multi-team tie at 5-3 and hope the tiebreakers work for them.

Week 7 update

Controls destiny:
-Clemson (5-0) has tiebreakers over Wake Forest, NC State, BC, FSU
-Syracuse (3-0) has tiebreakers over Louisville, NC State

Needs help:
-Wake Forest (1-1) needs 2 Clemson losses. They have a tiebreaker over FSU.
-NC State (1-2) needs 3 losses each from Clemson and Syracuse. They have a tiebreaker over FSU.

NC State could still have an outside chance of winning the division outright as long as Clemson loses out. But a Clemson win would knock NC State down to the "out of control" category.

The following teams will be eliminated with a loss OR Clemson win:
-Louisville (1-3) lost to Syracuse, FSU, BC
-Florida State (2-3) has tiebreakers over Louisville and BC, but lost to WF, NC State, and Clemson.
-Boston College (1-3) beat Louisville but lost to FSU and Clemson.

Technically, Louisville still has a chance to control their destiny, since they have yet to play Clemson. In that scenario, Clemson would lose out while Louisville wins out, and Louisville would have the head-to-head. FSU and BC have entered the "out of control" category, because their only shot at a division tiebreaker would have to involve multiple teams tied at 5-3. One or both of them might actually be completely mathematically eliminated, but it's not worth going through all of the different scenarios when next week's game could render most of them moot.

It looks like the Atlantic could be clinched real soon, except we're hitting that midseason stretch where teams start having the bye week/non-con back-to-back weeks. Clemson plays Syracuse this coming week, but then they have a bye in week 9 while Syracuse plays ND, and then Clemson goes to ND in week 10.

Therefore, there is no way to clinch the Atlantic prior to Halloween. The earliest that the Atlantic could be decided is week 10, and that is if Clemson beats Syracuse in week 8, WF loses to BC and/or Louisville in weeks 8 and 9, and then Syracuse loses to Pitt in week 10.

Even if Syracuse beats Clemson, they would still need to go deep into November to catch up to Clemson's number of conference games played.

Controls destiny:
-UNC (3-0) has tiebreakers over VT, Miami, and Duke.
-Georgia Tech (2-1) has tiebreakers over Pitt and Duke.

Needs help:
-Pitt (1-1) needs a GT loss. They have a tiebreaker over VT.
-Miami (1-1) needs two UNC losses. They have a tiebreaker over VT.
-Duke (1-2) need losses by UNC (3) and GT. They have a tiebreaker over uva.

Just start winning:
-Virginia Tech (1-3) lost to UNC, Pitt, and Miami
-uva (0-2) lost to Duke.

To regain control of their destiny, VT needs losses by UNC (4), Pitt (3), and Miami (3), plus GT to lose another game along the way. (And to be clear, I am just stating facts here, not making any predictions or laying odds.)

Week 8 games:
-uva at GT (Thursday, 7:30, ESPN)
-Syracuse at Clemson (noon, ABC)
-Duke at Miami (12:30, RSN)
-BC at WF (3:30, ACCN)
-Pitt at Louisville (8:00, ACCN)

Biggest game is the Syracuse at Clemson game -- battle for first place in the Atlantic. A Clemson win would outright eliminate FSU, BC, and Louisville plus knock NC State out of control of their destiny. If Clemson loses, the BC and Louisville games could still be elimination games.

Week 8 Atlantic update

(BC at WF is still going on as I type this up, but Wake is up by 28 with less than half a quarter to go, so I'm gonna go ahead and give them the win.)

Controls destiny:
-Clemson (6-0) has tiebreakers over Wake Forest, NC State, and Syracuse.
Since their worst possible record is 6-2, then any 3-loss team has been officially eliminated. So far, that means FSU, Louisville, and BC, who all came into this weekend with 3 losses.

Needs help:
-Syracuse (3-1) needs 2 Clemson losses. They have a tiebreaker over NC State.
-Wake Forest (3-1) needs 2 Clemson losses.

NC State (1-2) was also knocked out of contention this weekend. If they win out and Clemson loses out, both teams are 6-2. Clemson has the head-to-head, so NC State would need another team in the tie. However, Clemson also has tiebreakers over Syracuse and Wake Forest, so they win every scenario.

I'll go into more detail later tonight or tomorrow to go into all of the remaining possibilities for the Atlantic.

Here are the possible scenarios for the Atlantic.

Obviously, if Clemson wins out, they go 8-0 and win on best record.

If Clemson loses one game (Louisville or Miami), they would still clinch the division at 7-1. Syracuse and Wake Forest have yet to play, so only one of them could potentially reach 7-1, and Clemson already has head-to-head over both.

If Clemson loses out and ends up at 6-2, they can still clinch the division as long as the loser of Syracuse/WF also loses another game. Again, Clemson has head-to-head over everyone in the division except Louisville (who is already at 3 losses). So it doesn't matter how many teams are in the tie, Clemson will come out ahead in all of them.

There is only one scenario where Clemson doesn't win the Atlantic -- that requires the winner of Syracuse/WF to win out while Clemson loses out. The winner would be 7-1, and everyone else would have 2 or more losses.

Since Clemson's next two weeks are a bye and ND, the earliest they can clinch by winning would be in week 11 (11/12 against Louisville). However, they could clinch in week 10 if Syracuse loses to Pitt that day AND if WF loses in weeks 9 or 10 (Louisville/NC State)

Wake Forest or Syracuse would not be able to clench until the final week of the regular season, as one of them needs to win out.

Week 8 Coastal update

While the Atlantic is on the verge of wrapping it up, the Coastal is still a mess. Now, there are two main reasons for that -- 1.) the Coastal teams suck, and 2.) Clemson has their schedule front loaded with conference games to accommodate their season ending game against USCocks (and a late season ND game this year). So, while Clemson is already 6-0 in conference, none of the Coastal teams have played more than 4 conference games.

Controls destiny:
-UNC (3-0) has tiebreakers over VT, Miami, and Duke.

Needs help:
-Georgia Tech (2-2) needs an additional loss by UNC. They have tiebreakers over Pitt and Duke, but lost to uva.
-Duke (2-2) needs losses by UNC (3) and GT. They have tiebreakers over uva and Miami.
-Pitt (1-2) needs a GT loss. They have a tiebreaker over VT.
-Miami (1-2) needs losses by UNC (3) and Duke. They have a tiebreaker over VT.
-uva (1-3) needs a loss by Duke and an additional loss by UNC. They have a tiebreaker over GT.
-Virginia Tech (1-3) needs losses by UNC (4), Pitt (2), Miami (2).

To put it simply, UNC needs to lose two games to make this interesting.

No one is mathematically eliminated yet. uva or VT could get moved to the "out of control" category with a loss AND a UNC win. That would mean that their only shot at winning the division would have to involve a tie.

Key games in Week 9:
-VT at NC State (Thursday, 7:30, ESPN)
-GT at FSU (noon, ACCN)
-Miami at uva (12:30, RSN)
-WF at Louisville (3:30, ACCN)
-Pitt at UNC (8:00, ACCN)

The most impactful is probably the Pitt/UNC game, as everyone in the Coastal needs UNC to lose. And if anyone out there is holding out hope that VT could win the Coastal, you're probably rooting for Miami to lose.

I always root for Miami to lose.

Wait, so I'm not a math guy or even a numbers guy but if we're rooting for Miami to lose then aren't we rooting for loluva to (**chokes) win??? This does not seem right in any way except logically, which I am not bound by.

"Don't go to, go through"

Freely admit I hate Miami more than LOLUVA. That being said, I would root for any school against Miami. In this case the true hero would be the asteroid, but I doubt that happens. So, gulp, LOLUVA against Miami gets my cheers.

There's a reason I phrased it the way I did.

Week 9 update

This division is easy.

Clemson (6-0) controls their destiny. Since their worst possible record is 6-2 and they have tiebreakers over everybody except Louisville, any team with 2 or more losses is out. They can clinch next week with a Syracuse loss to Pitt, or the week after with a win over Louisville.

The only other team remotely in contention is Syracuse (3-1). They need to win out while Clemson loses out. They will be eliminated with a loss OR Clemson win.

Out of contention:
-Wake Forest (2-2)
-NC State (2-2)
-Louisville (3-3)
-Florida State (3-3)
-Boston College (1-4)

Wake Forest was eliminated by losing to Louisville this week.

I would like to point out that the final score of the Miami/uva game was 14-12 in 4OT. The score was tied at 6 at the end of regulation. Ugh.

Controls destiny:
-UNC (4-0) has tiebreakers over VT, Miami, Duke, and Pitt.

Needs help:
-Duke (2-2) needs losses by UNC (3) and GT. They have tiebreakers over uva and Miami.
-Miami (2-2) needs losses by UNC (3) and Duke. They have tiebreakers over VT and uva.
-Georgia Tech (2-3) needs an additional losses by UNC (2). They have tiebreakers over Pitt and Duke but lost to uva.
-Pitt (1-3) needs losses by UNC (4) and GT. They have a tiebreaker over VT.
-uva (1-4) needs losses by UNC (4), Duke (3), and Miami (3). They have a tiebreaker over GT.

Out of control:
-Virginia Tech (1-4) will be eliminated with a loss OR win by UNC.

VT might already be out of contention, but I don't think I want to put that much effort into figuring out all of the 4-4 ties.

There are two things we know for sure:
-VT would have to be in a 4-4 tie with UNC and other team(s).
-VT and uva can't both be in a tie because the loser of that game will have 5 or more losses.

The easiest scenario to figure out is UNC/VT/GT at 4-4. UNC losing out and VT winning out would give GT one addition win and loss, and then they need to win their other game (against Miami).
-each team would be 1-1 in group, so it would go to divisional records.
-UNC and GT would be 4-2, VT would be 3-3, VT eliminated
-GT would have head to head over UNC.

There's too many variables in the remaining schedule for the rest of the teams. For instance, Duke would be (2-3) with a loss to VT, and we would need them to go 1-2 in their remaining games. Those games are against Pitt and two Atlantic teams, so it would matter which game they won as divisional records would come into play.

The reason I still have uva in the "needs help" category is that they still have to play UNC, so if they are part of a 4-4 tie with UNC, they would at least have that tiebreaker.

Now, all of this is purely academic based on next week's games.

Week 10 games:
Duke at BC (Thursday, 7 PM, ESPN2)
UNC at uva (noon, ACCN)
GT at VT (12:30, RSN)
Syracuse at Pitt (3:30, ACCN)
FSU at Miami (7:30, ABC)
WF at NC State (8, ACCN)

The most impactful game is UNC at uva. A UNC win will officially eliminate uva and VT from contention. GT and Pitt can be eliminated if they lose AND UNC wins.

It is possible that UNC could clinch the division this week with these outcomes:
-UNC over uva
-VT over GT
-Syracuse over Pitt
-FSU over Miami
-BC over Duke

The standings would then look like this:
-UNC (5-0)
-Duke (2-3)
-Miami (2-3)
-Georgia Tech (2-4)
-Pitt (1-4)
-VT (2-4)
-uva (1-5)

Any team with four or more losses is out, leaving only Duke and Miami at potential contenders. Except that UNC already has the tiebreakers over both teams and would win any tie configuration. The GT outcome is important in this scenario since they also have yet to play UNC, so a win could keep them alive and in contention for a 5-3 tie.

So TLDR: VT has likely been mathematically eliminated from the division, but it's possible there's a wildly unlikely 4-4 super tiebreak scenario that we're not considering?

Twitter me

Exactly. And why spend all that time on a Sunday morning figuring it out when I'm pretty sure that either the UNC or VT game on Saturday will make it a moot point?

Well must be the UNC game cause we're fucking the Jackets up

I think I know how you meant it, but that phrase could actually work for either outcome.

O\U on false starts vs. GT? And can I get that on an app somewhere?

I'd set the O/U on false starts around 7

Onward and upward

Over all day.

I'm still figuring this out.

Yeah don't think anyone has ever won the coastal with zero coastal wins before.

There's a first time for everything!

And for those who are looking for the Circle of Suck, we still haven't come close to that yet for either division.

In the Atlantic, Clemson needs to lose.

In the Coastal, UNC needs to lose, and VT needs to win a divisional game.

But even those outcomes won't guarantee the circle if we don't have all of the right outcomes elsewhere.

Mack Brown- mocked on here relentlessly as being a "recruiter only" is going to win his second coastal title in 4 years after being out of coaching for years. VT could be so lucky.

Don't worry. The usual suspects will be here shortly to tell us why we wouldn't want to be UNC.

I went back and looked at the possibilities for this weekend, and there is a chance that both participants in the ACCCG could be determined this weekend. Might be a fun little parlay, because it needs these outcomes:

-BC over Duke (needed to push Duke to 3 losses)
-UNC over uva (needed to raise UNC to 5 wins)
-VT over GT (needed to push GT to 4 losses)
-Pitt over Syracuse (needed for Clemson to clinch Atlantic)
-FSU over Miami (needed to push Miami to 3 losses)

Turns out, UNC doesn't need Pitt to lose to clinch the division, because in any combination of UNC/Duke/Miami/Pitt at 5-3, UNC has head-to-head over all of those teams, so they win the tiebreakers.

Only problem with that parlay is leg 1. BC lost to UCONN last week. They aren't beating Duke at Duke.

I went back and looked at the possibilities for this weekend, and there is a chance that both participants in the ACCCG could be determined this weekend. Might be a fun little parlay, because it needs these outcomes:

oh, okay, lets see what you've got here...

BC over Duke (needed to push Duke to 3 losses)

lol. Nope. That ain't happenin'

Onward and upward

Well, that parlay blew up, as I expected. With the Duke victory, UNC is unable to clench this weekend. Duke is still close enough in the standings that if they still have a possibility of achieving a better record than UNC at the end of the season.

Going back and tweaking the scenarios:
-UNC win = uva, VT, and Pitt eliminated
-UNC win + VT win = uva, VT, Pitt, and GT eliminated
-UNC win + VT win + FSU win = uva, VT, Pitt, GT, and Miami eliminated
(In this scenario, it would come down to UNC and Duke being the only two Coastal contenders after this week. UNC would clinch with any win or Duke loss.)

Pitt is eliminated here because even if they end up tied with UNC at 5-3, they don't have enough tiebreakers among any of the teams that could possibly be involved. We already know that any configuration of UNC/Pitt/Duke/Miami would go to UNC. So Pitt's only chances would involve bring GT into the 5-3 tie.

There's only two ties involving Pitt and GT:
-Pitt/UNC/GT -- actually goes to GT who would have wins over both.
-Pitt/UNC/GT/Duke -- somehow, Duke is 1-2 in the group while everyone else is 2-1, so it would just revert back to a Pitt/UNC/GT tie and GT would win.

(Pitt, Miami, and GT can't all be in a tie due to remaining games. Both Pitt and GT need to win out in these scenarios, so that would push Miami down to 4 losses.)

Now that the daytime games are done....

UNC won, so that eliminated uva, VT, and Pitt. (UNC is 5-0, uva and VT are both 1-5, and Pitt is 2-3.)
Pitt beat Syracuse, handing the Atlantic to Clemson.
GT won, so they stay alive by the slimmest of margins. (3-3)
Duke won, also staying alive. (3-2)
Miami is going into their game at 2-2. A loss would eliminate them.

For Miami to win out after tonight to finish 5-3, that would require Pitt and GT to both take an additional loss, which would drop both of them out of the tie. The only 5-3 ties possible that include Miami would be Miami/UNC or Miami/UNC/Duke. In either scenario, UNC has the tiebreakers. (Note that this particular 5-3 scenario only pertains to the set up where Miami loses tonight but then wins out. If they win tonight, we'll have to re-evaluate any other potential 5-3 ties later on.)

Week 10 update.

Clemson (6-0) clinched when Syracuse lost. Even if they lose out and end up 6-2, they have head-to-head tiebreakers over everyone in the division except Louisville (who's already at 3 losses).

Out of contention:
-Syracuse (3-2)
-NC State (3-2)
-Wake Forest (2-3)
-Louisville (3-3)
-Florida State (4-3)
-Boston College (1-5)


UNC (5-0) remains in control. They have tiebreakers over everyone in the division except GT at this point. They could clinch next week with a win or losses by both Duke and GT.

The only other two teams in contention are Duke (3-2) and GT (3-3).

Let's break this down.

UNC is the only team that can get to 7-1 or 8-0, so they will win the division on best record if they get there.

The only two teams that can get to 6-2 are UNC and Duke. If only one gets there, that team wins. If both get there, UNC has the tiebreaker.

That sets up Duke's only possible scenario of winning the Coastal as winning out while UNC loses out.

Now we look at the 5-3 scenarios. All of these are predicated on UNC losing out, so UNC has to be part of all scenarios.

We already know that any combination of UNC, Duke, Miami, and/or Pitt will result in UNC winning the division. That means we have to look at GT.

In all of these scenarios, UNC loses out and GT wins out. GT's other conference game is against Miami, so that would drop the U down to 4 losses. (Right there we see that Miami has to be out of contention -- they can't be involved in any ties with GT, and they won't win any of the ones without GT.)

#1 - UNC/GT
Setup: Everyone else loses at least one game.
Outcome: GT would have head-to-head.

#2 - UNC/GT/Duke
Setup: Duke goes 2-1 in their final three.
Outcome: GT would be 2-0 against the group and clinch the division.

#3 - UNC/GT/Pitt
Setup: Pitt wins out (beating Duke and Miami) and Duke loses at least one other game.
Outcome: GT would be 2-0 against the group and clinch the division.

#4 - UNC/GT/Duke/Pitt
Setup: Pitt wins out, Duke wins their other two games.
Outcome: GT would be 3-0 against the group and clinch the division.

To put it the most simplest form -- if a GT is involved in a 5-3 tie, they clinch the division. If GT is not part of that tie, then UNC clinches the division.

Out of contention:
-Miami (2-3)
-Pitt (2-3)
-uva (1-5)
-Virginia Tech (1-5)

Key games next week:
-VT at Duke (noon, RSN)
-Miami at GT (3:30, RSN)
-UNC at Wake (7:30, ESPN2)

UNC could have the division clinched before kickoff if Duke and GT both lose.

Week 11 update -- The Wheel of Destiny has stopped spinning.

Clemson officially has the best record in the Atlantic. Currently at 7-0, even a loss would still keep them ahead of all other teams.

UNC clinched the Coastal by winning this week. Currently at 6-0, the only team that could match their record is Duke (4-2), but UNC has the tiebreaker.

All decided by end of Week 11. That is not the normal chaos of the Coastal. But now the Coastal will be gone and the Wheel will have to be re-configured for next year.

Go Hokies!!

Yeah, normally by this point, at least one division has eaten itself. We can't do that in the Coastal, mainly due to VT's lack of divisional wins and UNCheat's lack of divisional losses. Since we beat BC, we could try for a conference wide Circle of Suck, but we would still need Clemson and UNCheat to lose.

A tribute to the past:

(Week 11)

(Week 11)

(Week 13)

(also Week 13 -- it was Pitt over Miami that finally did the trick)

(Week 8)

I don't know if we had one in 2020, because that schedule was so screwed up, and we'd have to use the ACCCG anyway to get a loss from Notre Dame.

2021 didn't have any Circles of Suck.
-Duke being 0-8 prevented the Coastal from accomplishing this feat.
-WF was 7-1, with their only loss being to Clemson. Clemson's only divisional loss was to NC State, whose only divisional loss was to Wake Forest. So, we had a mini circle, but they didn't invite the rest of the division.

There might have been others, but these are just the ones that I made graphics for (and/or could still find).

Even though the divisions were clinched last week, this week put the final touches on it.

Both Clemson and UNC will end up with the best record in their respective division, with no tiebreakers needed.

Obviously, Clemson went perfect in conference.

UNC lost and dropped to 6-1, but Duke also lost, which dropped them to 4-3. That means that every other team in the Coastal has 3 or more losses, so even if UNC loses to NC State, they will still remain ahead of everyone else.