Tyrod Taylor suing Chargers Doctor


The lawsuit also accused Gazzaniga of "medical battery" and claims Taylor "did not have proper and accurate informed consent prior to the anesthetic injections" and thus "constituted a medical battery."

Good for him. I hope he wins.

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He should have done this 2-3 years ago.

Maybe he needed more proof of damage to his career since he didn't get to start in SD?

Three years ago would have been difficult because the incident happened Week 2 2020. From the link, it looks like he filed after the 2020 season. He agreed to a backup deal with the Texans in March 2021 and that deal is likely the basis for the lost earnings claim that he filed ~6 weeks later

The trial will begin in April of next year after being filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court in May of 2021.

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I don't like it but I get it.

Hence why I would never agree to block a professional athlete

Yeah, I wouldn't try to block a Wyatt Teller type either.

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I mean the malpractice alone was enough that he should have taken the Chargers and their doctors to the cleaners, financially.

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Dude has gotten screwed at every stop, but Buffalo and LA both found their QB of the future after his time so maybe he'll get paid to be a good luck charm

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Some franchises are immune to winning this good luck charm a la Cleveland, Houston, NY

TBH I don't have any strong opinions on this because I just generally feel ignorant of the legalities here. What I do know is that this will be an interesting case to follow as a Tyrod fan and Hokie.

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Legal overview:
There is a level of care that the surgeon had to provide that includes a level of disclosure before performing the procedure and due care while performing the procedure. The burden will be Tyrod's legal team to prove that the Doctor was negligent and thus did not meet the standard of care that a doctor of ordinary skill would have met.

The lawsuit is not determined by outcome, but by the steps that were taken to prevent the outcome and resolving the issue to mitigate injury. The damages here are lost opportunities based on the outcome (e.g., lost wages due to the injury).

The Doctor's legal team will defend that they (a) met the standard of care and (b) there were no lost wages due to the injury (in other words, he would have received the same contract even if he never was injured).

I'm sure there is more to it, but that's the nutshell of a medical malpractice case.

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I know Tyrod has been smart and generous with his money, and he's made a damned good bit as a backup. But as much as he has been screwed over at every stop he's made around the league, it would be an especially delicious dish of schadenfreude for him to take the Chargers to the cleaners.

Get that money, Tyrod!

If you play it, they will win.

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I still hope he becomes QB1 for my G-Men

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I can see it now. The Giants have a rough season, decide to go to Tyrod who rallies the team to several late season wins. Then the Giants trade up and draft the QB of the future to learn while Tyrod starts next year. Then in game 1 or two Tyrod gets knocked out with a concussion or something, QB of the future comes in and plays well, once again screwing over Tyrod.

I hated to type that, but that would just be Tyrod's luck.

It does seem to be consistent with the Formula.

It's sad for Tyrod he spent his early years backing up Flacco. He's getting older now, so I just don't see him ever being anything more than a journeyman. But in an alternative universe he could have gotten established on a good team.

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I always look at Russel Wilson's career and think that could have been Tyrod. Tyrod was better in HS and college, Wilson probably became an overall better passer in their pro careers, but based on the similarities, it's hard not to wonder what if Tyrod went to the Seahawks (or any other team that didn't have a long-term established QB).

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Isn't this the same team doctor who is now overseeing Justin Herbert's rib injury...?

"Nah, Justin, no need to be concerned. This is a very simple procedure, small injection, with only a needle. What's the worst that could happen?"

*Tyrod busts through the locker room door and proceeds to reenact the entire Moxon/Coach Kilmer/Team Doctor/Wendell's leg scene from 'Varsity Blues'*

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