From AJC: Special meeting of GT Athletics Board on Monday about Collins?

When I first saw this, thought it might be about realignment, but it appears to be about Geoff Collins after Saturday's performance.

AJC story on GT Athletics Board special meeting

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Nothing too shocking. I figured he was going to be one of the first coaches on the carousel this year and that appears to be the case.

Per 2 unrelated #sauces (GT boosters I know) - the decision to fire Collins has been made, but no one wants the current AD to make the replacement hire, so they want to fire the AD and get someone new in to run the search to replace Collins. Godfrey said something similar on SZD recently.

The other things these two people told me is that the president doesn't care about athletics (shocker). I guess GT just got nearly a billion pledged (from a ton of donors over a decade) for on campus buildings and research enhancements, and to get this money, the president convinced a lot of donors to give to the university instead of athletics.

My GT friends are pretty resigned to the fact that GT won't be good at football ever again. They think the only way they can be mildly relevant is if they hire a scheme guy, or take a risk on someone very unproven.

Other gossip: Geoff's house quietly went on the market last week - friend's brother in law is a plummer and went there to fix some things before the house goes on the market.

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They really got lucky with PJ for a decade. That offense certainly isn't thrilling and they weren't a juggernaut by any means. But he overachieved there tremendously, keeping them pretty relevant with ACC championship appearances and a few BCS bowls. GT really does not appear to be interested at all in a competitive football program, so what he was able to do there given recruiting disadvantages to a major STEM school is pretty impressive. I agree that short of a another unique scheme guy, they probably won't ever see that type of success again.

A lot of those recruiting disadvantages were self-inflicted. Collins recruited relatively well in his early years. Chan Gailey attracted decent talent too. I understand the academic challenges of GT (trust me, I hear allllll the time about how it's tough to recruit kids when you ONLY offer a bachelor of science and require every student to take Calc II), but it's not nearly as difficult as PJ made it out to be. That dude hated recruiting, and just didn't do it.

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or take a risk on someone

If GT is interest, I know a couple of guys (i.e., best friends/men, inseparable [literally, no matter how bad things get]), who could, undoubtedly, get GT going in a different direction.

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Rumor has it, Deion Sanders very much wants that job

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I think Coach Prime to Auburn would be the better move. He gets Auburn boosters blank checks and SEC money with a win at all costs mentality program? I think even Saban would get very nervous.

Now that would be must see football

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

His decision was made after a phone call with longtime Virginia Tech assistant coach Bud Foster. All Foster told him was, "We win. They don't."

Auburn is close enough to the ATL to still party on the weekends.

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As someone who has spent nearly 10 years in Atlanta, went to grad school at GT, and married into a mostly GT family, I don't see it happening. It would be wrong to say I don't see it as a culture fit; I don't see it as a personnel fit - it would be like asking Peyton Manning to run the triple option. I don't see Deion playing nice with the academic side of the university, and I don't see Deion actually wanting to put himself in that situation when he will likely have a lot of better opportunities.

I also don't think Deion has a great relationship with the city of Atlanta. We have hundreds of electric athletes, musicians, and other icons who are very visible despite their careers being over (Mike Vick anyone?) - I never see Sanders jerseys and I never see him doing events or making appearances. Maybe I'm just missing it, but it's a little weird given his celebrity status.

Doesn't mean it can't happen... but from my perspective, I don't believe these rumors at all.

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I get losing sucks, but scheduling UCF as an out of conference opponent doesn't seem like the brightest move. They aren't going to be an easy out, especially if you're not very good. Louisville barely beat them, and UCF trounced some other schools.

I think i read that the series was agreed in 2015

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Fair, just seems like an odd game to meet after and make that decision. I think a lot of schools would struggle against UCF. I mean, if it was coming anyway, I kinda get it, just an odd game for a straw that broke the camel's back step is all I'm saying.

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I don't follow the logic of firing the coach first. If you've already decided to fire the AD and have the new guy hire the next coach, then fire the AD first.

Can we have a Tennessee-style search for the GT AD, leaving the football team in limbo all season because no one has been hired to hire the next coach?

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Exactly. Like any reasonable person would do.


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With the new transfer portal window, I feel like there should be a HC window that starts like a month before the transfer portal opens. With caveats for for cause firings.

Though I understand that GT is clearing house and trying to get a new AD and coach in ASAP.

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Collins was in a lose lose situation IMO. He seems like a good enough dude, but he had a complete rebuild on his hands at a school that increasingly does not value football in a region where you play second fiddle to UGA and Clemson.

Say what you will about PJ, but the dude made life hell for a lot of ACC teams along the way.

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Farwell Geoff. We'll always have this moment:

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Justin Fuente is trending on Twitter 🫠

Firstly, everyone spent Saturday night and most of Sunday bashing him for Hendon Hooker's departure. Side note, the support for Hooker after he transferred is amazing. Once a Hokie, always a Hokie. πŸ¦ƒ

Then, the Git job opens up, and tweets, some serious, some sarcastic, calling for him to coach there.

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If they hire Fuente, they can't say we didn't warn them.

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Stansbury was fired because he didn't fire Collins last year and the fact that he hired him in the first place.

Not true at all - Stansbury was fired because he's a bad athletic director. It's fundraising issues, facilities issues, inability to rally stakeholders... Collins' failure is a symptom of all this, he's not getting fired for one bad hire.

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"Current offensive line coach and former Georgia Tech player Brent Pry will serve as the interim coach of the Yellow Jackets following Collins' dismissal."

Proofreading is a lost art.

Staying ahead of the failure curve unlike us and fucrew.

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stayed ahead of the failure curve by not firing him after three consecutive 3-win seasons and waiting until they were 1-3 in his fourth season to do it?????

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I guess i should have included Collins on my post about evaluating coaches after 3 years.....

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The failure curve began when they hired Paul Johnson. He was successful in the win column but was setting the program back decades running that offense. Collins really had little chance to succeed. And unless they somehow change the perception of GT's football program, it's going to be really hard to succeed there.

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