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If you've been following these threads, you know I've been excited about this one since it was announced. Well, its out in just over a week. And the final trailer just dropped:

Yep, I'm hyped.

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Currently working through FFVII Crisis Core on the PS5. Almost done with the story but my completionist DNA won't let me until I've competed all 300 missions 😩

Was hoping for more of an update than a retread of the original game with better graphics, but it's still an enjoyable game

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Just bought NO Man's Sky during the latest Steam Sale. I have not started it up yet.
Restarted Red Dead 2, this time on PC.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Skull & Bones, which Ubisoft has been working on since Black Flag was released, has been delayed

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Signed up for PSPlus Premium last night.... gotta teach my kids about the classic Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank fun.

Fired up Bioshock Remastered last night and forgot pretty much everything I knew when I ran through it when it came out. Trying to work through that, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinite in order at the moment.

Also - Alien Fireteam. Come get some!

I'm excited for Hogwarts Legacy to come out. Not sure how convinced I am that it's going to be a good game based on all the gameplay I've seen up to this point, but I'm still pumped to be able to run around the wizarding world for the first time since I played the playstation 1 game.

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I'm back on GoW RagnarΓΆk. I had to step away from it because it's gonna hurt and my self-preservation instincts kicked, in but now I'm back at it.

Still playing my way through the Final Fantasy series. All of these older games are new to me and I've now made my way to VI. I'm also eagerly anticipating Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

Hello fellow gamers

I've been quite busy

I beat The Cult of the Lamb which is a lot of fun. You play as a cute lil lamb sacrificed and resurrected as leader of a cult for an old god that was betrayed by other gods. You recruit new members, build up your temple, and slay demons. You can also sacrifice your members, drug them, and make them fast. Lol. You have to maintain your cult happiness by providing food, and keeping the grounds clean, and preaching sermon to keep their devotion up.

Sometimes when they're unhappy they start to dissent, at which point I would usually throw em in jail and re-educate them daily until they were happy again. Lmao. It's Stardew Valley meets... Well I dunno. But the fighting and resource gathering is fun and pretty simple. I played this on my steam deck and it was perfect for that platform. Do recommend.

I'm also about halfway through Plague tale: innocence. Looks and plays great on the deck, story is pretty good too. I'll probably check out the sequel whenever I decide to finish this one up.

I'm about 3/4 of the way through of a Dead space replay. With the remake coming out in A WEEK I decided to refamiliarize myself with this classic and it's just as good as I remember. Except for that asteroid shooting section... If you've been following previews at all, it looks like that section has been changed for the better
thank God. Anyway, it's tense with great gameplay. Can't wait for next week.

Lastly, I decided to give The Last of Us a third try because of the show coming out recently. I could NEVER get into this one because of the amount of stealthing that is required, but I've come around to it. Just as good as all the rave reviews have made it out to be all these years. I just made it to a Spring in Salt Lake City. Fall and Winter were... Intense. Can't wait to dive into the sequel and I'm excited to start the show with everything very fresh in my mind.

.... Ooh, also, in cult of the lamb... You can make your followers eat poop. Sometimes they even ask for it. Lmao.

Not a video game per se, but I've recently gotten into playing chess and have started playing on chess.com

Not gonna lie, it sometimes makes me rage harder than any video game can lol

I've had the switch wrapped since day one, but I decided to try my hand at customizing the pro controller this weekend. The orange is a little too bright for my liking. It's always hard getting the color match right, especially with an online order. I might swap back to black on the front and keep the triggers orange. Anyway I just thought I'd share.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Oohh, that's a nice wrap on your switch.

The back of the switch matches the front of the dock too. It's purdy nice.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Finally got a PS5 before Christmas, and have been playing through exclusives I've missed over the last ten years.

Did god of war and ragnarok first and holy fuck were both games so completely good.

Just finished the main campaign of Spider-Man, and I can't remember a game that was this much fun just to wander aimlessly. The city is beautifully done and the traversal is fluid. The story is fine, and feels a little rushed in the last act, but I'm going out of my way to platinum this. Before I got the PS5, I bought Gotham knights during Black Friday sale, and it just got tedious. Spider-Man is the game it was trying to be, and after playing it, I don't think I'll finish Gotham knights.

DLC next, then Miles Morales, then I'm thinking last of us so I can start the show.

The reviews for dead space remake are great! 9/10 average right now. I'm hype boy!!

Forspoken didn't do so hot. Neither did Callisto... So glad I waited on those.

I saw it download last night.... I am hype as well

This is my school
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Just bought it on Steam! PC version includes Dead Space 2 as a freebie. Can't wait to play both of these games again.

Has anyone played What Remains of Edith Finch? I recently heard about it on an Adam Grant podcast and am very intrigued.

I played it last year on Game Pass. Pretty good, not hard or anything and is pretty simple, but there is a small sort of puzzle element to it. Focuses a lot on the actual story (which is a really good storyline, IMO).

For those that forgot - Dead Space remake drops today. I have quite the back log i need to get through so I'm not going to be a day 1 player, but probably one I'll pickup when it goes on sale.

Don't know if anyone is a Hitman fan, but the new update was released yesterday and by all accounts that I've seen it looks pretty awesome. Didn't have time to dig into it yesterday, but will definitely take a look at it this weekend.

Gaming related - Nvidia looks like it could be releasing the remainder of the 40xx card lineup this year, but there's a catch. performance is going to marginally better than it's 30xx counterparts for the 4050 and 4060 and maybe the 4070.


This, on top of another recent report (from AMD) the demonstrated the value per FPS shows that the current lineup of AMD cards is just poor.

I'm just frustrated with the state of PC hardware right now. I'm not regretting my PS5 purchase (even with the pro rumors swirling this year). I just need to forget about my pc game back log and pick up the controller.