2022-23 Hokie Hoops Statistical Notes: Volume 7

The Men's Team

The slide continues as the Hokies finish the last frame 0-2. We saw the debut of Rodney Rice, and then promptly lost him for an indefinite amount of time to a broken finger. We also saw the return of Hunter Cattoor after a lengthy absence due to injury.

I'm really starting to think we won't have the entire roster available to play for any game this year.


CCCCOMBO-Breaker. Grant Basile (19 ppg) has knocked Pedulla (10 ppg) off of his pedestal as top scorer. Mutts contributed 15.5 ppg, while Cattoor returned with 11. I cannot complain too much if we can get 55.5 from four of our starters on a regular basis. Maddox (8) and Kidd (7) provided a significant amount of scoring as the 5th starter/1st off the bench. Again, if we can get 70 from our top 6...I like.

Collins (4 ppg) and Rice (2 pp/appearance) contributed the remainder of the scoring.

Not to say it wasn't needed, but Cattoor showed up with 6 boards in his only appearance,, matched by Basile's 6 rpg. Kidd and Mutts (5 per each) followed closely, while Rice (4), Pedulla (3.5 per), Collins (3 per), and Maddox (2.5 per) provided the remainder

This is where I'm seeing light years' worth of improvement from the Hokies.

As a team, the Hokies managed an ATO of 37:17 over this frame. However with 11 steals, the AATO is an absurd 37:6; better than 6:1. They are learning how to not turn the ball over.

Mutts leads with 16 assists, and has an AATO of 16:4. Pedulla has 10 assists, but counting steals, he's adjusted down to 10:0. Cattoor is at 5:1. Basile is adjusted to 2:2, and Maddox is at 3:0 with a steal. Only Kidd had an AATO in the red.

Much to my chagrin, Pedulla played every minute of the two game window, followed by the 38.5 per of Mutts. Cattoor provided 34 minutes in his return, and Rice added 30 in his debut. Maddox was the next most utilized, at 27.5, followed by Basile (26). Just missing averaging half of the minutes was Collins (19.5). Kidd (13.5) provided the bulk of the remaining minutes, while Poteat (2 mpg), and Camden (1 minute) provided the remainder.

Next Window
I'm gonna keep these short and sweet, this go-round. The Hokies will start off on the road against Clemson, then have a two game home-stand against Duke and Syracuse, and then wrap up the window on the road in Miami.

I'm feeling anywhere between 0-4 if we keep playing like we are, to 3-1 if we were playing like we were. I'll split the difference and take the under at 1-3.

The Women's Team
After winning both games, Kenny Brooks has now earned his 139th win as the women's coach. This is now tied for the most by a coach over a full decade at the helm. He's in year 7.

Roaring to the top of the scorer's column was Taylor Soule who netted 18 per this window. Following her is Georgia Amoore with 17, Liz Kitley with 16.5 and Kayana Traylor at 15.

As I was saying with the men, if you can get 66.5 from four of your starters, you should be doing quite well.

Rounding out the remainder of the scorers were Owusu (5 points in her return), King (2.5 per game), Gregg (2 per game), and Geiman (1.5 per game)

No surprises here, Kitley (13.5) and Soule (6.5) combined for 20 per, then everything drops off, with Gregg (2.5), King/Traylor/Amoore (2), Geiman (1 per), and Owusu (1) collecting the remaining boards.

As a team the Hokies managed an ATO of 27:22, adjusted to 27:14 off of steals. Not great, but not bad.

King and Kitley have AATOs that are perfect, Traylor's is 5:1, and Amoore's is 11:2. Owusu and Geiman have perfect ATOs, Only Gregg (2:6) and Soule (1:6/5) are in the red.

Kitley and Amoore still get way too many minutes IMHO at 38.5 and 38 respectively. King and Traylor (31 and 30) both join them in the 30+ box, while Soule (29) and Owusu (21) are the lone members of the 20+ club. Gregg (17), is the only other player getting major minutes, while Geiman (6) finalizes the minutes.

Next Window
Again, keeping it short, the Hokies start off at home against Wake Forest, and then take off on the road to Duke and UVA.

This team has put together 4 wins in the last 5. I can see them continuing anywhere from 1-2 to 3-0. Hedging my bets, I'll pencil us in at 2-1 with a probable loss to Duke.

Unfortunately I won't be able to watch or follow along with any of either team's games as I will be on a big, slow boat to and from the Bahamas, getting properly sauced, and eating way too much.

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Thanks for the write up. I think the girls go 3-0 with Owusu getting back into the flow more.

getting her back now is huge. We get a couple months for her to get back into top form and for the ladies to learn to play with her in the rotation. Then we unleash hell on march madness.

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