WBB va Wake Forest Jan 22

The Hokies host Wake Forest today at 1PM. VT sports network or maybe Watch ESPN. I'm sick. Here are the tables. Should be a win.'

Go Hokies!

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Even up 24-13 Ladies have been sloppy so far. Shooting 36% from floor. King 0-4 from outside again.

I got my three, but a lot of people were reading it as Meet Meat Cassell not Meet Me At Cassell.

Also a sponsor handed out sunglasses with flashing lights. The announcer made a statement anybody using them during the game would be asked to leave as they were against NCAA regulations. So what does that say about UVA???

Another O-fer from the field for King.

Go Hokies!!

Solid win against a scuffling WF. Need to cool it with the technicals- gave Louisville momentum the other night and gave Wake a ton of momentum today. Owusu is helping to break down the zone even though she isn't scoring yet- she, and King, need to get their confidence back.

Agree 100%

Go Hokies!!

I really want to know why they called a Technical on Brooks. He was talking to one of the guy refs when the woman ref called a technical from the other side of the court during a timeout.

He had apparently been warned by her after arguing another bad foul call and when she saw him arguing the latest bad foul call she teched him.

The Wake coach was on the floor screaming about fouls but she was never T'd.

I hate the one sided bullshit calls that we get against us in Men's and Women's basketball. We still get treated like the new kid on the block 18 years into being ACC members. Shit, Syracuse, Pitt, Loiusville, and BC get better referee's then we get.

This is the first time in a while that Kitley dominated a game. If you take away her 12-15 and Amoore going 6-13 (5-10 from outside) the rest of the team were just bad. 9-29(31%)

King was out of sorts on both ends finishing 0-6 (1-2 @ FT line)and with 4 fouls. Two early 3rd quarter fouls saw her sit most of the second half.