Kitley named to Wooden Top 20 List

Kitley this season is averaging a double-double at 17.9ppg and 10.9rpg. She also is averaging 2.1 blocks per contest.

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Good for Liz. Let's Go....

I seldom speak to loluva grads, but when I do, I tell them I want large fries.


Go Hokies!!

2 teams have 2 players each on this list. Going to be hard to beat a team with that much talent/depth. Makes you wonder how NC State beat Iowa so badly at Iowa in the ACC/B10 challenge.

Really hoping Liz just starts to take over down the stretch, kind of a put the team on your back deal to make some real noise the last few weeks of the season. Would be fun to see her get the kind of attention she deserves. After all, her stat line is slightly better than it was last year when she was ACC POY.

Turnovers...NC State forced 16 and turned those in to 27 points.

I count 3. South Carolina, Iowa, Stanford

Onward and upward

No real surprise that those teams are ranked #1, #6 and #2 in the current rankings.