OT: Ted lasso season 3 (spoilers)

Nate Shelly may be the most hated character I've ever seen, good on Ted for not playing in to his game!

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Loved season 1 but didn't care much for season 2. Will watch 3 with fairly low expectations but hoping they can knock it out of the park again.

Episode 1 was kinda flat. Almost feels like they're just going through the motions. Hopefully it picks up, but the writing and acting was off to me

Finally got around to watching episode 1. Very meh episode.

I feel like season 1 was so great because it felt fairly natural and organic.

But now it feels like the show is a victim of its own success -- every line feels so artificial and over-manufactured. The writing for the two kids is especially offensive

Airline attendant: Are you excited to go home, Henry?
Henry: To my toys? Yes. To my country's political landscape? Not so much.

Phoebe: My mum and dad split up when I was four, so one of my core beliefs is that nothing lasts forever