OT: Picard Season 3

I'm opening this thread up because this show, at least this season, deserves it. It is phenomenal writing and the story is excellent and is everything that we've been wanting a TNG reunion to be, and is actually surpassing it in so, so many ways.

I will be legitimately disappointed if there is not a spin off of Titan from this season of Picard. Captain Shaw would be an excellent showrunner for the continuation of the TNG timeline, and now that we know Discovery is wrapping up after this upcoming season, it just makes sense to continue the momentum from Picard to keep the Gen X and Millennials who grew up with that era and styling, hooked going forward.

Also, and I know this might be sacrilege here, but watching both Madalorian and Picard back to back the last few weeks, Picard right now is the better show. The first couple seasons were decent, but what we're getting right now is perfection. And its really a great way to send out Patrick Stewart in what will most likely be his last venture in Star Trek.

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Absolutely agree with about this! The second season of Picard was such a chore to watch I was nervous about how this would go, but Terry Matalas has done this season justice! Also...having the whole Next Gen cast together on an adventure has been amazing. I think that the supporting cast is very enjoyable, which also a change for this show (outside of Raffi and Seven who continue to be great), As Shaw, Sydney LaForge, and Jack have generally been welcomed additions.

...Eye have to 'echo' this...

No such thing as 'bad' S.Trek. We know this. Granted.
Nonetheless, there are better Trek's and Season II was a rehashed, been there;
done that-- and then P.urely C.hicken of an ending don't need to do that, ever-- again.

Dull... played even.

Through 3-eps of Season III and the same as DS9 'discovered',
you gotta 'trek' through the stars with a mobile ship-centric format.

2 πŸ––'s up, so far...

God Bless!

Glad others are watching. I've been so disappointed by the previous two seasons. I like that Q was back, but I'm not a huge fan of how they wrote him out. I would have saved Q for the last season somehow. Basically making him and Picard go off together to "Explore the unknown possibilities of existence" that Q almost tells him about at the end of All good Things.

Anyway. They really are making this a gripping season. They are throwing out so much fan service, but none of it is upsetting. Seeing the fleet museum is just so much fun because who doesn't wonder where some of them go?

I enjoy the the new android thing, but they really can't make their minds up about data can they?

Moriarty was wasted, but fun to at least see him. I was sad that Ro had such a small part but love that they gave some resolution to her.

You really do want to hate shaw, but it's hard to blame him. His monologue about Wolf 359 was heartbreaking, and one of the best pieces of acting to come out of Star Trek in quite a bit.

Also, when Picard and Riker said in the Turbolift, "You know we have saved the galaxy many times, maybe they will remember that!" And Shaw says " Or they could remember the time you hot dropped the D's saucer on a planet." That's some good shit lol.

Worf steals the show so much. It's like he never stopped.

I'm calling it now, the Enterprise F gets destroyed. Either that or it's the last scene of the show and someone in the cast will be captain. Maybe 7.

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Damn show is good. Fucking Data.

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This season has been so, so good. And then, well... If you saw this week's episode, you already know.

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And the best part about it is they explained it in a way that actually made sense.

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This was an incredibly correctly done sendoff to the TNG crew, even if it did sort of mirror the end of All Good Things.

The after credits thing was the tip of it for me. I knew there was no way Q was actually dead.

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Agreed. And I am so down for a 7 led Enterprise series.

The only thing I thought it was missing was their signatures on the screen like at the end of Undiscovered Country as the cast literally signing off for the last time.

At this point they have to continue this storyline in the way they all set it up. Continue the story from where TNG, DS9, and VOY stopped. Not everything in StarTrek needs to be based on the Kirk era or set so far in the future that its not even recognizable anymore. Stop ignoring the shows that Gen X and the Millennials grew up with. Don't get me wrong, I like Strange New Worlds, but damn, Paramount please stop glossing over and ignoring everything we grew up loving.

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whenever I watch pilots in star trek I always think about how much better I would be at flying those ships with a console controller. lol

That's what Tom Paris did with the Delta Flyer lol. I always thought that too. However, we aren't gonna talk about the sudden maneuverability of that Galaxy Class ship, because the scene was just too good.

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