Hokie Hoops lands UNC transfer Tyler Nickel

Former 4 star recruit, had heavy interest in VT last season and comes home this year. He's 6'7" forward that played limited minutes last year (a common theme with Hubert Davis' UNC teams). Has lots of upside.

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Can't wait till he's Hubert Davis' worst nightmare the next few seasons!

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

FYI; barring any other players leaving (possible), the roster is now full with the additions of Nickel and Mekhi Long. While it hasn't been announced yet, its assumed both Cattoor and Basile will return (things could still change, but its leaning that way).

The running of it back had just been delayed a year, apparently

This is a big get. A big loss for UNC and a big gain for us. And to elaborate, UNC did have big plans for him going forward, but they just refused to play him and effectively drove him away (similar to our mismanagement of Hendon Hooker). He has a TON of offensive upside, he's the all time leading scorer in VHSL history so you know he's legit. He's got an elite level shot that should help us not miss a beat when Cattoor leaves. Just all around good pickup for us that legitimately moves the needle forward

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IIRC he was a hard lean to us but UNC was his dream school and when they offered late it was over. Really glad he's ended up in O&M. Also, big props to the staff for

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If I had a nickel for every basketball player we had in the last ten years who had the letters to spell nickel in their name, in order... I'd have two nickels.

Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.

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This is the kind of statistical analysis I can really appreciate.

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These nuggets are the real reason I'm here. Don't tell Joe though.

This nickel will be dishing a lot of dimes in Cassell for years...I'll see myself out

I think your looking for the dad joke thread.

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This is a big get really happy to see the staff continue to recruit at a high level even after a disappointment of a season. He should be a nice upgrade for our offense.

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Hell yes. Welcome home!


Would have been the #10 all-time recruit in VT basketball history if he'd come in out of high school. This is the type of transfer portal magic we need.

Offensively I have very few questions on Nickel. Kid is a gym rat and is always going to work on being ready for his next shot. Has the toughness to back down a smaller defender and not afraid to take contact against bigger guys. His time with Team Adidas was enlightening and really enhanced his recruiting since he got the chance to step out of small school Virginia ball and go up against top talent in the country, where he graded out ridiculously high offensively. Only weakness is he didn't appear to have the burst to blow by defenders on the dribble but does have a solid step back shot. He has NBA range and can hit it consistently. One thing he does not lack is confidence. He will continue to shoot through cold streaks without looking in the mirror.

Defensively he was very much a work in progress. I will be interested to see what a year of college conditioning has done too his physique and his techniques. I see him slotting in as a wing in the corner, although I am not certain how well he will mesh with Coach Young's man-to-man defense. I have to hope he has spent the last 15 months really focusing on his defensive work. Hip shifts, screen slips and his ability to close with high hands on the perimeter.

The corner three is a consistent spot for him. That was a big in bound spot for him in high school as well. His teams ran set plays to get him that look. The bigger positive for me on those is seeing the lack of hesitation taking the ball at the rim in close. This is highlights though so not sure it covers enough.

All I needed to see was that offensive board against us to get excited about him. We were terrible rebounding the ball this past year and a shooting threat that can go in and get you an extra possession is much needed.

Only concern there is this coaching staff's deliberate instruction to prioritize being back in half court defense over trying for those second chance opportunities. I want to see that hustle for the ball, see shooters following their shots but just don't think Young and staff will change that focus.

It was one of those little things that made watching our Women's team so refreshing.

Ironically, getting back on defense doesn't make us a good defensive team, so....

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This is a really good assessment. I've been watching this kid since he was a freshman in high school. Good kid. Great family.

Huge upside on the offensive side no doubt. He doesn't add much to the team by way of athleticism, and that is something I really think CMY needed from the portal this year. That doesn't mean I am disappointed. Hell, this is a local kid coming home. And a find basketball player at that. So I'm here for it!

Is coronavirus over yet?

Mike HAS to incorporate some zone this off season as a change up and when he wants to/ has to play bigger line-ups.

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Will believe it when I see it.....

Playing Leaky Black extensively over Nickel and Stylez was an interesting turn of events this year. Not surprised neither is with the program now, they were under-used and not a good fit with what UNC wants to accomplish offensively

better late than never fam

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Went out to breakfast today and our waiter was a Tar Heel fan. He said that nickel is a really good player. So that was cool.

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