Loudoun County HS football questions

So now that I have two wonderful daughters they want to go to the highschool games because aa I had assumed that is what kids did on friday nights. Thats what i did on friday nights. But I have one big question, where was everyone?

Going to the last few games was such an odd experience and not just because the last time I was at a highschool game I was in high school and now they all look 12.

The high school my girls will go to is twice the size of the one I went to in WV, however it looked like the stadium would have held a fourth of my high schools stadium. And that might be generous based on how short this press box was. The stands never filled, which is odd as you didn't have a seat unless you were 30 minutes early back home. That included the visitor stands too.

The other thing that stood out beside lack of crowd was lack of size on both teams. I looked up and there are only two 247 rated players on the schedule. I didn't expect a ton, but I had always thought loudoun county had good football teams and would have multiple players go to division 1 each year. But even if they werent D1 players, there wasn't a single player on the field that looked like they should be playing football at any level. Walking by the team I dont think any one was over 6' tall. My senior year I think only RBs, WRs and DBs were under 6'. At 41 I think I could have out muscled the lines (but probably not cause im out of shape). I know I would have been the best reciever on the team, I've never seen so many drops of balls that were in between the recievers hands. I walked away from the games wondering what am I watching if there are single A WV highschool that would just maul these teams.

Am I just living 10-15 years in the past or is loudoun county football just small and not that good? Or did these games just happen to not have great opponents.

Also was odd to see a band with less members than my highschool drum line. I guess when you have ~40% of the school (220+ in band, 100 in football and another 20 cheerleaders) every shows up to watch their kid and fills the stands.

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