Buzz Williams Discusses Virginia Tech's 73-68 Win Over N.C. State

The Head Hokie's remarks following the Hokies' win over the Wolfpack.

Buzz Williams spoke with reporters following Virginia Tech's 73-68 win against N.C. State. Williams addressed his one-hour forty-five minute postgame meeting after Tech's 63-88 loss to West Virginia, scrappy wins, Jalen Hudson's 23 point performance and the Hokies' looming matchup at No. 5 Virginia among other topics.


The audio is terrible quality when I try to watch the video on my Droid Turbo but works fine on my computer. Any suggestions on how to fix it so I can watch on my phone? I had the same problem with the last video.

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I believe this is because the fidelity on your phone speaker isn't good enough to reproduce the levels that the audio equipment in the media room was outputting, but your speakers (or a pair of headphones) probably are. My iPhone playback seems to agree with your droid, so there's probably not much you can do about it. I've checked another site's video recorded with similar camera gear and it appears that they have the same audio quality as well, so this might be something that we just have to deal with on our end.

I'll be recording every presser after the game the rest of the year, so hopefully I can dial in my audio settings to balance out the incoming audio quality.

I love that Buzz put the media in their place at the start. He has been one of the most honest and straightforward coaches Ihave seen in a while, the media have to live the answers he gives. I get tired of the media thinking they do more than report on events, they act like the events revolve around them. I love what the staff at TKP do and love the access they provide, but some of the people that cover these things have gotten a little big-headed.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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Jumped up and down the whole OT period but after watching this video, I stood up and applauded our Buzz for telling the media just what's what!!!!!


Even as a member of the evil media, I could not agree with Buzz more. If you needed a Buzz quote, learn to be more creative in your writing or producing.

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I used to read Andy religiously, after his tantrum about TKP giving thorough coverage, and now this, kinda losing respect for the guy. He's coming off as a very whiny individual on twitter about all of this. Feeling like he needs to reply to every person, and prove he's in the right....

I am no longer active here, nor will suggest people visit here. The majority of my interaction with Joe on here has been negative, and I was impressively, unimpressed at the tailgate.

I always felt like Andy was a significant downgrade from Kyle. I can't really put my finger on it, but Kyle really embraced VT and his reporting style was much more VT-friendly than Andy. At some level, I want a bit of a homer reporting through some orange and maroon glasses. Too much of that isn't good either, but I felt like Kyle got it right and Andy has never really tried

I still read Andy because he does have some insight into what is going on with the team. But I do get tired of his almost militant neutrality. He is witty and fun; but I don't need to hear every day that he gets paid to cover VT not support the team. And his latest comments about Buzz are way out of line. I realize this is an instant gratification world; but most of the time it is better to wait for the full story before commenting.

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I am no longer active here, nor will suggest people visit here. The majority of my interaction with Joe on here has been negative, and I was impressively, unimpressed at the tailgate.

I always felt like Andy was a significant downgrade from Kyle

^This x10000. Big disparity between the two, mostly about who's better at their job, imo. Kyle Tucker was much more knowledgeable about the sport of football, which Bitter admits, but he was hired away for more than that. Tucker was definitely talented and we knew it'd be a downgrade but I never thought it'd be a tone issue as well.

I think Kyle enjoyed his job a lot more when he was writing about a good team, while Bitter is the opposite. Maybe it has more to do with personality than homer-ism?

Most of my college reading were things written by Kyle Tucker. Always enjoyed his style.


I understand that we still have a ways to go in building our program, but I feel like the lack of confidence he shows in the team is a little upsetting. I am not saying he is doing a bad job, and I am not talking about wanting him to give us hope to beat UVA, but "if and when we win another one" kind of bugged me. I know its a prepare for the worst and hope for the best world with our program recently, but I hope that we will see a growth in confidence for our players sake.

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What did Andy say or where can I find his comments?

edit: found it on the other thread

I don't see it as he has a lack of confidence in the team. He's just being realistic about where we are and what we have to do to take the next step. There are no games where we are favored the rest of the way. I truly believe him when he says that the way we will win any more games is to fight like we did against NCS. The way Seth dogged Cat all game is what it takes from all and he still got his 20-plus points. If he gave us "hope:, it would be pretend from him and if we do not fight like junk yard dogs we might not win again. He has said time and time again what its going to take to climb the next rung. I believe in him and with some good recruiting and this young team growing a set and maturing and acquiring chemistry, I have hope.


I believe that Buzz is handling the team and the Hokie fan base the way it should be handled. I for one, do not want smoke blown up my butt saying we can complete equally witha UVA, because we can't. He is very honest in his assessments of the team and with the media. Quite frankly, the media desrved what they got and he didn't owe them an apology. Get over it media! The players and the university do come first. What I saw yesterday on the court, I was very proud of. As much as I would like to start the hype train, I realize we have a long way to go, but we are definately trending in the right direction. GO HOKIES and thanks BUZZ!!

Well said by Buzz - It's a harsh, yet accurate assessment of the team. I understand that his transparency could be seen as a lack of confidence, but he's just saying that the team still has a long way to go to become competitive.

I think we have the coaching to perhaps pull off a few upsets, but the team is still making too many mistakes that allow teams like Alabama State to be competitive with us. I'll think we're on the right track now.