Buzz Williams Agrees to Contract Extension Through 2022-23 Season

Head Hokie setup to stay in Blacksburg, will also endow two scholarships.

[Mark Umansky]

Virginia Tech director of athletics Whit Babcock announced on Wednesday that men's basketball head coach Buzz Williams agreed to a contract extension through the 2022-23 season.

"Coach Williams has made a positive impact on the culture of our basketball program at Virginia Tech in a very short time," Babcock said in a release. "Just as importantly, he's a teacher, an educator, and he's served as an ambassador for Virginia Tech, not only on our campus and in Virginia, but also all across the country. We appreciate all that Coach Williams and his staff have already done for our students and our program. We appreciate their commitment to continuing the work they have so successfully begun at Virginia Tech. Our future is bright."

Following the Hokies' debut campaign of 11-22 (2-16) on Williams' watch, Tech improved to a 20-15 (10-8) mark with a NIT berth in Williams' second season. The conference turnaround from 2-16 to 10-8 is best in ACC history among programs that won fewer than three conference games the year prior.

"Our family is incredibly appreciative of the faith that Whit, Dr. Sands and everyone have placed in me and our talented staff," Williams said in a release. "I keep telling everyone across the country that there's something special about Virginia Tech. We have great momentum as a university and athletic department. The people make it special."

"Our students and fans really helped energize Cassell Coliseum this season," Williams added. "When Cassell is packed and really rocking, there's no better homecourt advantage in America. Our staff and our players are going to continue working hard to get better every day and to ensure that the Hokie Nation is proud of the way we're representing them and our university."

Along with his wife Corey, the Van Alstyne, Texas native will fund two endowed scholarships. The Buzz's Bunch Scholarship Endowment will be awarded annually to an undergraduate student at Virginia Tech in any field of study who is registered with Services for Students with Disabilities. The Buzz and Corey Williams Family Student-Athlete Scholarship – In Memory of T. Marshall Hahn will be awarded annually to an undergraduate student-athlete participating on any women's intercollegiate teams at Virginia Tech.

"Dr. Hahn was an amazing man and leader," Williams said. "I valued my friendship with him immensely. I miss him. He was a mentor to me, my staff and our players. I will always remember his kindness and hospitality. In particular, the visits to see him at his farm in Ellett Valley were truly special and memorable."

"Both of these scholarships possess special significance for our family," Williams added. "It's a privilege to be part of the fabric and give back to the Virginia Tech community. Hopefully these scholarships not only reflect our appreciation for those who helped nurture an environment of learning, but also help open doors to our campus to individuals who may not have otherwise had a chance to attend."


Welcome news, especially after the Babcock rumors yesterday.

My goodness, words can't explain how excited I am for the season. The energy around the program is beyond contagious at this point.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

I think I just peed on myself in happiness.

I think there's some exercises you can do for that.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

AWESOME NEWS. I have never traveled down to Blacksburg for just a basketball game, but I think I can see it in my future soon if they keep going this way

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Wait....Once again, I'm wary of how "great" this is. His buyout is super low, and we've committed to him for 7 years. Does the contract still extend 1 year, every year after the first 4?

As a reminder, here were the GENEROUS terms of the previous contract: TKP Outline of Contract

he wrote his own contract and he doesn't believe in coaches having huge buyouts. You could say he just wants to have a back door in case he wants to bolt, but I think his point is that he will be committed to the program and if he is here for that long and something like the Marquette issue comes up again he shouldn't have huge barriers to leave an unwelcoming situation.

something like that.

if you're Whit, a) you let him write his contract because you want him to come to VT and b) you gotta believe he is a man of his word and will be as committed as he says he will be, then you're not worried about a low buyout

If your Buzz, a) writing your own contract gets you what you want and b) you don't have to pay an agent 10% of your salary.

So it looks like we gave him a pay bump of $200k/year, $70k bump in the assistant salary pool, and no change to his buyout. Thought that might be the case because there is really no motivation for him to want to increase his buyout, but it means he still has all the leverage if he decides to leave. On the flipside, the extra salary (for himself and his assistants) increases his incentive to stay.

Just look through Buzz's twit pics, he is invested in the Blacksburg community. And with that continued investment, along with kids in elementary/middle/high school, I can see him staying for quite a while.

Very few people are likely to move when they have kids in high school as long as they like where they live. The Williams's just got settled here and now have kids going into high school, he's not likely to move his teenage daughter to a new city to make new friends.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

Good news. The buyout thing doesn't concern me because nothing really changes. If a big time school (ala Duke, Cuse, the two Michigan schools, etc) want him, they can get him any time. That's just the facts of life of where we are in the major college basketball landscape. But the thing I take away from it the most is the fact that he and his family are endowing scholarships. That's proof that he's really invested in VT and the community. So to me, that makes me believe he just won't up and leave for any other program that comes calling (like TCU or Okie St did this year).

Praise Jesus..........praise Jesus!

Long live Rasche Hall

Happy day!!!

Buzz is just so damn likeable

Pretty surreal, but entertaining.

Why would he leave? He has a chance to become the Frank Beamer of VT basketball. The floor is low in terms of expectations, we were STOKED to make it too the NIT last year. He has job stability, a great fanbase, and possibly the best AD in college athletics

I am no longer active here, nor will suggest people visit here. The majority of my interaction with Joe on here has been negative, and I was impressively, unimpressed at the tailgate.

Careful when using any form of "STOKES" when referring to the basketball team

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Today is just filled with good news. Buzz's extension tops it all!

I believe Buzz is in it for the long haul and I do believe him when he says there is something special about Blacksburg. We have all been there and we believe it also. Our entire university is in a very good place right now.