Virginia Tech Football Recruiting: Braxton Clark Commits to the Hokies

Tech heads to an increasingly familiar Florida high school for its eighth verbal commitment of the 2018 cycle.

Clark sets a school record and houses a 99-yard interception. [David N. Jester]

Offered Monday, committed to Virginia Tech's 2018 recruiting class Tuesday. Yes, defensive back Braxton Clark verballed to the Hokies in short order after a weekend visit to Blacksburg.

The 6-3, 190 pound Dr. Phillips (Orlando, FL) rising senior expounded upon his decision to Scout.

"I fit their scheme really well," Clark told Scout. "They like long, lanky DBs like me, and they really know how to develop players. They have a good history of putting DBs and just defensive players out. I feel like it was the right fit for me, and I feel like I could get on the field early.

"(Safeties) coach (Galen) Scott, he's from Orlando and went to school around here, so I can kind of relate to him. (Defensive coordinator) coach (Bud) Foster and coach Scott, they want the best for you and have your best interest in mind. They kept it real and were straightforward."

When keeping it real goes right (for the Hokies at least).

Dr. Phillips defensive end product Robert Porcher IV signed with the Hokies in February. And the high school boasts DBU member Ike Charlton among its alumni.

For more of a Dr. Phillips connection, Virginia Tech recently extended Clark's teammate — corner/athlete Tanner Ingle — a scholarship.

Clark opted for the Hokies over fresh Power Five offers from Boston College and Rutgers. The 247Sports Composite ranks him a 3-star cornerback.



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did you have this article ready to go joe or did it take you by surprise?

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It was published at 2:48 AM, sufficient to say it caught me by surprise while on vacation.

Prewriting a commitment story is a total hedge. Sometimes TKP is alerted to a commit by the recruit himself, the HS coach, or a #sauce. However, even in those cases, nothing is a guarantee in recruiting.

Wait... croots tell you they're coming here and you don't tell us? It's like you don't trust us and our supreme secret keeping skills Joe.

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Why do you think he had the MJ Walker article ready to go? /s

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From his comments, it looks like he thought it through pretty well before committing, even if it seemed like a fast choice.

any commitment to tech is a well thought out choice. Compare this to any commitment to LOLUVa, which is obviously a result of impulsiveness, disinformation, and, likely, mind altering drug use.

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Good lordy! Was the Ohio St. game home or away?

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