The Frank Beamer Retirement Chronicles: Dr. Frank Beamer

Beamer fast-tracked to a degree.


The doctor of gettin' after ya.

Radford University bestowed an honorary doctorate of public service upon Frank Beamer. Because let's be real, pummeling the Hoos 12-straight years was quite the public service. Beamer also served as the university's commencement speaker last Saturday.

"I got to tell you something right now, though," Beamer said. "Your days of hanging out at BT's, Macado's or Sharkey's on your parents' dollar are over. It's on you now. Welcome to the real world."


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ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

I move that Frank be knighted by VT:

That way he can be SIR Doctor Coach Frank Beamer.

Thats COACH Sir Doctor Frank Beamer; His Excellency. Get your priorities straight.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

Why stop there? He also needs to become an honorary lawyer. Then he'd be Sir Doctor Coach Frank Beamer ESQ.

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Don't forget a captains license.... Sir Doctor Captain Coach Frank Beamer ESQ.


You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

"pummeling the Hoos 12-straight years was quite the public service" - ice cold truth

as long as he not this kind of Dr. im okay with it....

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How awesome was our coaching transition? What other program could have had the replacement of an institutional icon resulting in:

  • the new coach hit the ground running and have immediate success
  • the new coach displaying that he's a perfect fit for the university/fan base culture
  • the retired coach morph into a version of "everyone's granddad" who ends up being a fantastic ambassador for the university in his retirement.



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Is the reason

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

It's so awesome. Whit turned the knob to 11 haha... And I'm not sure any program in a similar circumstance got past 6. Although Beamer had a lottttt to do with it also. And Frank did it for VT, not his legacy. I couldn't be happier with this transition regardless of what comes next. IMO, VT set the standard for the "program building/longtime legend transition" and so happy to see the media recognize that often.

I honestly was one of those who thought CFB was staying a little too long, but I also thought he earned the right to choose his retirement and I'm so proud of how he did it. Had it happened earlier (pre-Whit) who knows where we'd be. Fuente was the one and i believe that's what Bud stayed for also. We nailed the hardest part of running a successful program and I still think about how amazing that is.

And then there's South Carolina...

I mean, Florida State seems to have turned out okay.

They were kind of publicly chasing Bobby B out, by naming Jimbo as the incumbent though. I wouldn't have wanted Frank to go out the way Bowden did

In the end, but no compliments were paid to the way they handled it. Or do you think the end justifies the means?

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Thanks Frank!

No, I remember that there was controversy around Bowden and he felt like he was rushed out. But how much of the difference between transitions is directly tied to the difference between Bowden and Beamer rather than the difference between the programs. Either way, if we're talking about having a good coach after a legendary coach and using Texas and Sakerlina as negative examples then I have to think Florida State is the positive posterboy going from championship coach to championship coach.

I just think VT was less dramatic because we never went the "HC in waiting" route and also aren't realistically the same program/destination as FSU. I feel like (and remember) a lot more consternation about whether VT would get the caliber of coach we landed right out of the gate. We had a super prominent DC with a good claim to be the rightful heir, and many thought it was either a Bud or "No Bud" situation.

Also I based a lot on Beamer announcing retirement before the season was over a lot on my grade, and our chances of Whit landing the best fit. In addition, that successor was in place before the end of the UVA game and that few extra weeks was critical for the JUCO signing period which allowed Fuente to bring in a QB who could lead us to 10wins and a Coastal title out of the gate in season 1. We got poached a little but it could've been worse also.

That timeline, IMO, is why we are having such success recruiting already. Who knows what would've happened without Jerod, who seemed to be the perfect QB for Fuente to transition with... Just so many little details that added up. Obviously the book is still being written, but returning to 10-win seasons and ACC championships was what I wanted and year 1 did that in addition to a bowl win over an SEC school and beating Notre Dame in their house. Didn't realistically expect any of that right away..

Without jerod I think we would have had an 8 win season with Josh Jackson at the helm and I'd feel a lot better about QB this year.

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Maybe we would have won 8, maybe we would have won 5 or 6. I think I'll take the 10 we did win and look forward to seeing what Fu has up his sleeve this year. I'm glad we had Jerod, and while it is still pretty much a blank slate, I think we'll be OK at QB this year.

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Agreed. And whether it was 5,6,7, or even 8 wins, no ACC Champ appearance, maybe a bowl win in lesser bowl or maybe a bowl loss. How different would our recruiting look? Too many unknowns to for me to think the transition to date could've gone any better. This was really the best possible outcome, and many thought it wasn't even a possibility until season 2 or 3.

We def have accelerated our ability to recruit both in and out of state in ways that we couldn't have without the series of events that brought us here. Whit >>>>

Okay, after the recruiting uptick continuing and exceeding its previous trajectory I am convinced we literally are experiencing the best case scenario for this transition. We wanted QBs and Fuente has delivered. Jerod broke almost every record in year 1, and now we see the Fuente hallmark in Quincy Patterson. Decent offer sheet, underrated and now playing himself into the Elite 11 QB camp and the Opening.
When Fuente landed his commitment 247 had him as as the 45/46th(?) QB in this class and now he's among the top 11 or 12 in direct competition. He's 6'4" and all the way in Chicago, Illinois. Now Penn St and others are pushing him hard and he's staying loyal to Coach Fu. Beating ND for Hooker was big but now we see a pattern. This program is doing exactly the right things and the recruiting wave is a huge statement. Top 20 class just became the 15th best class in the nation. Whew haha